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These days, there are unlimited choices of cake store where you can get a slice of decent birthday cake. But how about a great place for a great slice of cake? I have people asking me where to get birthday cakes and I usually tell them my most favorite cake shop in Singapore is Flor by Chef Yamashita.

Flor by Chef Yamashita

Flor Cake at Takashimaya

I came across it when I was browsing a japanese magazine which talked about Chef Yamashita. Subsequently, some of my Japanese friends also told me that the cakes they make are as authentic as what you can get in Japan, and ain’t we lucky, Japanese cakes in Singapore anytime!

Chef Yamashita used to work in another cake shop in Tanjong Pagar, but ventured out by himself, and never look back ever since.

I went to their first flagship store at Duxton Hill sometime back when they just opened to get my hands on their Japanese desserts. The past few times that I went there, there were always a steady stream of customers. And as time goes by, whenever I was there, I see more & more people visiting them due to really good reviews and the consistent good quality they offer.  So with all these brisk business, there is only one way to go – open another cake store 🙂

Now they have opened a new store at Takashimaya basement which is much more convenient and accessible.

Flor Cake at Takashimaya

As my mum’s birthday was round the corner, I decided to go back to Flor to get my sweet tooth cravings fix (and of course to get my mum’s birthday cake, that’s the whole point right 🙂 )

So there I was with my husband and son going all the way to Takashimaya, searching for Flor, and it was just located right in the middle at the food area. Close to Bengawan Solo.

Flor Cake Cheese Tart

At the counter, they have all these really good looking tarts and cakes, you can see strawberry souffle,  Earl Grey Chocolat, some green tea flavored cakes, and also a whole fridge dedicated to their famous ice cheese tart. Each tart is at $3.20 each.

Every tart comprises of  an almond cookie and FLOR’s signature creamcheese filling, light salted cream cheese filing with a fragrant crunch of almond cookie. They have many flavors like original, blueberry, maple, chocolate orange, green tea yuzu, mango & caramel. I have yet to try this out, because I am always in for the cakes, I think next round I will try it out, seeing how people were ordering in bulk from them.

Flor Cake cake box

While I was placing my order, there are still constantly people ordering in advance and browsing their caterlog. I am telling you, it is really hard to resist when all these yummlicious looking cakes just right in front of you. I counted myself lucky, because my favouite strawberry napolean was no where to be seen. It is a must buy for me whenever I go there. If there are, you can imagine there I was, buying a whole cake for the birthday, and still adding extra slices. Phew~

Flor Cake cake inside box

That day, there wasn’t much whole cake left and also I didn’t pre order, so I have settled for a mont blanc cake which is made with one of the softest swiss roll sponge you can find in Singapore, a layer of light slightly sweetened cream between, topped with whole sweetened Japan-imported chestnuts and delicate strands of French chestnut cream.

Flor Cake mont blanc cake

The sponge used for Mont Blanc is designed specifically to compliment the french chestnut cream. The higher content of egg yolks in the sponge enhance the flavor of the cake. With both of these 2 elements, it created this velvety melt in your mouth sensation. 

Flor Cake mont blanc cake

Flor Cake mont blanc cake cut

The only thing that I didn’t like was the strawberries, because it was a tad tart, however the mango pieces were great with the chestnut cream. The chestnut cream is beautifully smooth and goes so well with the sponge cake. The pastry flakes on the sides, gave it an extra fragrant crunch. Love it.

They also have a variety of desserts besides cakes to choose from, like cookies,  tarts & of course Christmas log cakes during this festive seasons.

Flor Cake mont blanc cake happy birthday

They are also hugely popular when it comes to wedding cakes, during my Japanese friends’ wedding, they also ordered from there, and they told me even their friends from abroad coming from Japan to attend the wedding, commented the cake was really good. That is how authentic it is.

One of the best seller is the strawberry short cake, Berries Berries, this signature strawberry shortcake, which consists of naturally soft sponge cake, fresh strawberries and luscious cream will cheer up any one with or without a sweet tooth.

One of the many reasons why I like their cakes is that they are not overly sweet, all the flavour is delicate yet able to satisfy my cravings for cakes , charming in its own way. They are also so beautifully decorated, sometimes it even makes you feel just a little bit guilty to break down a master piece.

Price wise, per slice is $5.50 all the way to $6.80, which is fast becoming the norm these days, at least it taste so good, I still feel it worth every cents of it.

You can really tell I like them, seeing below photos, where I have purchased from them months back, for different people’s birthday. I customised one for my son’s birthday, and it looks so gorgeous, my son was so excited when he saw it.

Flor Cake cocoa

This one is Cacao Royal, even thou it is a dense chocolate cake, it is quite light at the same time, it consist of alternating layers of light sponge, filled with velvety chocolate ganache.

You know sometimes you get kind of heavy after a good chocolate cake, this didn’t give me that feeling, and the figurines, were so cute too. Instant perk up in every party.

flor strawberry napolean

And to my most favourite cake of all times, the strawberry napolean. Layers of pastry, custard cream, fresh cream and sponge cake, with strawberries slices. Talking about it makes me one to go and get a slice too! 🙂

So for me Flor by Chef Yamashita is one of the best cakes around. Hands Down.  Do give it a try and see it for yourself. 🙂

By the way, if you want to check out all their cake range, do try out Duxton Hill first as the Takashimaya branch has a limited range, if distance is an issue, Takashimaya will be the way to go.

Dessert Reviews : Flor Cake by Chef Yamashita

Locations : Takashimaya, Basement 2, Food Hall

Tel : 6737 1789

Business hours: 10am – 9pm daily

Happy Dining!

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