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Finally I made it to Goodwood Park Hotel to get my durian fix from their wonderful Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta 2012 cakes and puffs collection. 🙂 Yum

goodwood park durian fiesta cakes and puffs reviews

Although I don’t grow up with durians in my household, I slowly grew to like it, still remember vividly my first bite of durian and how shocking my face was as a kid when my father handed me one durian which is from Thailand. Resisted thereafter, but somehow the taste found its way back to me as I grew up, and second round, I started to enjoy that pugent sweetness, may it be the creamy kind or not, I still love this King of Fruits.

goodwood park durian fiesta cakes and puffs carrying bag

However in our household, basically only my mother and I know how to appreciate it, but we so seldom buy it, it is really a real treat or delicacies for us. And after seeing the promotions in Goodwood park for the 2012 Durian Fiesta, I told myself this time round nothing will stop me from getting it. 🙂

goodwood park durian fiesta cakes and puffs spread at the deli

At first I thought going there can be a real hassle as I do not own a car, that’s why it has always deter me from going all the way to there to get it, but as I was having a breakfast at Scotts Square with my family, I thought it can be the best time for me to go there to get some durian cake too.

So after our energizing breakfast, we moved up from Scotts square to Far East Plaza and from there 1 min walk to Goodwood Park Hotel, its not bad after all. Post breakfast workout for more good stuff to come 🙂

goodwood park durian fiesta cakes and puffs

It also didn’t hurt that when you are in there, you are being greeted by the lovely durian cakes and puffs, crepes and puddings showcase all lined up nicely at the Deli counter.

  • Durian Mousse Cake
  • Durian Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • Durian Strudel
  • Durian Cappuccino Cake
  • Durian Macadamia Nut Crumble Tartlet
  • Durian Crepe
  • Durian Puff
  • Durian Pudding
  • Durian Ice Cream
  • * you can find the price list here. 🙂

 I told myself I could only get 3 kinds, as the tarts and puffs min come in 2pcs, so I settled for their new creation Durian Macadamia Nut Crumble Tartlet, Durian Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake and their all time favourite Durian Puffs. 🙂

goodwood park durian fiesta cakes reviews

One thing which I didn’t expect thou, was that if you ordered takeaway, they will take the frozen desserts for you, rather than picking out from their counter. I wonder if that only serve if you dine in. But all are packed nicely though and are placed in a eco green goodwood park takeaway bag. Thoughtful and quick.

I still remember last year during one shopping center food festival, I got some durian puffs and it just won me over, just how good durian dessert can be, I have my fair share of tasting at Ellenborough Market Cafe, Straits Cafe, but Goodwood Park is really one of the best. So I was really all psyched up for this Durian Fiesta in my home. 🙂

Goodwood park durian Fiesta Durian Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake

I was contemplating whether I should get the Durian Cappuccino Cake ($10.80 per slice) or the Durian Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake ($10.80 per slice), but given that my son might attempt trying it, better bet on the chocolate mousse one instead. 🙂

For $10.80 although is quite pricey, but it comes with quality, the Durian mousse which looks like tiramisu is full bodied flavour, you can actually taste and feel the durian pulps in between bite, while the banana gave it a very unique sweet balance contrast against the slight bitterness of the chocolate mousse is quite a unique piece of culinary art. I would never think of pairing all these together, but somehow when you try it, it works. 🙂

goodwood park durian fiesta durian puffs

Next comes the all time favourites, and best seller at the Deli, Durian puffs. It is priced at $6 for 2 pieces, and comes with generous fillings of durian goodness. I don’t even think you can fit one in one bite. As it is frozen, you will feel like you are eating some durian ice cream, great for a hot sunny day.

I like the puff which does not goes soggy even after I thawed it a little while before consuming. However, if compared to the first time I tried it, I thought it was not as good as the last time I had. The durian was not as pugent although the texture still has that really velvety creaminess which is hard to forget. Perhaps different batch of durian, I guess.

Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta Durian Macadamia Nut Crumble Tartlet

And now came the highlight of my Durian Fiesta, the Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta Durian Macadamia Nut Crumble Tartlet!! 2 pieces cost $10.80 and is not for the faint hearted. Each piece is like a canvas of durian creativity!

Each nicely baked tart with just the right amount of pastry, anchoring this mountain of durian, crumble and macadamia nuts! The durian cream is being piped onto the tart and generous amount of crumble and macadamia nuts then studded on this mountain of durian goodness. Oh my gosh, it is really good! The macadamia nuts is not the crushed type but whole or halved ones, which gives it so much nutty flavour, paired with the crumble sweetness against the backdrop of creamy durian, it is really THE ULTIMATE TREAT.

I enjoyed this so much that I regretted for not getting 4 pieces or even the 6 pieces option.

Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta Durian Macadamia Nut Crumble Tartlet

This is really what I called party in the mouth with every bite. 🙂

If you are a UOB / Citibank / Maybank credit card or debit card members, you can enjoy 15% discount on takeaway durian pastriesat the Deli (except for Durian ice cream tub, Durian combo and Mao Shan Power Puff)

And now finally is the true test for the third generation (my son) on durian, well he is still resisting it, just like my husband, so even in my attempt of trying smuggle some back home, and let him try, hoping that if it is in cake form rather than its own original glory, my son will be more susceptible to it. 🙂 Boy, was I wrong or what.

Come to think about it, it is probably right that he just cannot take it because it is of such good quality and close to the real thing, that’s why my son just wouldn’t dare to go close it. haha.. wrong choice for him, but still a great choice for me and my mum.

By the way, in one of my trip to Japan, I came across this fruit farm in Okinawa, where they sell all kinds of tropica fruits, and there you can find durian, and they were selling it for 20,000 yen, which is close to SGD300 for one! OH MY GOD, so now, ain’t we lucky to be able to savor this delicacies out in Singapore.  🙂

Sometimes happiness can really come from a really good dessert. 🙂

p.s. There will still be another round of promotion from 1 – 30 June 2012, just only on Mao Shan Power Puff, available from 12pm – 7pm. Each piece cost $16.80, imagine this gigantic durian puffs with all these durian goodness 🙂


Locations : 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221

Date : 1 March 2012 – 31 July 2012

Tel : Deli – 67301786 / 9am – 9pm daily

Happy Durian Feasting!

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