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The Blooming Japan Spring Season is all here right now at Isetan Scotts, all at the Spring Kyushu Fair. πŸ™‚

Now when you head over there, you will instantly be greeted by the lovely pinkish decor and poster which is everywhere right now at Isetan Scotts Japanese Supermarket. There will be more than 35 brands across various parts of Kyushu awaits you to explore.

Japan Spring Kyushu Fair at Isetan Scotts

As you know I am a big fan of food fair, and my weakness is especially in Japanese foodfair. If you have read my other post about Japan Spring Food Fair, you will have by now thinking whether you will want to head over there to check it out.

Why not check out what’s in store for you at your own home and prepare your shopping list first then you head down. πŸ™‚

In every major Japanese food fair, there will always be Chinmi (珍味), which is Literally means “rare flavour” in Japanese. These are usually local delicacies like pickled fish roe. Over here at Spring Kyushu Fair, there are also a wide variety to choose from.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - Side dish

Of course, free samples is another attraction, you can try it all out before decide which one you like, I like to have these to go with plain porridge or white rice, very appetizing indeed!

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - chinmi

There are also stores which sell and give free samples of all natural Japanese red tea. They recommended the Loquat Tea Shop, Koyodo from Miyazaki Loquat Leaf & Seed, which is said to be an effective natural medicine since ancient time, is being used to cure cancer. free from use of pesticides, all natural. πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - biwa tea

At this fair, I don’t see any promotions of meat items, besides the usual discounted Australian karubi beef, and of course a small sector of wagyu beef are also in promotion, but I think they are not from the Kyushu fair.

Japan Gourmet Fair

I was very tempted to the ready scoop miso paste too, great for miso soup fans, you can always use the miso paste for soup, stews, or marinates or even grill items. πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - japanese miso

This is a bumping store, ramen! One pack cost about +/-$10, they were giving out so many free samples of noodles, and you can see customers standing around slurping the really fragrant soup and chewy ramen noodles. Smell so nice!

There is also eat in Hakata Ramen, Menou from Fukuoka, their selling point is using selected parts of chicken bones and are boiled thoroughly with high quality kelp stock which gives this really rich ramen soup. πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - ramen

Another counter of delicious food, this time it is gyoza and also siew mai, japanese style, large morsels of ingredients packed dumplings, the staff was very generous and nice and offer large pieces of samples for customers to taste before buying, saw quite a few people bought several packs.

A little pricy for me, but tasted really nice. Great for a quick add on to your lunch or dinner menu.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - siew mai and gyoza

There is also Furikake, which is rice seasoning, this is powder or flakes of fish, roe, etc. The combination is endless, you can get plum, seaweed, seafood and various flavours, over here, you can get and taste out samples of rice seasoning powder on rice.

There are also dried salted salmon, I recommend this, because last visit to the Japanese food fair, I did buy some and it tasted wonderful, great combination with plain porridge, salty yet so tasty!

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - rice seasoning and salted salmon

Sushi is of course a highlight in every Japanese food fair, gorgeous plumb looking sashimi, so hard to resisit, got a few packs home too.Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - sushi

Freshly fried croquette, price between $2.50 to $4, various flavour, if I am not wrong, buy 5 get 1 free, or perhaps 4, either way, there is also a queue for it. There is this fish fried which looks very interesting too. πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - croquette

Unagi in action! πŸ™‚ They have eel on rice, bento and also just al carte eel for sale.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - unagi rice

They are freshly grilled at the fair too.Β  All courtesy from Kawasen Roasted Eel Shop, which is from Kumamoto Kawasen’s Eel made in Kyushu. I wonder if they are very fluffy and tasty just like how authentic unagi is, drizzle with the secret recipe soya sauce, heavenly~

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - grilled unagi

I am always a fan of pickles, yup, those crunchy pieces of preserved vegetables, and Japan is like China and Korea, huge huge variety of pickles available, over here at this fair, they have the takuwan which is radish pickles, and also radish dressing as well.

I really like radish dressing because it is low fat and taste so well with salad, grill meat or even cold soba too. πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - pickles

Beverage is abundance here, from fruity vinegar

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - fruit juice and vinegar

To bottle juices from japan and also a vareity of sake, they even have samples for sake to try, party time anyone? πŸ™‚

 Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - fruit juice

Comes to seafood, this is similar to the Hokkaido Fair which I mentioned last time, there are many soy sauce based seafood stew, like scallops, clams, fishes, and also many fried items like baby crabs and all sorts of seafood.Β  Great add on to your dinner.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - stewed seafood

And when it comes to sweets or desserts, most people know Japan is world renouched famous for their limitless creation. I checked out the sweets they have, as it is a Spring food fair, the palate will be lighter, so you can see like jellies, swiss roll, or some pan cakes.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - japanese sweets

There are also traditional japanese sweets, which is the warabi mochi, mochi coated with soya powder, very healthy japanese snack and of course, taste great too.

 Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - cake and warabi cake

There are also a variety of cakes available, one you can see is just right at the entrance, which has this huge banner says pan pudding. They also sell orange cake too and soft cone ice cream too. Little one’s favourite alerts πŸ™‚

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - orange cake

Other japanese snack available is like this sugar coating sweet potato, which is daigaku imo, these are deep fried japanese sweet potato and then coat with sugar or without.

Japanese students usually eat this or Deep fried pork chop when they have their exams, haha.. this signifies success in their studies, and passing of exams.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - sweet potato

Just right outside, there are also very adorable Japanese cartoon mask and latterns. I was so tempted to get one for my son, because the lattern was so small and cute!

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - children toys

What’s more, if the toys didn’t tempt you, the aroma from takoyaki (octopus balls)Β and okonomiyaki (japanese pancake)

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - okonomiyaki

All are freshly made, and the color contrast and aroma from it is so drool worthy!

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - takoyaki

There are also entertainment awaits, japanese drum live performance just right outside Isetan Scotts entrance.

Japan Kyushu Fair at Isetan - performance

So now, there are food, beverages, samples, toys, and also live performance, it is such a great outing with your family to this Spring Kyushu Fair.

Before I forget there, there are many promotions, because it is Isetan 40th Anniversary, and there are a lot of specials just for you.Β  πŸ™‚

  • Stand a change to win a price with a min purchase of $50 in a single receipt on the single day on Spring Fair Products.

Special Prize

  • A pair of ANA air ticket to Fukuoka (via Tokyo) * T&C applies

Daily Draw Prizes

  1. 1st Prize : A meal voucher (Chikuyotei in Inter Continental Hotel) (1 per day)
  2. 2nd Prize : SOHO Japanese wagyu beef from Kagoshima BBQ Set (1 per day)
  3. 3rd Prize : Hirashima Sushi family set (2 per day)
  4. 4th Prize : Japanese Rice “Hinohikari” from Saga 2 Kg (3 per day)
  5. 5th Prize : Amaou Strawberry from Fukuoka 1 pack (4 per day)
  6. 6th Prize : Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) from Kyushu Fair (20 per day)


Locations : Isetan Scotts Japanese Supermarket

Date : 14 Mar 2012 – 26 Mar 2012

Happy Shopping!

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