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I have passed by Charlie Brown Cafe numerous times but didn’t think that there might be anything interesting so usually I will just walked by. However when I saw this UOB credit card promotions where their 4 course set lunch was slashed from $13.80 to only $8.80, I told my colleagues and all of us decide to try it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Boy, was it a right decision or what, I was really pleasantly surprise just how good the set lunch is! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Just as how the cafe is named Charlie Brown, the main theme of this cafe is well.. revolved around Snoopy.

I still remember when I was really little I kind of like it, I will still flip the newspaper section where it has a small 4 boxes snoopy cartoons, so this is a good place to revive some of the good memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Their menu include All Day Breakfast, western fares of pasta, pizzas, deep fried items, and also desserts.

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset


If you are bringing your child to here, and they love Snoopy, then they know they will be in paradise, tonnes of photo snapping moments, and also story books for the restless ones while daddy mummy dine in peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Now back to the food, our 4 course set lunch includes 1 drink (canned soda nothing fancy), but great photo taking moment, just couldn’t help myself not to share my drink with Snoopy too. haha… ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Next comes the soup, mushroom soup to be exact, it does not have any gallops of cream in it, but the mushroom soup itself taste really flavourful,ย good bite size mushrooms in every slurp, that earthy flavour is comparable to the one I drink in Olio Dome too. The portion is not that big (as it is 4 course) one of my colleague was counting every mouthful, 7 soups to be exact. ๐Ÿ˜›

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

The choices of the 4 course set includes :

  • Charlie Brown’s Chicken Rice
  • Fish N’ Chips
  • Deep Fried Chicken
  • Bolognaise Spaghetti

We saw someone tried the Bolognaise Spaghetti, although looks likeย a good portion, it also looks quite plain so we all decide to try out the rest of the 4 course set lunch instead.

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

First off, Charlie’s Brown Chicken Rice, it comes with a “gigantic” chicken drumstick, quote “gigantic”, it is really huge! We thought it was turkey leg seriously, serve with a sunny side up egg and also some very fragrant chicken flavoured rice. One of us commented that the chicken rice flavour is even better than those you ate at hawker. There is also a chilli serve on the side, but it lacked some kick to it.

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset

Next is the golden Fish N Chips, comes with 3 pieces of freshly fried golden fish fillet. All nicely puffed up and a good portion.

And there comes my order of deep fried chicken, I was reluctant to order this actually as I was eyeing the Fish N Chips, however since my colleague already ordered it, I thought might as well give it a try, and it was a very very good choice indeed. I honestly end up liking this more than the Fish N Chips ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown Cafe 313 Somerset


The chicken comes in very succulent and tender, where the skin was deep fried without the greasy after taste. It is not those thick coating but rather a lighter one. One thing that i am really impressed is the cutlery they provide, the knife is the sharpest one I have ever used in a restaurant! ๐Ÿ˜€ It just sliced through the meat so easily and make it so easy to just cut up the portions. My colleagues were impressed. ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing though you get your own tabasco, chilli sauce & ketchup, well… the ketchup taste and look.. really fake? the color looks exactly like the chilli sauce and the weird part is that it is pretty much tasteless, I gave up dipping my fries to it on my second try.

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset reviews

This Hawaiian Pizza is a side order we added on from the a la carte menu, it comes with generous chunks of pineapple with some ham and lots of cheeeeeessee……ย  I like the amount of melted and oven crispy cheese it has, but not so much on the pizza base, the pizza base taste like the frozen pizza base you can get from fairprice.

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset reviews

The service can be quite slow as the place has quite a lot of customers during the lunch crowd timing, may be they are just like us, trying to check out this place with the UOB credit card promotions.

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset reviews

So by main course, your tummy should by now be rather filled up, and an ice cream is just what you need to give you a soft landing into that afternoon slump, a little pick me up coffee ice cream! you can ask them for the flavours, and it is better that you tell them what flavours you didn’t like, as they will just automatically serve you coffee flavour. One of us could not take coffee ice cream so they promptly changed to chocolate instead.

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset reviews

The place with Charlie Brown’s decor, videos and memorabilia does channel the little kid inside of you, good place for a chit chat session over some desserts or course meal like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset Reviews

And in case you want to check out just how cute their desserts is, I have a snap shot of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ For pricing and full menu you can check out below too.

Charlie Brown's Cafe at 313 Somerset Reviews

They do not charge service charge, so now you know why this place is a little gem in 313 somerset?

Oh back to the UOB credit card promotions, there is no cap to how many set lunch under 1 card, so enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie Brown's weekday set lunch

Usual Price $13.80+ for 4 course set meal, now with UOB credit card, you can enjoy it at $8.80+ instead.


