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Looking for Valentine’s day dining ideas? Why not check out Everything with Fries at Bugis Junction. 🙂

After trying Har Jeong Kai Burger at EWF , I just wanted to try out Everything with Fries that have many people raving about. And finally my wish came true!

Everything with Fries has opened at Bugis Junction, right across Shaw Cinema on the 4th floor, technically not a restaurant itself, as it is not located in a unit, but it is an open concept, so it is located right next to the escalator.

1 Everything with fries at Bugis grilled cha siew

Everything with fries at Bugis logo

Decor is modern and simple, seating is against the window, however it can get a little uncomfortable during noon as the one sitting in front of the window will feel their eyes start to get sore as the meal goes by because of the strong sunlight, and those that sit next to the window will feel the heat from the sunlight, I think some curtains will really improve the whole dining experience a lot.

Everything with fries at Bugis reception

Basically, over here, you get Western food or perhaps some fushion of big portions. Most of the dishes come with fries, hence the name Everything with Fries.  Their fries come in straight cut (fatter cut) or shoestring cut (skinny cut) and I can see many of their dishes really goes very well when served with fries 🙂

Everything with fries at Bugis special menu

There is seasonal menu available also. On the day we were there, the seasonal menu was :

  • Steak Tulang – $25.80 – Char-grilled Ribeye Steak (~280g), served with a red wine enriched steak sauce with seared & grilled bone marrow; sauteed muhsrooms, with thick cut fries & truffle oil.
  • Pan Seared Barramundi – $22.80 – Local barramundi served with garlic & herb hollandaise cherry tomato balsamic salsa with thick cut fries with truffle oil.
  • Aubergine Moussaka – $16.80 – Aubergine dressed in layers of Tomato concasse and bechamel sauce topped with cheddar and parmesan, servbed with rich white wine and cheese sauce, with shoestring garlic fries.

Everything with fries at Bugis type of fries

Their fries come in a variety of flavors, priced at $4.90

  • Original
  • Curry
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Garlic & Herbs

Everything with fries at Bugis steak with tulang

So for that day, quite a few of us ordered the Steak Tulang, which comes with a big slab of juicy char grilled steak. Although it is slightly burnt on the outside, the smokey flavour thoroughly immersed through the slab of meat, and that arresting aromatic scent is really mouthwatering!

Everything with fries at Bugis steak with tulang

But having to say that, all of us didn’t like the Tulang which is the bone marrow, its texture is too wobbly and jelly like for us, and the taste just made us thing we were chowing down grease, not really our cup of tea. Lucky there are that big fat juicy steak and fries that saved the whole dish.

Salt & Vinegar fries was nothing to shout about again, just like my experience at EWF Orchard Central , so it kind of made me think their salt & vinegar fries wasn’t that good after all.

Everything with fries at Bugis lemon soda

Coca Cola Float and Lemon Soda was our choice of beverages, and I like the lemon soda a lot, not so sweet, yet not overly tarty. Excellent for a hot summer day.  Quench your thirst in no time 🙂

Their drink menu includes :

  • Lemonade $3.20
  • Ice Lemon Tea $3.20
  • Lemon Soda $3.20
  • Sparkling Apple $3.20
  • Fizzy Orange $3.20
  • Orange Juice $3.20
  • Apple Juice $3.20
  • Coke Float $4.50
  • Sprite Float $4.50
  • Root Beer Float $4.50
  • Coke $2.90
  • Sprite $2.90
  • Root Beer $2.90
  • Still Mineral Water $2.90
  • Vanilla Milk Shake $4.90
  • Vanilla Malt Shake $4.90
  • Nutella Shake $4.90
  • Butterscotch Milk Shake  $4.90
  • Strawberry Milk Shake $4.90
  • Coffee $3.20
  • Cappuccino $3.80
  • Latte $3.90
  • Espresso $3.80
  • Double Espresso $4.90
  • English Breakfast Tea $3.20
  • Earl Grey Tea $3.20
  • Asahi $.90
  • Heineken 330ml $9.90
  • Grolsch 330ml $9.90
  • Corona 330ml $9.90
  • Hoegaarden 330ml $9.90
  • Erdinger $13.00
  • Kilkenny $13.00

Everything with fries at Bugis pork chop

One of us ordered the Grilled Pork Chop and was told it is quite okay, but the original flavored fries was way too salty. The portion of this pork steak with miso sauce is really huge too!

Everything with fries at Bugis cha siew

As for my order, I ordered a Char Grilled Char Siew, which comes with two big pieces of Char Siew, it is actually more like slices from a pork roast although it is made of 2 large piece of pork belly in roulade form, drizzle with garlic sauce, and the taste was excellent! The meat was very succulent and tender, goes very very well with the sauce, and I ordered my fries with curry flavored, it tasted great.

