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Hi there

If you have read my posting about Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012 at Isetan, by now you will probably be excited to know what’s in store for you at this fair.

So to let you have a glimpse of the goodies at Winter Hokkaido Fair at Isetan, you can check out what I have got and also what will be your target this food fair. 🙂

Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan

Of course when it comes to Hokkaido, you will have never ending delicacies, and one of them is the dried fish, which you only need to grill it on pan or oven, and it goes so well with just plain rice or porridge. They also sell marinated salmon, great for grilling. You will love the smoky flavor for sure.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan dried fish

At the fair, there are also various types of vegetables from Hokkaido, one of them is the Nagaimo which is Yam, you can grate this yam and then mix with tuna sashimi or even just drizzle on plain hot rice.

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Hi there

Yup, Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012 is here, but before you say, really? Another one? I will say you won’t be disappointed with this Hokkaido Fair 2012 at Isetan Scotts too. 🙂

This time round, it will be at Isetan Scotts and since it is Isetan Scotts’s 40th years Anniversary, you will get to see the grandest ever Hokkaido Fair, Yohoo!

Isetan Winter Hokkaido Fair at Isetan Scotts

There will be dessers like Tsumugi White Layer cake which is Moist Layer Cake with White Chocolate Cream, specially imported by air exclusive at Isetan is limited to 50pcs and price at $38.

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Hi there

Come Valentine’s Day, one popular kind of recipe must be Chocolate Fondue, but not many people knows just how quick and simple you can whip up a Chocolate fondue for that someone special.

simple & quick chocolate fondue recipes

Okay, fine, my someone special besides my husband, will be my little boy, so I did add a little cute children stuff to it. But please do try this out, and you will find this Chocolate fondue recipes is not only versatile, but also definitely a crowd pleaser or a great sweet end to your romantic candle light dinner. 🙂

simple & quick chocolate fondue recipes

Ingredients is simple, basics you will just need :

  • Chocolate (semi sweet / sweet / dark / chocolate bars / chocolate chips) – anything you like, I choosed semi sweet chocolate chips x 150g
  • Fresh cream x 100ml
  • Water x 2 tablespoon

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Hi there

I was at Isetan Scotts the other day, looking for some cute Valentine’s Chocolates ideas and also check out the Gourmet Food Fair at Isetan Scotts, as I didn’t find anything that catches my eye, I decided to get some bento (lunch box) home from there. I usually go for their Korean bento box which is just one of the takeout counter in Isetan Scotts supermarket.

They serve multi grain rice with sides of kimchi or pancakes or vegetables. You can have a choice of Bulgogi Beef / Pork / Pork Ribs / Chicken and is really tasty! Of course, it looks really nice too. 🙂

Valentine's Day Korean Bento from Isetan Scotts

This Valentine’s Day, they actually have this cute little bento box for sale, price at $6.60. If you are in a rush on Valentine’s Day, why not check them out and perhaps have a nice cosy dinner with your special one. Who says dinner has to be an elaborate event, just a bento might just what you prefer too. 🙂

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Hi there,  => I guess this it is, the final full listing of all major supermarkets are here 🙂

I was shopping at Ntuc fairprice supermarket earlier on, and there were already tonnes of Chinese New Year goodies stacking from the entrance to the back of the store. Even thou this year’s Chinese New Year was so close to 2011 Christmas, it still does not deter shoppers to stock up all the good stuff. 🙂

So while I was chatting with the cashier staff, we were talking about how they get to take off during Chinese New Year which is quite nice as most of the staff were really looking forward to it. So there it is, found out their Chinese New Year 2012 supermarkets operating hours and would like to share it with the readers.


Ntuc Fairprice supermarket will be closing at 5pm on 22 January, which is Chinese New Year’s Eve. Chinese New Year will be officially closed for the day, and they will be back to work the next day.

Ntuc FairPrice Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours
Ntuc FairPrice Xtra Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours
Ntuc FairPrice Finest Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

  • 22 January 2012 – Chinese New Year’s Eve – Open till 5pm
  • 23 January 2012 – 1st Day of Chinese New Year – Closed
  • 24 January 2012 – 2nd Day Chinese New Year – Open till 5pm
* Certain outlets might differ in the opening hours, but most of all the outlets will be closed on Chinese New Year Day and follow above schedule.
However latest news is that below 12 of it’s outlets will be opened on Chinese new year day one :
– Clementi ave 2, Block 352 clementi avenue 2, 01-141/3 – Tel : 67743657
– Telok Blangah, block 78A Telok Blangah street 32, 01-01  – Tel : 62704201
– Tampines street 11, block 107, Tampines street 11, 01-353/5/7/9 – Tel : 67810648
Another 8 stores are located at Jalan Tiga, Fernvale Point, Teban Garden, Jurong West St. 41, Lengkong Tiga, Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Bishan St 24, and. In addition to this, store at Changi Airport Terminal 3 will remain open till 11pm.

