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I got this groupon to try out Mexican food at the new mexican joint at Concorde hotel, well technically this place does not belong under Concorde but rather it is situated at the food court just beneath the hotel.

Did a bit of images searching to find how’s the food is but strangely enough I couldn’t find any even the website is under construction so I ll just see how it goes 🙂

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

My husband with some Hispanic background loves his Mexican food and with this voucher, he was insistent to go even when he has the cold so I would say he has higher expectation on it than me.

Prior to going, we have made a reservation and the staff asked if we were using the groupon voucher, fair enough. they were all very cheery over the phone and called out hola amigos which in Spanish means hello friends whenever they picked up the phone.

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

Right at the corner, you can see the place once you enter the food court. A small outlet with a bar counter, a large pool table where another family is playing.

This place can sit about 50 pax. And when we reached I was quite surprised that the staff stopped us And will only let us in after showing them the groupon voucher. Ok don’t get me wrong, I feel people who buy vouchers to dine at the place is looking for a deal at the same time trying something new but if I were to know they will make it a point to differentiate you among non groupon holders, then they probably have put their priority really wrong.

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

Even staff were nice and cheerful but that icky feeling just kind of ruin the beginning part of the excitement of trying out a new place.

Anyway for the food, it is simple Mexican fare with staples which any Mexican food places should have. Prices hover around $10 – $20 , pretty good price for mexican food. Ifyou want to check out the price list, I have it at the bottom of the post. 🙂

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

We ordered Beef Fajitas (pronounced as Fa-He-Tas) with extra tortilla wraps at $0.50 per pc.

Comes sizzling hot on an iron plate, looks more like zhi char black pepper beef actually, serve with 3 pcs of tortilla and some lettuce with cheese and salsa. Tortilla looks and taste like home made with a rather chewy texture, my mum find it a bit too chewy but my son and I still gobbled up.


Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

The beef was not very tender with strips of green red and yellow, peppers. But what made us so puzzled is just how bland the food are. The beauty if mexican food is the ever roburst flavour which at every bite feels like a mini mexican carnival in your mouth. Even though it looks quite promising. My husband has to request salt which we do not use during dining outside…

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

Chicken Nachos – comes with generous toppings of grilled chicken but again very bland (I wonder if they ran out of salt actually) the nachos was deep fried so it is rather greasy, and not really something I can eat a lot of when I usually can polish a plate with no problem. The only thing that can add a little spark to it is my trusty old friend Tabasco. 🙂

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

Chicken Quesadilla (Pronouce as Kay-sa-dee-ya) , this is among the best of the dishes we tried at this restaurant. Okay it is rather chunky compared to others I have eaten and a couple of pieces you will feel kind of heavy but still it is pretty okay to our standard. Of course no comparison to Iguanas which have one of the best quesadilla I have tried in Singapore.

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

Beef Burritos which is my husband’s usual order, comes with fillings of Mexican rice, pinto beans, cheese and beef slices. The tortilla wrap as it had been toasted is tasty but the fillings was under cooked. My husband said it was the beans but I think it is the rice, and how I hope the cheese could have melted, the burrito to me actually tasted rather under cooked.

Again it was difficult for him to finish it because it was just so bland?? The mini bowl of salsa is good though, a little fiery and tangy, I use this on the Quesadilla instead. 🙂

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

One thing though the staff was really nice and kept checking on us if we are alright and also brought a set of cutlery for my son. This is actually the first time that I see children cutlery comes in full set, that means there is the plastic knife and needless to say my son was fascinated by it and that kept him quiet for a while. No comments if it is necessary a good thing to give to a kid but good to know kids cutlery comes with knife :p

Hola Amigos at Concorde Hotel

All in all, if you can see passed the bland food and also the groupon voucher “special welcome service”. I suppose you can try it out as you can have a taste of Mexican food at affordable price. Bring your own seasoning at your own discretion haha 🙂


  • Soup of the day $5.00
  • Buffalo Amigo Wings N/A
  • Chili’s Terlingua Chili $5.90
  • Amigo Classic Nachos / Chix $13.90 / Beef $14.90
  • Mini Chimichangas / Chix $7.90 / Beef $8.90
  • Bottomless Tosatada Chips$5.90
  • Skillet Queso $5.90
  • Quesadillas / Chix $14.90 / Beef $15.90
  • Additional Guacamole $2


  • Caesar Salad / Chix $14.90 / Shrimp $17.90
  • Boneless Buffalo Chicken $15.90
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad $15.90


  • Chicken Wings $14.90
  • Onion Rings $11.90
  • Taco Chix $15.90 / Beef $16.90
  • Quesadillas / Chix $14.90 / Beef $15.90
  • Chimichanga Chix $15.90 / Beef $16.90
  • Enchillada / Chix $15.90 / Beef $16.90
  • Burritos / Chix $16.90 / Beef $17.90
  • Fajita / Chix $24.90 / Beef $26.90 / Prawn $29.90


  • Paloma / Esalada in a cup / Adios Amigo / Jalisco Ale 5pm – 10pm $7.90 / 10pm – Close $11.90
  • The Alarm Clock / Sweet Dinner Surprise / Sex in the Desert / Mexican Sling 5pm – 10pm $8.90 / 10pm – Close $12.90


  • Archipelago Mug / Pint / Jug 5pm – 10pm $7.90/$9.90/$29.90 / 10pm – Close $11.90/$13.90/$39.90
  • Tiger Pint / Jug  5pm – 10pm $7.90/$24.90 / 10pm – Close $10.90 / $32.90
  • Guinness Stout Draught Pint 5pm – 10pm $11.90 / 10pm – Close $15.90
  • Corona Bottle / Bucket – 5pm – 10pm $8.90 / $34.90 / 10pm – Close $11.90/$39.90


  • Vrigin Margaritas (Strawberry / Mango / Peach) / Shirley Tmeple / Green Fairy  / Governor Smile


  • Cappuccino / Lattee / Espresso / Double Espresso / Regular Coffee / Milk / Add Espress Shot ($1.00)


  • English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Lemon Ginger Mint / Chamomile Dream / Pearl of the Orient / Osmanthus Sencha / Nymph of the nile / White Ginger Lily

JUICES $2.90

  • Orange / Apple / Lime / Grapefruit / Mango / Pineapple / Cranberry

SODA (1REFILL) $2.90

  • Coke / Sprite / Tonic Schweppes / Schweppes Ginger Ale / Ice Tea / Coke Light / A&W

As for me rather Hola Amigos, I guess it is Hasta La Vista baby  🙂

Happy dining!


Locations : 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel #01-10 Singapore 238840

Tel : 62350052

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