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I have long wanted to try out the Ayam Penyet stores in Lucky Plaza but somehow the idea of going there all by myself just kept putting me off from going.

ria ayam penyet

But the day finally come when one of my colleague wanted to get mini perfume from lucky plaza and the time has come to try the famous Lucky Plaza Ayam Penyet – Ria. Yeah!

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

Apparently to preserve the authentic Indonesian flavours, they import all their sauces and marindates from Indonesia. And with fried chicken what’s not to love about it right?

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

And you know what, I really have no idea why I didn’t go there sooner, the long dark plaza full of electronic stores is already in the past, and now what you get is this really bright clean shopping center. But its never too late right? 🙂

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

We ordered fresh lime juice was is surprisingly tart, which is oh so nice! refreshing and thirst quenching, just right for the greasy food ahead. Their menu is fairly simple and straight forward, you can check out the bottom of this post for menu and pricing. 🙂

Just tick what you want and go to the cashier to make payment and just sit patiently for the glorious fried chicken to come. hee hee..Oh the price stated is exlude GST, but there is no service charge here. 🙂

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

Coincidently, we all crave for the same thing, so we ended up with 4 Ayam Penyet haha…

Now come the taste test, chicken was crisp to the inside although the sides can be a tad dry. The star is the chilli, can even find whole lime in it.

The Ayam penyet comes with a side order of rice good for the ladies but might not be enough for the guys.

It comes with boiled Kang kong sitting of a piece of raw cabbage, fried tempeh, fried tau kwa, a thick slice of cucumber and generous amounts of fried bits.

We also ordered a  Gado Gado which we thought can be a good sides and I love Gado Gado for its peanut gravy.

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza
Over here at Ria, they come in a portion of generous prawn crackers, beneath the fragrant gravy you can find the hidden treasures of a combination of boiled cabbage, kangkong, bean sprouts, potato cubes, cucumber cubes, fried bean curd cubes and half of a hard boiled eggs.

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

It even come with fresh tomato in it too which I find so odd but I must say if I were to eat Gado Gado I am definitely coming back for it. You will be amazed just how crunchy boiled vegetables can be if you use the right combination and to me the use of bean sprouts, kangkong and cabbage just makes this whole dish lighten up in no time.

The gravy is full of peanut and savory flavor which is not very thick this gave the dish a light feel. Oh so addictive. They did not serve much potatoes which some places I have tried does and it became such a heavy dish.

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

Next time I am there, I will definitely go for the tahu telok which looks so super good when the staff brought it over to other table.

Ayam Penyet Ria Lucky Plaza

My colleagues also told me the smashed beef steak is good too and I wait to try it out.

Oh there are also lots of people ordering the avocado juice and it comes it a small glass which is good as you do not want a heavy drinks to go with deep fried food.

They also have an outlet at the 4th level of lucky plaza as it gets pretty crowded during the evenings.

You can check out the pricing here. 🙂

ria ayam penyet menu & pricing


  • Ayam Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Fried Chicken + Rice) $6.90
  • Ayam Tanpa Tulang + Nasi (Boneless Chicken Chunks + Rice )$6.90
  • Ayam Bakar + Nasi (Grilled Chicken + Rice) $6.90
  • Sayap Penyet (Smashed Chicken Wings) $6
  • Empal Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Beef Steak + Rice) $6.90
  • Udang Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Prawn + Rice) $6.90
  • Bawal Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Pomfret + Rice )$6.90
  • Lele Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Catfish + Rice) $6.90
  • Cumi cumi Penyet (Smashed Baby Squid) &7.00
  • Kepiting Penyet (Smashed Soft Shell Crab) $7.90
  • Bakso Penyet (Smashed Beefball) $4.50
  • Tahu Tempe Penyet (Smashed Beancurd & Beancake) $3.90
  • Tahu Telur (Fried Egg & Tofu) $5.90
  • Soto Ayam + Nasi (Chicken Soto + Rice ) $6.50
  • Sop Rawon + Nasi (Surabaya Beef Soup + Rice) $6.50
  • Sop Buntut + Nasi (Oxtail Soup + Rice) $7.00
  • Sayur Asam (Sour Soup ) $3.90
  • Gado Gado (Indonesian Salad) $5.50
  • Otak Otak (4pcs/set) $5.00
  • Pempek Palembang (Fried Fish Cake) $6.50
  • Kerupuk Udang & Emping (Prawn Crackers) $1.50
  • Gado Gado Sauce $1
  • Nasi (Extra Rice) $0.90


  • Es Campur (Ice Mixed Fruits) $3.50
  • Lava Boy (Blueberry Mocktail + Longan + Jelly) $2.20
  • Lava Girl (Grape Mocktail + Longan + Jelly) $2.20
  • Es Kacang Hijau (Ice Green Beans) $3.50
  • Soda Gembira (Happy Soda) $2.10
  • Es Cendol (Ice CHendol) $3.50
  • Blueberry$2
  • Milo (Ice/Hot) $1.80
  • Milo Dinosaur $2.10
  • Iced Lemon Tea $1.80
  • Mineral Water$1.80
  • Lime Juice / Barley $2.00
  • Orange / Pineapple Juice $2.00
  • Teh Botol Sosro (Indonesian Iced Tea) $1.90
  • Tea (Iced/Hot) (O/Kosong/Milk) $1.80
  • Coffee (Iced/Hot)(O/Kosong/Milk) $1.80
  • Soft drinks : Coke /Coke light / Sprite/ Rootbeer / Sarsi / Soya bean/Green Tea/ Chrysanthemum Tea $1.80


Locations :

  • Lucky Plaza #01-45 (11am – 10pm)
  • Lucky Plaza #04-25 (12pm-9pm)
  • Far East Plaza #05-22 (1130am – 10pm)
  • Jurong Point #B1-06 (1130am – 930pm)
  • Bedok Point #01-05 (1130am – 1am)

Happy Dining!

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