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I not not going to lie, I have seriously fallen in love with Matcha cafe lately. Although I am not a person who loves any milky drink, but once I tried on my first Matcha latte, I am so hooked, and so I began my happy hunt on all green tea cafes in town. ūüôā

One of the one which is somewhere to where I work is Maccha House which is located at Orchard Central, it was only opened since mid December 2012, and have quite a good crowd there during lunch hours because they have some good lunch deals. ūüôā

matcha house orchard central

Maccha House is a restaurant cum cafe where you can enjoy some lovely drinks all made of Matcha green tea, a new take to the traditional upmarket matcha green tea, besides they also serve some simple Japanese food like ramen, rice bowl and also some desserts.


matcha house orchard central

All these photos you saw are from their lunch sets which is available during lunch hours on weekdays.  On average one set that comes with one drink and main (if it is rice, there will be soup tag along), around $11.50. Pretty decent given the portion and also the quality.

matcha house orchard central

The decor is the simplistic Japanese food finish with of course green funishings. ūüôā

matcha house orchard central

Their drinks all comes with a¬†green tea base, with various combinations of red bean, mochi, soft¬†cream, etc etc, I got the menu at the¬†bottom of this post if you want to check out the varieties and price. ūüôā

matcha house orchard central

Your lunch set will come with either hot or cold green tea. For hot tea, there are 4 varieties like Green tea / Hoji Tea / Genmai Tea / Jasmine Tea, but I still prefer my ice green tea which has this really lovely subtle sweet flavour that effortlessly draw out the beautiful green tea essence.


matcha house orchard central

They have ramen, actually honestly speaking I was not very convinced when it comes to their ramen, first off because the presentation wasn’t exactly very gorgeous looking, as a matter of fact, quite messy, and several times we went there, the cha shu that comes with it, can be overly fatty or sometimes just nice. You can do a comparision with below pictures how the dish look like.

matcha house orchard central

However don’t be fooled by the presentation of this ramen, it is indeed really delicious, that’s why after eating it, I kind of feel confused, hahha… the soup is really fragrant, and the half boiled eggs compliment the soup very well. The ramen noodles are the fine type whcih is just what I like, and the cha shu pork if it is not fatty, it taste surperb. Guess presentation is 2/10, but taste, it will get a 7/10. ūüôā

matcha house orchard central

Next is the Yuzu Pepper Pork Rice,¬†I lke how simple this dish is, and as a matter of fact, I replicated it at home over the weekend, you will get to see it soon.¬†ūüôā

matcha house orchard central

All the rice bowl comes with a side soup, nothing fancy, looks like some pork stock with onions in it, but good to go with the rice bowl. This bowl although look kind of small, I have difficulty finishing it, because they are really generous with the toppings and rice. It is basically makee of sliced pork belly stired fried with onions, and sprinkled with spring onions, and last but not least, pair with some yuzu pepper to give it a very peppery lemon kick.

matcha house orchard central

Next is the Spicy Tomato Chicken Ramen, a little odd, my colleague told me that it is slightly sour and sweet, but it is also a little bland. And the raw tang oh vegetables that went with it was something new, everyone was puzzled that it can eat raw? However the chicken fillet looks really tender, actually it reminds me of Singapore curry chicken noodles haha..

matcha house orchard central

And of course how can we not have a great finale,¬†¬†I have not been able to resist myself very well from getting a Matcha latte with chocolate or ice cream everytime I go there. Because it taste so good through out the whole afternoon during work, kind of like fuel for my afternoon slump in the office. ūüôā

matcha house orchard central



  • Traditional Maccha $3.49
  • Hoji Tea / Genmai Tea / Jasmine Tea $2.99
  • Maccha Latte $3.99
  • Maccha Cream Latte $4.49
  • Maccha Latte with Brown Sugar Syrup $4.99
  • Maccha Chocolate Latte $4.99
  • Green Tea $2.99



  • Maccha (R) $3.49 / (L) $3.99
  • Maccha Latte (R) $3.99 / (L) $4.49
  • Maccha Cream Latte (R) $4.49 / (L) $4.99
  • Maccha Latte with Brown Sugar Syrup (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.49
  • Maccha Chocolate Latte (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.49
  • Maccha Latte with Azuki Beans & Rice Flour Dumplings¬† (R) $5.99 / (L) $6.49
  • Maccha Latte Float (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.49
  • Maccha Latte Float with Rice Flour Dumplings (R) $5.99 / (L) $6.49
  • Maccha Latte with Soft Serve Ice Cream (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.49



  • Maccha Calpis Latte (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.99
  • Maccha White Chocolate Latte (R) $7.49 / (L) $8.49
  • Maccha Caramel Latte (R) $7.49 / (L) $8.49
  • Maccha Latte with Chestnut (R) $7.49 / (L) $8.49
  • Maccha Chocolate Cookies Latte (R) $7.49 / (L) $8.49



  • Green Tea (R) $2.99 / (L) $3.49
  • Green Tea Float (R) $3.99 / (L) $4.99
  • Green Tea Soba (R) $3.99 / (L) $4.49
  • Green Tea Soba with Soft Serve Ice Cream (R) $4.99 / (L) $5.49


LUNCH SETS – comes with any choice 4 kinds of hot tea (Genmai/Hoji/Green Tea/ Jasmine)or Iced tea

  • Teriyaki Chicken & Half Boiled Egg Rice Bowl Set $10.49
  • Fried Pork in Yuzu Pepper Flavour Rice Bowl Set $11.49
  • Curry Beef Rice Bowl Set $11.49
  • Spicy Tomato Ramen Set $11.49
  • Tonkotsu Ramen Special Set $12.49
  • Seasoned Beef & Leek Udon $11.49



  • Maccha Kuzukiri $5.49
  • Maccha Soy Milk Pudding $5.49
  • Maccha Cheese Mousse $5.99
  • Maccha Catalana $5.99
  • Maccha Tiramisu $5.99



  • Caramel Banana Crea Dorayaki $6.49
  • Mango Cream Dorayaki $6.99
  • Strawberry Shortcake Dorayaki $6.99
  • Mixed Berry Cheesecake Dorayaki $6.99
  • Maccha Azuki Bean Dorayaki $7.49



  • Maccha with Rice Flour Dumpling Parfait $9.49
  • Maccha Soy Milk Pudding Parfait $9.49
  • Maccha Chocolate Parfait $9.99
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream – Moccha or Vanilla $2.49 / Mix $2.99

Overall, the food they serve are pretty decent especially given the price range, compared to Nana green tea, this is definitely the more affordable ones, and I am sure I will stll go back to enjoy other lunch sets. ūüôā


Locations :  #B1-40, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road Singapore, 238896

Opening Hours : 11am – 10pm

Tel : 66365830

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