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Hi there

I am pretty sure one way or the other, you have ordered pizza delivery, may it be Pizza Hut, Dominos, Saprino’s, they are just one right away. However sometimes I do miss some really nicely made thin crust pizza, so far for delivery, the best one I have tried will be Spizza when it comes to thin crust, there is an outlet near my home, so I will occasionally ordered from them just to satisfy my cravings for rucola salad and pizza. 🙂


As they said they served wood fired pizza, it does make sense how their price is slightly higher than other pizza joint.

This time round, I ordered as usual their combo set meal, which comes with 2 regular pizza, 1 appetizer or salad, 1 pasta, 1 garlic bread and 1 coke. Cost me $64 for this set – Combo Goloso, but definitely enough to feed 4 adults. Hope you find this review useful for your next pizza delivery options. 🙂


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Hi there

Feeling stuffed from all the post Chinese New Year’s binging? But still cannot finish that big pack of Bak Kwa which your friends and relatives bought for you?

I have just the right simple and quick recipe for you, to clear all your old stock away. 🙂

simple and quick bak hwa spaghetti recipes

Okay, what you will need is simple.

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Hi there

Do you want to enjoy this Christmas with some tantalizing comfort food like Risotto?

Then head down to Pasta Mania this festive season and you might just get what you wish for.

pasta mania christmas dining promotions

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Hi there,

Since I have been having some cravings for wild rockett & pizzas, decided to do a post on quick & simple recipe ideas , making gourmet pizzas. It is so quick & simple, you can prepare it anytime as long as you have an oven at your home.

As crispy thin base pizza is on the rage right now, I have come up with the recipe for it, it is so simple and better still no need for any dough preparation.

Pizza Ingredients

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Hi there,

For kids 8 years & below, Pizza hut is having a Pizza Hut Kids Eat Free Promotions.

I do not know if parents have this delimma, but I always come across problems like wanting to order something spicy like some spicy pizza flavor. However knowing my child might not be able to take it so end up ordering something my child can eat. (you know, the guilty parents’ sydrome)

Worst still, most of the time, they just only take a few bites and you are left with what your child like, rather than what you want. So with this new Pizza Hut promotions, I can order a kids meal for him, without compromising what I crave for ^^

Pizza Hut Kids Promotions

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Hi there,

My family love this spaghetti recipe which I accidentally “invented” when I ran out of pasta sauce at home one day. I was supposed to cook Alfredo that evening but to my horror, I ran out of cream sauce, so I have changed the recipe to something light  used maggi seasoning which my mum will use when she pan fry some pork chops.

And it was truly a blessing in disguise! the dish turned out fantastic, and I have been cooking it ever since. It is very fragrant, fresh & light with all the corriander & spring onions. Tweaked a little, added a little more ingredients like seafood, and now it become a main stay at my household.

This dish is best with tonnes of minced garlic, so is a bit like aglio olio but with extra kick to it.

Ingredients you will need (can serve 4)

  • Bacon x 1 pack or 100 – 150 g
  • Garlic x 1 (mince)
  • Chilli x 3
  • Prawns x 8
  • Frozen mussels x 8
  • Spring Onions x 1 big bunch (abt 5 stalks)
  • Corriander x 1 pack (about 3 stalks)
  • Chinese Cooking Wine x 2 tablespoon
  • Maggi seasoning sauce (up to your preference)
  • Spaghetti, or vermicelli or angel hair pasta (I personally prefer vermicelli as I feel it taste lighter)

Spagetti ingredients

Maggi Seasoning

Directions :

1. Deveined the prawns, keep the shells & heads (you can discard it if you find it troublesome to fry the prawn oil)

2. Chopped up Bacon, Corriander & Spring Onions.

(Tips#1 : I use the chopper that cost $10, it is usally on sale in supermarket or OG, it is a container with blades inside, so you can chopped up the garlic & chilli in no time by twisting the cover, and any excess, just pour in some oil & store in the fridge, & you can use it for days)

Process 1

3. Pour a little olive oil in the pan & add a slice of butter
(Tips #2 : To avoid burning butter, pour oil first and drop the butter in the oil, that way butter will melt without burning)

4.  Fry the prawn’s heads & shell in the oil & butter in low fire, so that the oil will become very fragrant with the prawn roe. Use this oil to fry the prawns & mussels and sieve out, leave the oil in the pan

(Tips #3 : Once the prawn head & shell turned orange, fried a further 2 mins & you can discard it but keep the oil)

Process 2

5.  Use the same oil to fry the bacon until it turns a little crispy & add in garlic & chilli.

6.  Throw in some boiled spaghetti, (I prefer to use vermicelli, angel hair pasta will taste great too),

Process 3

7.  Pour in Maggi seasoning sauce & cooking wine & fry the pasta with the mixture.

8.  Sprinkle all chopped spring onions & corriander & mix well.

Maggie Spagetti

Seafood Spagetti

For people who find saucy pasta too heavy on hot weathers, you can cook up this recipe, it is light, refreshing & very savory. Instead of bacon, try out some chorizo sausages, or salami, you can mix & match any ingredients you want to add on as toppings too. So let your imagination do the magic in the kitchen ^^

Happy Cooking!

If you want the latest news, or get daily promotion updates on restaurants, supermarkets, or food fairs, or simple look up some simple recipe ideas, please subscribe to our mailing list for more info.



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