On the first day of the festivities (23 January), a total of 12 stores will remain open including the 10 24-hour stores stated above. 

The other two stores are Changi Airport Terminal 3 (7am to 11pm) and Scotts Square (8am to 5pm).

Cheers & Fairprice Express Opening as Usual 24 hours

You can check out below listing as well.

fairprice supermarket chinese new year operating hours


Daiso $2 shop Chinese New Year Operating Hours

  • IMM Daiso – open as usual
  • Vivocity Daiso – open as usual
  • Plaza Singapura Daiso – open as usual
  • Ion Daiso – open as usual
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza – close on Chinese New Year Day (23 Jan)
  • Rivervale Mall – close on Chinese New Year Day (23 January )
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre – close on Chinese new Year (23 January )
  • East Point Mall – close on Chinese New Year (23 January)


Carrefour Suntec City Supermarket & Carrefour Plaza Singapura Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

  • Chinese New Year’s Eve – 8am to 8pm
  • Chinese New Year Day – 12pm to 1030pm
  • All other days open as usual


Meidiya Japanese Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

  • Chinese New Year’s Eve – 930am – 6pm
  • Chinese New Year Day (23 January) – Closed
  • Chinese New Year Day (24 January) – Closed
  • (25 January) – Business as usual


Isetan Scotts Japanese Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

  • Chinese New Year’s Eve – 10am – 530pm
  • Chinese New Year Day (23 January) – Closed
  • Chinese New Year Day (24 January) – Closed
Giant Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours
  • Giant IMM – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours
  • Giant Turf City – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours
  • Giant Pioneer Mall – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours
  • Giant Tampines – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours
  • Giant Choa Chu Kang – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours
  • Giant Junction 10 – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open 24 hours

* Chinese New Year’s Eve & Chinese New Year Day & all other days open as usual.

  • Giant Sembawang – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open from 9am to 2am
  • Giant Vivocity – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open from 9am to 2am
  • Giant Parkway – Eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (21 January) – open from 9am to 2am

* Chinese New Year’s Eve & Chinese New Year Day & all other days open as usual.

giant chinese new year operating hours

Cold Storage Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

Most of the Cold Storage Supermarket outlets are opening throughout Chinese New Year, however you might want to take note on those outlets that are in the department store, heard that Takashimaya will be closed during Chinese New Year and Cold Storage will follow base on the shopping mall Chinese New Year operating hours.

You can find out the extended hours and also 2012 Chinese New Year Operating Hours of Cold Storage here. 🙂

Shop and Save Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours

Most of the outlets for Shop and Save are still open throughout the Chinese New Year period, only for a few which will be closed. However for Chinese New Year’s Eve, they will be closing early, till 7pm, you can check out their operating hours here.

Sheng Siong Supermarket Chinese New Year Operating Hours
  • 20 January (Friday) – Extended hours opening from 7am 24 hour
  • 21 January (Saturday) – Open 24 hours
  • Chinese New Year’s Eve (22 January) (Sunday) – Open until 3pm
  • Chinese New Year Day (23 January) – Closed
  • Chinese New Year  2nd Day (24 January) – Closed
  • Chinese New Year 3rd Day (25 January) – Open as usual

Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fatt Chai! 🙂

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Hi there,

I am an avid shopper, grocery shopper that’s it, and mainly from supermarket. 🙂

It always make me happy and relaxing checking out various products available instore, you can always find gems down the shopping aisles, and even brimming with joy when you know you got a very good deal from the supermarket.

Okay, I would love to say I can do the same to clothing or shoes, but the fact is that it is so much easier on the wallet if I channel this onto supermarket shopping, at least the things I buy is something which I can share with my family and I find the rate of return is much higher. 🙂

Now as to readers who find it mind boggling to shop around supermarkets or to any newbies that reach our Singapore shore, you can check out my few tips that will ease your supermarket trips just a tad easier 🙂

Cold Storage – Great for people who want to buy Western products, Japanese products, extensive range, pricing is slightly higher but they do have many gems, they carry good dips and bread varieties. Good grill items and delicatessan items. They are also one of the supermarkets which I find is keen to slash their price to clear stocks. I see this very often in Japan which I think is the “right way” of doing things, clearing stocks by reducing the price, that way customers can try on some of the products which they normally don’t try and supermarkets also get to clear their stock. Even better, customers love the products and return to get some more. They have their own house brand called No-frills.

Fairprice – neighbourhood supermarkets, where you can get daily bargains at very good prices. However they carry more Asian products so if you want to get any specific sauces or condiments, you might want to get it from other supermarkets, their house brand Pasar is good.

Fairprice Xtra – one of the leading hypermarket in Singapore, you can find everything you need there, from cooking utensils, to exercise gadgets, TV to milk powders, all under one roof. The thing I like about them is that they have these kids trolleys where a mini trolley attached to a kids automobile. Kids love it and parents get to have a peace of mind shopping there.

