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I was at the Hokkaido Fair 2011 at Meidiya Liang Court today. I am sure you have probably been to the one at Tampines mall, but to me it is so much more convenient to have it in Meidiya Liang Court because it is the ultimate Japanese supermarket in Singapore besides Isetan Scotts. You can get to check out all the Hokkaido Fair goodies here, and also so much more other Japanese & International products here as well.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Entrance

I got my fair share of goodies from this fair and you can check out this post to see some of the highlights of this Hokkaido Fair 2011 at Meidiya Liang Court.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Cheese Tart

Here is also a good opportunity to check out what Hokkaido latest offering is and sample it out before you make your purchase.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Promotions

There were two parts of the Hokkaido Fair here, they basically has splitted the Fair into two portions so that you will get different products during the fair.

 The first week (18 Nov – 20 Nov) they will be showcasing Kani (Crab) King Crab Bento, Crab cream Croquette, Gratin and Crab Dumpling demonstration.

For those with a sweet tooth, you will be really happy to find that they also carry this Kinotoya cheese tart.

2nd week (25 Nov – 27 Nov) will be focus on Japanese fried dough snack by Bake de Arles and also Deep Fried Croquette demonstration as well.

In this Hokkaido Fair, you get to check out a really wide range of products. From savory to sweets, from frozen products to Sauces & spreads. Even for instant curry sauce, you will also be so spolit for choice with their varieties.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Chocolate & Milk Spread

They have a whole fridge dedicated to chocolate fans which carries all the yummy chocolates from Royce, and also the fair favorites, rice puffs & corn chocolates.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart on Sale

Once we reached the entrance, we were greeted by a very nice scent of freshly baked cookies and I know it must be the cheese tarts that they show on their advertising materials.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart

At $5 a tart, I was really apprehensive about it, thinking how good it can be, so I went over to try their sample (their sample actually suprisingly comes in quite big portions, I was joking with my husband that it is practically $1 per sample and better savor every bite, haha 🙂 )

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart Pricing

However just one bite, and I am totally a convert. I told my husband I got to get some back home, and end up with 3 tarts to share with my family back home.  I recommend you to buy 3 for $12 instead, as one is just not enough given how good this is. And if you get 3, you are paying $4 for one.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart in the Making

They make all the tarts on the spot, so catch them before their freshly made stock are all cleared.

The tarts come with a savory base crust and the cheese is so light and tasty, thanks to the quality french cheese they use in it.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart from Hokkaido

Every bite is so delightful that it  became so addictive, the sweetness of the cream cheese compliments the tartness of the blue berry jam fillings in the middle.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Sweets

Ever tart was baked to perfection, with a browned top. One bite and the flavors just go over the roof. Both pleasing to the eyes and to the palate indeed!

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart Box

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Cheese Tart Packaging

I kept 1 in the fridge for some dessert after dinner, and just to see how it taste like after cold.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Cheese Tart Half

It tasted fantastic too, my son thoroughly enjoyed it and kept asking for more.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Ramen

Over in the fair, you can find also different brands of ramen for sale, some is yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles), and also many instant packet ones as Hokkaido is famous for Sapporo ramen, you can definitely see quite a number over there.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Crab Sushi

They also have packets of bento with crab meat and ikura egg roe, cost around $20 over, I have tried it last time when I went to the Hokkaido fair in Tampines, so decided I want to try something different. However, I do see quite a few people getting them, pretty sure these are for their dinners that night.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Curry Variety

One thing that caught my eyes, was the variety they have on Japanese curry and stew. These packets of instant curry and stew mix is so versatile, you just need to cut up some vegetables or meat and cook with it.

Some even come with everything you need, and all you need to do is just to cook your rice, dunk the packet into hot water, pour it over and tuck in. They have some funky flavours like cheese curry, who could have thought there is camerbert curry in this world, only Japanese can think of these creative concoction!

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Ochatsuke

And of course they have the furikake powder with bits of seafood, fish flakes, sesame, seaweeds, those you can just sprinkle on some steming hot rice, better even pour some hot green tea over it for an authentic quick japanese meal.

Frozen desserts is another highlight, I see many people gathering around the cold storage and checking out the frozen desserts they have, actually there are quite a lot of varieties as well, like cream puffs, cheese cakes, ice creams, some of them comes in small packaging, so you can buy quite a few flavors at one go.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Chips

I personally always check out the chips section during food fairs, because I like to see what kind of new alternate flavors they have. And Hokkaido fair usually do not disappoint me. I managed to score 4 different flavors this time.

 You will be so tempted to get all the flavors they have, on average each package cost between $1.90 – $3.90. And on the packaging, they will write in Japanese that it is limited edition usually to the seasons in Japan.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Miso Butter Potato Chips

So far, I have tried out the miso butter potato chips, these are products which you just can’t find in our local chips brands, what I like about Japanese potato chips is not just about their variety, but also they creativity.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Miso Butter Potato Chips Inside

Like this miso butter, every chips is coated with the aroma of buttery flavor and the a hint of saltiness from the miso flavor, marriage of this two flavors resulted in a light addictive snack which will not left you feeling greasy after polishing them.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Miso Butter Potato Chips Close Up

Other flavors that I got was roasted corn which I have tried in Japan, and also lightly salted flavors.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Roasted Corn Flavor Chips

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Mild Salt Chips

Can’t wait to try them out.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Salt Chips

In my other posts, you should have read about the opening of the Hokkaido Satelite shop in Meidiya too, I went over there to check out their products, which are bascially from different parts of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Hokkaido Satellite Shop

It is just a small shop located at the side entrance of the supermarket, just next to the food stalls. But they do carry a decent amount of Hokkaido products, which include frozen items as well.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Satellite shop goodies

I saw these Hokkaido sweet beans, which I love, these beans are usually eaten during Japan New Year, and are full of flavors. I truly recommend it to those who have a sweet tooth. Tiny morsels of goodness that are big in flavours.

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Sweet Beans

Hokkaido Fair 2011 Meidiya Sweet Beans Close up

I have yet to try it out, but I am sure it is worth the $12 I paid for it. It comes with 3 kinds of beans, and I am planning to make a dessert that involve vanilla ice cream with these beans or eat it on its own like a side dish 🙂

Food Fair Event : Hokkaido Fair 2011 at Meidiya Japanese Supermarket Liang Court

Locations : 177 River Valley Road #B1 – 50, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030

Nearest MRT Station : Clark Quay

Business Hour : 10am – 10pm

Date : 18 November 2011 – 29 November 2011

Meidiya also has many other Festive items available now, do check them out too. 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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