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Ever wanted to know how Japanese restaurant make those shredded cabbages that go so well with deep fried dishes, like Tonkatsu (Japanese deep fried pork chop). I have been eyeing this gadget at Daiso for sometime, wondering if it works.

Alright, this shredder which comes in two colors, either in pink or orange, with this neon green cover. As it is from Daiso, all it cost is $2.

Cabbage Shredder Unopened

I like how colorful this gadget is but the great part is to avoid any ktichen mishap, they have this piece of plastic to cover up the blades while you are not using it. Actually the blades itself is not really that sharp, but it is supposed to shred cabbages finely to replicate those thinly cut cabbages you have in Japanese restaurants.

I used to cut those cabbages salad with knife, it do the job okay, but no matter how fine you cut it, it just taste rather different, the cabbage althou in fine slices, it does not taste fine enough to have that extra fresh crunch.

So with this new gadget, I happily decided to use it and cook up some Japanese potato patties which I will post the recipe soon.

Cabbage Shredder

The instructions on the back state that you will need to cut out big chunk of cabbage (at least a quarter). Actually rather than recommending, I will say it is really is a requirement if you want to make a decent cabbage salad. It is quite difficult judging how wide the blade is and if you just use a small piece of cabbage, it is going to be ridiculously hard and you might end up slicing something more than the cabbage althou the blades is not too sharp.

As the blades is not as sharp as I thought it will be, I actually have difficulty slicing the cabbages. May be I was intimidated by the large blades but it is quite awkward using it. Or may be you really need quite a bit of practice on it.

However, the plus point is that the shredded cabbage does taste better. A state of mind or not? you can be the judge of it. 🙂 The slices come up longer than if you use a regular shredder and the cabbages is sliced to an angle, such that every strand of cabbages has sharp ends that enables the lightness of cabbage salad.

Cabbage Shredder in Action

By the way, this shredder is magnetic too! So you can just stick this to your fridge, looks so colorful and cute, looks just like a happy tool.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. OZCAN says:

    where can i buy it online , im in uk ,thanks

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Ozcan
      I tried to check out Gmarket but they only have slicer and peeler, and Daiso only opened one outlet in Europe and not in UK, looks like it is a bit difficult to source for it, I do not recommend japanese website because they deliver mostly domestic. Alternatively, what you can do is if you can find any fruits peeler, you can still do shredding the same way, however the only down point is that the cabbage ribbons will be shorter. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    To get the fresh crisp like in restaurant, you shred the cabbage into a container of cold water. The cabbage stays fresh and crispy and don’t change colour.

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