Fairprice Finest – this is the Fairprice you want to go for high end products, they pride themselves in serving fresh oysters, seafood and many products which you do not normally see in regular Fairprice, thus the name Finest. Love to go there to check out their new products and be amazed by their extensive range which you do not normally see.

Fairprice Express – this is another supermarkets as what its name state, express, you get things to meet your quick daily needs on the go. Prices is slightly higher than fairprice supermarkets, so its the convenience you are paying. You can find ammenities, great for tourist or when you need something on the go. They also have corners where they sell cooked food like Polar cakes, Delifrance pastries. Usually can be found in Petrol stations.

Sheng Siong – great place to source for products from South east asia and live seafood. I like to go there to check out China and Vietnamese products, great price, but shoppers might find it somewhat a different shopping experience, as things do not pack as nicely as those you will find in Fairprice & Cold storage. However, it is close to wet market as it can be.

Mustafa – another great place & gem, many people are actually apprehensive to go there, but honestly I love to shop there. As they carry very wide products range, it might take time to dig out the gems, its a hypermarket, which is the first to open 24 hours in Singapore, they sell jewellery, clothing, electronics and food. Huge range of spices, and you can get the same spice you can buy at other supermarket at fraction of a price. A must go if you want to look for authentic spices and naan to cook Indian food. But make sure to check out the expiry date carefully as they have a very wide range of products, so turnover rate might not be as fast as other supermarkets.

Shop n Save – neighbourhood supermarket, which is good to get all your grocery if you do not want to leave your home too far.

Giant – hypermarket that has extensive range of products from Malaysia. You can get practically most of the things you need for your daily usage, electronics, food, toys, etc. It actually reminded me of Sheng Siong, they level up the same range.

Carrefour – hypermarket which is different from Giant and Fairprice, they carry more French items at very good pricing. Love their house brands, consistent good quality at good pricing and usually things you don’t try very often like olives, mustard mayo and cereal. They have one of the best and widest range of bread and pastries there. Always going at a promotional rate and you can also sample the bread before you purchase. One thing that not many people know is that if you get a loaf of bread from them, you can actually ask the staff to slice it up for you, that way you do not need to trouble yourself to do it at home.

Meidiya japanese supermarket– a must go for all Japanese, to get their dose of Japanese products. From fresh produce to frozen products, to sushi and sashimi. Although it is a Japanese supermarket, you will find many locals starting to patronize them and try out Japanese products from there. Good meat range and vegetables. It is pricier to get there, but what I do is I will get sauces & condiments and for vegetables and meat I will get from local supermarket when I am on a budget. Their sushi & sashimi is also at reduced price after 7pm, heard that is quite popular.

Isetan japanese supermarket – another must go for Japanese, great sushi & sashimi range and meat range. A few kiosk that sell cooked food like Korean, Western like grilled items and sandwiches and lunch box. Always have food fairs there so it is never boring going there. I like to go there over the weekends, if I want to have a theme dinner, as they have a good mixture of cuisine, if I am lazy to cook, just pop by to grab bits of everything to enjoy the feast.

Daiso – I am still inbetween as to whether I should call this a supermarket, because of their products sold, although they do not have fresh produce, but they carry enough items to call it a supermarket. Everything is priced at $2 and what’s more to ask for?

All in all, I would say most supermarkets in singapore carries quite good range of products from Asia countries like Taiwan, Korea & Japan as people these days are more curious and like to try out some exotic products. And as people are getting busier these days, 24 hours outlets are beginning to sprout out at many places.

If you want to find out the supermarkets nearest to your locations, just check out my other posts which has the address and business hours.



Hi there,

Planning any Christmas Party? I know I know, there are so many choices out there for Christmas takeaways and if you want to just have a cosy family affair during this Christmas season but do not want to slave in the kitchen, why not try out some of the takeaway menu from Isetan supermarket?

Isetan christmas pre order

Isetan have whole turkey, ham, sushi platter, fruits platter, wide variety to choose from. Entertaining has never been this easy. Pricing start from $38, so take your pick 🙂

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Hi there

Isetan / Takashimaya / Tangs have just the right tool for you this Festive seasons, check out all the kitchenware like pots, Casserole, die casted cookware, fry pan

Isetan Neoflam promotions

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Hi there,

Isetan supermarket at Orchard carries wide varieties of Japanese products, they also constantly bring in new food fairs, stay tune for more food fair news from ! ^^

Isetan Supermarket Locations & Business Hours as below :

Address : 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Singapore 238868

Tel : 6733 1111 Fax: 6734 7083

Business Hours : Open Daily 10am – 930pm

How to get there : Nearest Orchard MRT
Orchard MRT Station
Buses : 7, 36, 105, 111, 123, 132, 174, 174E, 502, 521
36, 124, 143, 162, 162X, 174, 174E, 518, 512, C1
54, 124, 143, 162M, 162X, 162, 181M
43, 105, 124, 132, 143, 162, 162X, 518



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