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I was at Parco Millenia to get some curry buns at Pullman Bakery, and thought we will look for some lunch there. Chanced upon GoGo curry and Hulu Udon where they were having promotions of 30% off, since my son was with us, we decided to settle there for some curry rice for the adults and udon for the little one. 🙂

gogo curry and huhu udon wall paper

As you can see, we were the first customers so the place was pretty empty, actually I must say Parco Millenia is a great place if you want somewhere to hang out, even the eateries are quiet.

gogo curry and huhu udon

At the entrance you can spot their Japanese variety show about GoGo curry, with imitation props to show you how their curry look like.

gogo curry entrance

You can get to see the chef cooking the udon on the spot and also preparing the curry rice. Serving time was quite quick, then again the place was empty. Drinks are at decent pricing, between $1.50 – $2.50 each.

  • Coke Zero / Coke / Oolong Tea / Iced Green Tea / Hot Green Tea – $2 each
  • Pokka Sparkling Fuji Apple $2.50
  • Mineral Water – $1.50

gogo curry and huhu udon kitchen at work

On the way, you can see many banners, saying they are the 1st curry house in New York, which is kind of one of their selling point.

gogo curry and huhu udon wall decor

Their No. 1 selling which the staff highly recommended was the Pork or Chicken Katsu. There are 3 Classes (Sizes) of curry you can choose from :

  • Healthy Class – $11.50
  • Economy Class – $12.50
  • Business Class – $13.50
  • First Class – $15.50

gogo curry menu

Other menu include :

Go Go Curry

  • Healthy Class – $8.50
  • Economy Class – $9.50
  • Business Class – $10.50
  • First Class – $12.50

Sausage Curry

  • Healthy Class – $11.50
  • Economy Class – $12.50
  • Business Class – $13.50
  • First Class – $15.50

Shrimp Curry

  • Healthy Class – $11.50
  • Economy Class – $12.50
  • Business Class – $13.50
  • First Class – $15.50

huhu udon noodle menu

Hulu Udon which is under the same restaurant serves different variety of udons and rice bowl, and we decided to order the Inari Udon which is rather impossible to go wrong.

The udon came in a large bowl with generous amount of udon, two slices of japanese fish cake and also 2 slices of Inari (sweetened dried tofu)

Udon was al dente, served with the piping hot dashi broth, it hits just the right spot, the green onions gave it a refreshing bite and the Inari and fish cake is a good side kick.

huhu udon inari hot udon

Other udons on the menu include :

  • Plain Udon $7.80
  • Inari Udon $8.20
  • Jugoya Udon $8.00 (soft boiled eggs)
  • Iso Udon $8.00 (seaweed)
  • Iso Jugoya Udon $8.80
  • Ebi Tempura Udon  $11.90
  • Sugomori Udon $10.80 (with kakiage which is fried prawn & vegetable fritters)
  • Haburai Udon $12.80 (tempura)
  • Curry Udon $11.80
  • Katsu Curry Udon $13.80
  • Haikara Curry Udon $13.80 (with shabu shabu meat)
  • Curry Sanmi Udon $15.80 (Combination of Prawn Tempura / Chicken Katsu / Beef)
  • Haihara Udon $12.80 (shabu shabu beef)
  • Kaika Udon $12.80 (beef sukiyaki)
  • Mentaiko Cream Udon $12.80 (Spicy fish roe)

huhu undon inari udon

Others include :

  • Oyako Don $11.80 (chicken & egg rice bowl)
  • Gyudon $1.80 (beef rice bowl)
  • Tendo $12.80 (assorted tempura rice bowl)
  • Katsudon $12.80 (chicken or pork cutlet rice bowl)
  • Ebi Fry Don $10.80 (breaded shrimp rice bowl)
  • Kakiage Don $11.80 (shrimp & vegetable fritter rice bowl)
  • Sukiyaki Don $12.80 (Beef sukiyaki Rice bowl)
  • Tempura Mori $7.80 (assorted tempura)
  • Ebi Tempura $8.00
  • Ebi Fry $8.20
  • Kakiage $6.80
  • Chicken Katsu $8.20
  • Chicken Karaage $7.80

gogo curry chicken katsu curry rice

We ordered both Chicken Katsu & Pork Katsu as well, and if you want to add Topping.

You will only need to top up below pricing to add your favourite items.

  • Pork Katsu $3.5
  • Chicken Katsu $3.5
  • Sausage $3.5
  • Shrimp $3.5
  • Egg $1
  • Cheese $1
  • Extra Sauce $3

gogo curry pork katsu rice

Now is the taste test, for the pork katsu and chicken katsu, the meat itself is not bad, tender and succulent, however I feel the whole piece of fried pork or chicken just look too perfect, as it the coating are too equally coated so it kind of taste a little like frozen cutlets to me.

The rice was too soggy too, which does not goes well with the curry, we prefer somethng that is more chewy as it will give a good contrast from the curry sauce.

gogo curry chicken katsu healthy portion

I prefer much like Tonkichi or Saboten where the coat is much crunchier. Cabbage was okay too, although they are not very thinly sliced but will still do the job of clearing the palate in between of mouthful of the curry rice.

However, the part that my husband and me agree the most is the curry, it does not taste like Japanese curry, rather, it taste like a hybrid between beef stew and curry sauce. Not really our cup of tea in fact.

gogo curry pork katsu rice healthy portion

Overall if you ask me if I were to go back, I will probably say no because the curry just doesn’t suit my family taste buds, but the udon is a good thou, however, thinking about the price and the large portion they serve, it is value for money, if you do not mind the rather unique curry taste.


Locations : 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk Itadakimasu #03-05

Tel : 63334755

Happy Dining!

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