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My next Green Tea Craze brought me to Nana Green Tea. When they have opened their first outlet at JCube, Nana’s green tea has a decade old history and has quite a few outlets in Japan.

I was there and managed to try out a takeaway green tea. It tasted good, and I remind myself to try out their crepe. But as it is so far from my home, I didn’t get to try it. However, with Plaza Singapura reopened with the new wing, I am able to go to Nana Green Tea now. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

The menu seemed to have changed, because I don’t see the crepe that I first saw, if you want to check out Nana Green Tea Menu, you can viewed it at the bottom of the post. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

Their menu covers pretty much noodles, rice, sushi and appetizer, easy prepared food, which fits the whole cafe feel and fits my weekend home cooked menu too. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

But first,  how can I not get their Matcha Latte, it has become a must have for me these days if I go to a green tea joint.

Nana green tea reviews and menu

The green tea at Nana Green Tea, compared with Tsujiri, I would say Tsujiri taste better, but Nana Green Tea ain’t bad as well, but somehow I felt it is a little diluted. May be it also depends on that day, who prepared it?

Nana green tea reviews and menu

I like restaurant which show out all their menus at the entrance, so I get to see the overview of what they can offer. Simple & Clean Cut.

Nana green tea reviews and menu

Actually Nana Green Tea at PS is really spacious, and I love their concept where each individual table is quite far apart from the next table, the lightings are also very cosy, which is just the best place to enjoy your company and chill. The furnishing like the seatings are also ultra comfortable too, you know they are all quality furnishing, even my husband agreed with me. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

Now comes the food!

As usual, rice bowl comes with soup, the miso soup comes in a chic cup, but taste wise, I find it too salty for me but what blew me away is the main course though.

The Locomoko Don which is Beef Patty served oer warm Japanese rice garnished with lettuce, tomato broccoli and an egg sunny side up. The demi glaced sauce was surperb. Binding all the ingredients together.

Nana green tea reviews and menu

I tried the Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon which is cold udon noodle served with Beef, tomato, corn, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, and Daikon sprout in Nana’s special sesame sauce. The Udon was al dente which gives this dish a very inviting chewy texture, I like the flavour of the beef that goes with the sesame sauce, however, because the sesame sauce is quite milky, you will kind of feel a little too heavy after half way through the dish.

Nana green tea reviews and menu


Next is the Chicken Cutlet Curry Don, this is by far the best dish here, I would not have expected that Nana Green Tea would serve such good curry, but what compliments the curry so well, or any of the rice bowl dishes, is the RICE. The Japanese rice they use is of really good quality, my husband who is very noisy when it comes to Japanese rice was raving about this. I won’t deny it at all, it is really really good!

Nana green tea reviews and menu

Golden brown, crispy, succulent chicken cutlet with the flavourful japanese curry, I am telling you, it is really hard to resist. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

We also ordered a salmon & avocado sushi roll, which comes with filling of cucumbers, salmon,  avocado and cream cheese, yum!

A little strange is the sauce that comes with it, is some sort of mustard mayo or something like that, you can always try dipping into this mayo or just go old school, just wasabi and soya sauce. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

As you can see, the place is so spacious, and tables are kind of like in cubicles, which is such a conducive environment for some serious chilling session. 🙂

Nana green tea reviews and menu

If you are interested to know the price range, check out below, before I went there I did some research, however they only have japanese menu, so hope this will be useful for you. 🙂


