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One of my recent favourite recipe is to make Japanese gyoza or chinese dumplings, this happen ever since I got this magnificent piece of kitchen gadget from Daiso, it is called the patty folders, it basically is a small piece of plastic which can fold together, you just place the dumpling skin on it, add some ingredients to it, press the plastic together and there you go, the dumpling is done! So here is a quick & easy recipe idea for you – Japanese gyoza.

You don’t even need to dip your fingers into water and sweat it out just by attempting to fold the dumpling skin into the perfect shape, this gadget just do all the work for you!

Ingredients :

You will need to get below ingredients
– frozen mince pork or chicken meat X 1 or 2 packs
– chives / chinese cabbage X 1 bunch each
– corriander X 2 stalks
– maggi sauce or soya sauce X a little
– sesame seeds X 1 teaspoon
– chinese cooking wine X 1 table spoon
– chopped or minced garlic X 5 cloves (optional, more or less)
– dumpling skins X 1 pack

Directions :

1) Defrost mince pork and add maggi sauce, sesame seeds, chinese cooking wine and let it marinade for a while, preferably min 1 hr.
Tips : You can marinade it in the morning (which takes less than 2 mins) and put it in the fridge until you start cooking

2) Chopped up the corriander, chinese cabbage and chives
Tips : Mix the veges into the meat mixture prior to making the dumplings, because chopped veges will make the meat mixture too moist as the veges will give out water once it comes to contact with salt (maggi sauce / soya sauce)

3) Mix the corriander and chives into the marinaded mince pork, give it a good mix

4) Place the dumpling skin on the patty folder plastic, scoop the meat and place onto the dumpling skin and pressed

5) Pour a little bit of oil into a non stick frying pan, at medium heat, place the dumplings onto the pan and pan fry until the base is a little burnt

6) Pour a little hot water, (2 table spoon) and cover it up, let it steam for over 1 minute, and its done!

There are times when I prepare excess meat so that I can use it to make another dish like teriyaki meat balls, it is quick and simple, just shape the remaining meat to meat balls, pan fry them and pour a little teriyaki sauce or japanese soya sauce (I use kikkoman) plus a like mirin (japanese cooking wine), and you will have teriyaki meat balls, simple! great on rice or just by itself.

My family loves this dumpling dish, together with some spicy Korean ramen (instant noodles) or Korean chigae (Korean kimchi stew), pair it up with some cucumber pickle or salad and it is going to be a perfect meal, Not only taste great (without MSG at all) but it also does not burn a whole in your pocket.

This gadget does not just help you to make dumplings, you can also use this to make curry puffs or any puff pastry with stuffing in it, perhaps some spinach & cheese puff will taste great too! (another new idea! ^^)

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Happy Cooking!



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