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Ever see this Ajinamoto brand of Japanese gyoza in your supermarket?

I am happy to declare that I have come close to finding the perfect frozen gyoza! I have been searching for it for a long time as my family likes gyoza and we sometimes will  fry up for brunch or mix it in Korean kimchi chigae stew.

Ajinamoto Gyoza Chicken & Vegetables

After trying numerous flavors, they are either with skin that are too thick or too thin, or not tasty enough or ingredients too little. Ok we are a fussy bunch when it comes to this, so to my family delight, sometime back I saw this in meidiya japanese supermarket having an offer on ajinamoto gyoza, which comes in chicken and vegetables flavor, shrimp and also vegetarian option.

What I like about this gyoza is that the skin is made just nice, not so thin that it will break easily when you fry or boil it, and not too floury that taste too doughy. The ingredients is another highlight, they strike a rightl balance of meat and vegetables.

The vegetables provide a delightful crunch in every bite with a hint of sweetness either from the cabbage or meat juices.

Ajinamoto Gyoza Chicken & Vegetables FryingAjinamoto Gyoza Chicken & Vegetables Flavor

Although they are frozen gyoza, it can really pass off as one restaurant dish. I tried both the vegetarian option and also the chicken with veges and the carnivorous side of me agreed that the chicken and veges flavor taste much better than the vegetarian options. As the vegetarian options can taste rather blend, you might want to drizzle some dressing or chilli oil to turn up a notch or two.

Try it out with some fancy twist like drizzling mayo or curry mayo with spring onions, or even boil them and concoct your chilli gyoza by mixing soya sauce with sesame oil and chilli oil for that fiery factor, just like how the restaurant do it.

My family like it when I cook this with some Korean ramen where I will pair this ajinamoto gyoza with Korean kimchi or ginger and black vinegar. Ajinamoto Gyoza Chicken & Vegetables Finished Product

Just pan fry or boil them direct from the freezer without thawing.  If you leave it around too long to thaw, the dumpling skin will get soaky and sticky and it will be very difficult to cook it.

For pan fry, just heat up a non stick pan, drizzle a little oil and place the gyoza with the flat base facing down. Fry until the base is crispy and then pour in two tablespoon of hot water or broth and cover to steam for 1 to 2 mins. You might want to add in more liquid if you are cooking in large batches. 2 tablespoon is usually good for about 10 gyoza or dumplings.

After steaming, open the lid to pan fry a little while more to crisp up the edges n until all water or broth has vaporized.

Ajinamoto Gyoza Chicken & Vegetables Bite

Serve while hot and enjoy these little delightful morsels in your own sweet home. Each pack cost less than $10 and can definitely feed a family of 3. As I also found this selling in Fairprice Xtra, I always look out for their promo and will pack a few to store at home for emergency purposes 🙂

Happy Tasting!

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