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Beginning of the year is when our household birthday celebrations come fast & furious 🙂 Practically every month there will be a birthday cake on our dining table, and my son will be all excited singing the birthday song & “help” to blow out the candles.

So after enjoying rounds of birthday cakes like Baskin Robbins Birthday Ice Cream Cakes, The Patisserie Meringue Cake, Flor Birthday Cake, I began to move on to try out other interesting cake shop, and this time my curiosity brought me to Cold Stone Creamery. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery Orchard Central Outlet which is on the ground floor at Orchard Central just opposite OG Center Point already has a long queue when I arrived to check out their Ice Cream cakes.

Cold Stone Creamery

Before you enter the ice cream shop, you were already greeted with a mouthwatering waffle aroma, and true enough most of the shoppers that went in there comes out with a waffle cup with ice cream in it. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

Now that I was there, I get to check out their ready to sell Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream cake, you can also flip through their electronic menu to check out the flavours, sizes available.

There are 3 sizes available for the Ice Cream Cake :

  • Petite – $19.90 (serves 2 – 3)
  • Small – $44.00 (6 inch – serves 8)
  • Large – $80.00 (8 inch – serves 11 or more)

Cold Stone Creamery

They even have ice cream cookie sandwiches, which is a large ice cream fillings sandwiched between two large cookies, and comes in 4 too, so colorful and cute! 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

When come to choosing the cakes available at their showcase, there were already a few being reserved, so I could only choose from :

  • Strawberry Passion – Moist red velvet cake, strawberry ice cream & graham cracker crust with strawberry puree wrapped in a fluffy strawberry frosting
  • Midnight Delight – Layer of moist devil’s food cake and chocolate ice cream wrapped in a rich fudge ganache
  • Coffeehouse Crunch – Layer of moist devil’s food cake, coffee ice cream and Caramel chocolate bar wrapped in a rich fudge ganache.
  • Cookies & Creamery – Layer of moist devil’s food cake, sweet cream ice cream and OREO cookies wrapped in a fluffy white frosting
  • and some other new creation like Daddy’s Mojo, Raspberry Cheesecake, etc.

Each ice cream comes with a very sturdy container which allows you to carry the ice cream cake safely, they also give a huge pack of dry ice so to keep it at optimal temperature on your way home. By the time I reached home, it is still doing its job perfectly. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

As I think Petite will be too small for us and Large is definitely impossible for us to finish, I have settled for small and torn between Strawberry Passion and CoffeeHouse Crunch. The manager over there was very nice and offered to let me try the ice cream flavour so I can decide which one to get.

The Strawberry Passion although looks cute, has a pretty sweet strawberry flavour, one thing which is good is that the sweetness does not taste artificially sweet and is quite subtle, kind of like a very light breeze of strawberry spritz in your mouth.

The next flavour I tried was CoffeeHouse Crunch, which has a very intense sweet coffee flavour, I personally do not take coffee, but like this rendition or coffee ice cream, may be because it lack the after bitterness, and I can imagine it will goes very well with chocolate sauce or for this case the rich fudge ganache.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice cream cake

They also help you write in any wordings for free too and it can be done in less than 5 mins 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery Ice cream cake

Of course candles is FOC as well. 🙂

My friends who patronized Cold Stone Creamery did comment their ice cream is pretty much on the “really sweet” side, so I am kind of looking forward to see if I agree with them.

Cold Stone Creamery

The CoffeeHouse Crunch comes with thick layers of moist devil’s food cake and coffee ice cream, the coffee aroma and the sweet moist devil’s cake was such a good combination together, it is kind of like eating Ice cream brownie but change the brownie to a piece of really moist devil’s chocolate cake.

For a 6 inch cake, it can definitely feed more than 8 people because the height of the cake is rather tall and you will find yourself cutting small slices to compensate the thick layers of goodness. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

The only thing that I can pick on was the Caramel Chocolate Bar, which is the toppings of the cake can be a tad too sweet to my likenings, although it provide a lot of nice crunch to the cake, the caramel does throw the flavour of the cake a bit off balance because the coffee flavour suppose to counter any overly sweetness, yet the caramel actually increase the sweetness by itself. 

And also base on the look of it, I would say it is a little messy on the decorations, as they have so many chocolate bits and powder on the cake plate and cake itself. Not very intricately decorated but big on flavour.

Cold Stone Creamery

For $44 it can be a bit expensive but given the size and the flavour, I will still try out other flavours in the future. By the way for this cake, we actually took 3 days to finish it while storing in the freezer, for a household of 5, that is how big the cake can be.

On another note, if you want to try out or even get your Mummy dearest a Ice Cream Cake surprise, try out their Mother’s Day special creation. French vanilla ice cream, graham pie crust, light cinnamon batter cream topped with apple pie fillings, beautiful yet potent to the palate. 🙂

No any special jerk up of pricing, still at $44 for 6 inch or $80 for 8 inch. 🙂

Cold Stone Creamery

Oh, they also have island wide delivery services too for only $10, one cake per location local delivery. However you will need to give in 2 working days advance notice. 🙂


Locations :

  • Orchard Central – 181 Orchard Road #01-10 Singapore 23886 / Operation Hours 11am – 11pm Daily / Tel 66341015
  • Far East Square – 47 Pekin Street, #01-01 Singapore 048777 / Operation Hours : Mon –  Fri 10am – 10pm ; Sat 10am – 8pm / Tel : 65572979
  • Citylink Mall – 1 Raffles Link, #B1-15 Singapore 039393 / Operation Hours : 10am – 10pm Daily / Tel : 62386631
  • Greenwich V – 1 Seletar Road, #02-13 Singapore 807011 {Opening Soon}

Happy Dining!

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