  • Charlie’s all time favourite – juicy hicken chipolatas, turkey ham & 2 sunnny side ups, serve with crepe, pancake or toasted foccacia $12.80
  • American Favourite – tasty chicken chipolatas & 2 sunny side ups, served with toasted foccacia $10.80
  • English Palette – turkey ham & 2 sunny side ups, served with toasted foccacia $10.50
  • Chicken In A Blanket – chicken chipolatas wrapped in soft crispy crepe, served with maple syrup $10.80
  • American Pancakes $8.80
  • French Classic $7.80
  • Simple Breakfast – toasted foccacia serbed with cream butter & jam $6.80
  • * Top up additional $3 for a cup of coffee, tea or orange juice


  • Cream of Mushroom $4.90
  • Turkey Ham Salad $5.90
  • Crispy Chicken Salad $5.90
  • Golden Fish Salad $5.90


  • Chicken Cheese Balls $7.80
  • Grilled Chicken Chipolatas $8.80
  • Golden Fish Fingers $6.80
  • Crispy Chicken Bites $6.80
  • Crinkle Cut Fries $4.80
  • Cheesy Crinkle Cut Fries $5.30
  • Mashed Potatoes $4.20 * mushroom gravy or garlic gravy
  • Calamari $6.80
  • Seafood Nuggets $8.80


  • Turkey Ham sandwich $13.80
  • Crispy Fish Sandwich $14.80
  • Golden Fried Chicken Sandwich $14.80


  • Charlie Brown’s Chicken Rice $12.80


  • Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise $13.80
  • Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise $12.80
  • Tomato Fish Spaghetti $12.80
  • Spicy Chciken Spaghetti $13.80
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio $9.80


  • Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza $13.80
  • Bolognaise Pizza $13.80
  • Hawaiian Pizza $12.80
  • Pizza Margherita $11.80


  • Pizza Dorshe $18.80
  • Pizza Catania $16.80
  • Charlie’s Combo $18.80


  • Fish & Chips $13.80
  • Charlie’s Fried Chicken $13.80
  • Baked Beef Lasagne $13.80
  • Baked Chicken Lasagne $12.80
  • Baked Vegetarian Lasagne $11.80
  • Italian Baked Rice $12.80
  • Hawaiian Baked Rice $11.80

* Top up additional $2 for a can of coke, diet coke or sprite, Top up additional $3.80for a bowl of mushroom soup


  • * Top up additional $3 for an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Charlie’s Peanut $9.80
  • Snoopy’s Chocolate $9.80
  • Woodstock’s Cherry $9.80


  • Sally’s Apple $9.80
  • Lucy’s Strawberry $9.80
  • Linus’ Raspberry $9.80
  • Schroeder’s Peach $9.80


  • Snoopy Egg Tart $2.50
  • Brownie with vanilla ice cream $9.80
  • Chocolate Charlotte Cake $7.30
  • American Cheese cake $7.80
  • Oreo Cheese Cake $7.80
  • Snoopy’s Lava Cake $8.80


  • Espresso $4.20 / $5.20
  • Espresso Macchiato $4.20 / $5.80
  • Charlie Caffee Americano $5.30 / $6.30
  • Charlie Mocha $6.90 / $7.90
  • Charlie Cappuccino $6.30 / $7.30
  • Charlie Caffe Latte $6.30 / $7.30
  • Charlie Flat White $5.30 / $6.30
  • Charlie Macchiato $5.30 / $6.30
  • Iced Charlie Caffee Americano $5.70 / $6.70
  • Iced Charlie Mocha $7.30 / $8.30
  • Charlie Cappuccino $6.70 / $7.70
  • Charlie Caffee Latte $6.70 / $7.70
  • Tea –ย  English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Camomile / Green Tea / Peach / Peppermint $3.90
  • Iced Tea – English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Camomile / Green Tea / Peach / Peppermint $4.20
  • Plain Milk $4.20 / $4.50
  • Chocolate Milk $4.50 / $5.00
  • Caramel Milk $4.50 / $5.00
  • Hazelnut Milk $4.50 / $5.00
  • Snapple Fruit Drinks – Lemonade / Kiwi Strawberryย  Mango Madness / Pink Lemonade / Cranberry raspberry / Diet Peach Tea $4.20
  • Orange Juice $3.50
  • Aqua Mountain Spring Water $1.90
  • Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water $3.50
  • Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite $2.50
  • Caffe Original $6.30 / $7.30
  • Caffe Mocha / Caffe Valla $6.90 / $7.90
  • Caffe Caramel / Caffe Hazelnut $6.90 / $7.90
  • Chocolate Frappe $5.90 / $6.90
  • Chocolate Strawberry $6.50 / $7.50
  • Chocolate Raspberry $6.50 / $7.50
  • Chcoolate Mango $6.50 / $7.50
  • Chcolate Apple $6.50 / $7.50
  • Chocolate Peach $6.50 / $7.50
  • Chocolate Kiwi $6.50 / $7.50
  • Fruit slush – straberry / Kiwi Raspberry / Mango Apple / Peach Strawberry $5.50 / $6.50
  • Original Hot Chocolate $5.70 / $6.70
  • Double Hot Chcocolate $6.30 / $7.30


Locations : 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk), Singapore 238895

Tel: 6836 5344

Happy Dining!

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