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Hi there,

I saw this new CP frozen shrimp wonton a few weeks back and told myself that I have to try it. I am not a shrimp person when it comes to dim sum or frozen wonton, however a few months back, there was a promotion on CP products at fairprice supermarket, and my family decided to buy couple of packs for steam boat.

Boy, was it good or what? There is really a reason why this brand is so popular. It is down to the basics, plain fresh whole shrimp wrapped in thin wonton skin. All you have is crunchy shrimps with some velvety wonton skin which smoothen up the whole texture and make it such a palatable treat.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

Now they have this new version of having the same sweet morsels of goodness but rather in plain broth, it is now with a fiery fiesty kick of tom yum soup! Yum!!

Each bowl of CP shrimp wonton in tom yum soup comes with 5 pieces of wonton and two packets of soup base.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

All you need to do is pour in the soup paste and add water (I used hot water) till the line indicated inside the bowl and microwave it for about 2 & half mins to 3 mins.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

The packet of sauce given comes in one pack of tom yum sauce and also one pack of sweeten sauce which gives it the lemon grass flavor.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

As it only needs to be microwave, it hits the right spot when you have cravings for sweet and sour tom yum soup.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

The flavor is great, it has a good kick of sourness and also a heavy hint of sweetness, you can vividly taste the lemon grass. The heat is there but is not to the extend that you will choke by the spiciness.

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

I personally like it very much, even my sister who can be sceptical in food like this agrees that CP does make really good frozen products. Our family already like the mexican wings, now the shrimp wontons are another of our favourite. 🙂

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

Each bowl cost $3.30 each, I am still waiting for them to sell the large packs frozen ones, if not, I might just get a few bowls and use the soup base with the packets given after mixing in some chicken stock to make a steam boat base. 🙂

CP Shrimp Wonton in Tom Yum Soup

How I wish I have some fresh corriander so that I can throw in a bunch and add some greens in it. 🙂

Actually I was really tempted to use this to make a mean tom yum soup with additional straw mushroom, chicken meat with corriander… “lightbulb moment”.

Happy Tasting!

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    I love Tom Yum soups with shrimp or chicken from Thai restaurants, and esp. if I’m sick, it helps clear out the sinuses as it’s both “hot and sour”!

    Recently at the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Sonoma County, CA I found in the freezer aisle CP brand Tom Yum soup with shrimp, unfortunately not the Tom Yum shrimp ‘won ton’ soup as described and raved about w/the reviews; however, was grateful to find these individual portions for my freezer. This is the only supermarket in Sonoma County where I have found them, and have checked Asian markets. I don’t know where the supermarket got them from.

    They are sooo delicious; however, when I bought a dozen of them (speculating as many as my apartment-sized freezer would accommodate along w/all the other frozen stuff in there) and then looked at the nutritional info on the side of the package, it is a reasonable 4 gm. of fat per box; however, I was horrified re the sodium (and I’m gratefully not on any kind of sodium-restricted diet BTW) that it is a whopping 1,650 mg. of sodium, really, really high. However, it didn’t stop me from going back to this store yesterday and buying the last 3 they had in stock (must be popular).

    So that’s my input on this Tom Yum Shrimp soup (again, did not come with won tons though wish they had this style), they are excellent, though concerned how just a little one cup or so serving of soup can be 1,650 mg. of sodium? :-(.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Dee Dee
      Yes, sometimes it is quite scary just how much sodium there is in instant food right? So I do cook quite a bit for my families but at the same time I do cheat a little as a working mother, got to find some easy and efficient way to cook something yummy for the family, and of course if it is very healthy it is always a plus. 🙂
      I personally believe it is soooo hard to resist so many kind of yummy food around, so I do try to take it in moderation, including my indulgence moments. 😀
      Actually just wondering, if you can find the tom yum soup in CA, may be you can make your own wontons, at my household, I put in other ingredients too, and tonnes of corriander as it goes oh so good with it. There are 2 ways, use the wonton skin to wrap up some minced pork & shrimps or just plain shrimps too. Cook it separately, then pour in the tom yum soup. Thinking about it makes my mouth water!! haha..

  2. Troy says:

    I live in Seattle. Do you know if I can order these online from a local (USA) vendor? Thanks.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Troy
      Sorry, I am not quite sure on this though, but you can perhaps try checking out local Asian supermarkets? I just google it, saw there are quite a few of Asian supermarket in Seattle, you can probably check with them on this. It does seem like this brand is available in quite a few countries 🙂

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