  • Uji Matcha (Premium) $7.50
  • Matcha Latte $7.00
  • Matcha Cream Latte $7.50
  • Matcha Kuromitsu Latte $8.00
  • Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte $9.00
  • Matcha Float $8.50
  • Matcha Shiratama Float $9.00
  • Matcha Soft Cream Latte $8.00
  • Thin Matcha Green Tea $6.50
  • Matcha Chocolate Latte $8.00
  • Thin Matcha Green Tea Float $8.00
  • Thin Matcha Green Tea Soft Cream $7.50
  • Matcha Kuromitsu Slushy $8.00
  • Matcha Shiratama Slushy $9.00
  • Matcha Soft Cream Slushy $8.00
  • Hoji Latte $7.00
  • Hoji Cream Latte $7.50
  • Hoji Kuromitsu Latte $8.00
  • Hoji Chocolate Latte $8.00
  • Hoji Shiratama Float $9.00
  • Hoji Soft Cream Latte $8.00
  • Azuki Latte $7.00
  • Azuki Cream Latte $7.50
  • Azuki Kuromitsu Latte $8.00
  • Azuki Shiratama Float $9.00
  • Red Bean Soup $5.00
  • Red Bean Soup with Shiratama $6.00
  • Blended Coffee $4.50
  • Blended Coffee with Soft Cream $5.50
  • Cafe Latte $5.50
  • Cafe Mocha $6.50
  • Caramel Latte $6.50
  • Orange Juice $5.00
  • Apple Juice $5.00
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
  • Acqua Panna Mineral Water $4.80
  • * Additional topping for beverage & dessert
  • $0.70 – Brown sugar Syrup / Whipped Cream / Chocolate Syrup / Azuki Red Beans Paste / Caramel Syrup / Mochi
  • $1.00 – Soft Cream
  • $1.50 – Matcha Ice Cream / Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cold Uji Green Tea $5.50
  • Hoji Cha $5.50
  • Genmai Cha – $5.50
  • Karigane Cha $6.00
  • Uji Cha $6.00



  • Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait $13.80
  • Matcha Shiratama Parfait $11.80
  • Hoji Shiratama Parfait $11.80
  • Hoji Gateaux chocolate parfait $13.80
  • Banana Chocolate Parfait $12.80
  • Berry Parfait $12.80
  • Matcha Anmitsu $8.80
  • Vanilla Anmitsu $8.80
  • Shiratama Zenzai $6.50
  • Matcha Shiratama Zenzai $8.80
  • Shiratama Banana Zenzai $8.80



  • Zuke Maguro Don $14.80
  • Maguro & Avocado Don $15.80
  • Salmon & Maguro Don $15.80
  • Salmon Don $14.80
  • Ebi Chilli Don $14.80
  • Locomoko Don $15.80
  • Sukiyaki Don $14.80
  • Unagi Mobushi Don $16.80
  • Chicken Teriyaki Don $13.80
  • Chicken Nanban Don $13.80
  • Chicken Cutlet Curry Don $13.80
  • Ebi Fried Curry Don $14.80
  • Wakadori Negi Udon $12.80
  • Sukiyaki Udon $14.80
  • Waka Tama Udon $11.80
  • Salmon Udon with Cream Sauce $14.80
  • Chicken Udon with Cream Sauce $12.80
  • Beef Curry Udon $14.80
  • Chicken Karaage Curry Udon $13.80
  • Ebi Fried Curry Udon $14.80
  • Ebi Goma Dare Udon $14.80
  • Mushi Dori Goma Dare Udon $13.80
  • Gyu Shabu Goma Dare Udon $15.80



  • Teriyaki Chicken Roll $4.80 (4pcs) / $9.00 (8 pcs)
  • Ebi Fried Roll $4.80 (4pcs) / $9.00 (8 pcs)
  • Salmon & Avocado Sushi Roll  $5.80 (4pcs) / $10.00 (8 pcs)
  • Maguro & Avocado Sushi Roll  $5.80 (4pcs) / $10.00 (8 pcs)
  • Spicy Beef Sushi Roll $4.80 (4pcs) / $9.00 (8 pcs)
  • Una Tama Sushi ROll  $5.80 (4pcs) / $10.00 (8 pcs)



  • Prawn & Broccoli Salad $7.80
  • Steamed Chicken Salad $6.80
  • Maguro Carpaccio $9.80
  • Salmon Carpaccio $8.80
  • Ebi Fried $6.80
  • Yakitori Chicken $5.80
  • chicken Karaage $6.80


Location : #03-80/82 The Atrium@Orchard Plaza Singapura

Tel : 66844312

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