The dish comes with a side Ceasar salad, salad greens was fresh and the dressing was good too. The only only thing that I can think of may be if their ceasar salad can comes with small cubes of bread rather than a large piece, then this meal will be perfect.

Everything with fries at Bugis cha siew

My lunch buddies said they find it can be quite filling after one piece because of the large portion of fries, and they are quite right about it, I think if you can, you might want to consider sharing 2 mains for 3 people and perhaps follow up with some desserts. 🙂

Everything with fries at Bugis muffins and puddings

Next comes the dessert! As you all probably know by now, I am an avid dessert fan, so I am really excited to buy back some for my family (there is no way I can still stuff more dessert after the Char Grilled Cha Siew), they have muffins, cream puffs, cup cakes, puddings, all look so colorful and tempting.

Everything with fries at Bugis pastry and cakes

However, what tempted me the most was definitely the Warm Apple Crumble and Peanut Butter Crumble, and of course their famous Vanilla Crepe and Nutella Tart. My lunch buddies who have been there before told me the Nutella Tart was a must try, so I got my hands on one and also one of the pear tart. So tempted to try out the Crumbles and also Crepe, perhaps next time. 🙂

Pricing and cakes varieties include :

  • Nutella Tart $5.90
  • Add a scoop of ice cream  $2.00
  • Mille Crepe $5.90
  • Cup Cake $4.90
  • Hot Banana Butterscotch Pudding with ice cream $5.90
  • Warm Apple Crumble with ice cream  $8.90
  • Warm Peanut Butter Crumble with ice cream $7.90
  • Baked Strawberry Cheesecake Flan $5.90
  • Glazed Pear Tart with ice cream $7.90
  • Tarte Aux Pommes with ice cream $7.90

Everything with fries at Bugis nutella tart and pear tart

All the pastries and cakes comes in these cute no frills boxes, which makes it so much easier to bring home. I kept that over night in the fridge and warm up the pear tart in the oven the next morning.

The pear tart was nothing to shout about and I actually find it a little overrated, but wait till you try the Nutella Tart, it is amazing, by amazing, I mean I was really amazed by how much nutella flavour you can find in this piece of tart. Every bite oozes out the sweetness of the nutella cream and the crunchy base just gave it an excellent support to the all round flavor!

Everything with fries at Bugis nutella tart and pear tart

But honestly speaking, it can be quite sweet to some, I got to share it with my son and my mum, so it wasn’t very filling and I think the portion was just nice. 🙂

Everything with fries at Bugis table decor

Overall I like their menu and food, okay, some can be a little too over the top like the tulang part of the steak tulang, but other than that, their staples are excellent, unpretentious good food. I didn’t get to try out their One Egg Soup which basically is a house special that is made from one egg, hope I can try that next time.

Service was a little slow even for a very quiet weekday lunch, but staff was very courteous, nothing to complain about.

Back to the menu, their Starters, Sides & Mains menu is as below :

  • The One Egg Soup $4.90
  • Caesar Salad $6.90
  • Coleslaw $4.90
  • Skinny Wings $6.90 (Crispy Asian Style)
  • Chicken Nuggets $8.90 (Miso dip, caesar salad)

Everything with fries at Bugis menu

Their mains include :

  • Wild NZ King Salmon – Crispy crumble over melt in the mouth salmon $18.90
  • Creamy Salmon in a Cup – Rich salmon in garlic broth $11.90
  • Battered Fish Sandwich – handmade soft bun, mushroom cheese sauce $13.90
  • Char Grilled beef Karubi – Boneless US Prime beef shortrib, braised till tender then char-grilled served with truffle oil fries $21.90
  • Cheese Burger – 100% handmade beef, cheddar, stewed tomato concasse $11.90
  • Lamb Burger – Middle Eastern spiced lamb, cream cheese $11.90
  • Grilled Pork Chop – thick cut flamed pork stea, in house miso sauce $13.90
  • Char Grilled Char Siew – handrolled pork belly roulade, char-grilled with garlic sauce $15.90
  • Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich – honey baked ham, cheddar cheese, handmade roux $9.90
  • Tandoori Chicken Sandwich – Char flamed whole chicken leg with in house tandoori marinade $11.90
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – rich tomato minced beef $10.90

* All served with a sides of fries and caesar salad

Will definitely go back to explore other dishes, although I have high hopes of the fries, apparently the fries’ limelight was being stolen by the main dishes, perhaps a little easier on the seasoning will really balance out the whole dish. But overall, I like this place a lot.  🙂


Locations : Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street #04-05 Singapore 188021

Tel : 63380135

Open Daily 11am – 10pm / Fri, Sat, Eve of PH 12pm – 1030pm

Happy Dining!

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