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If you are somebody who can just live on bread, you probably know Maison Kayser at Scott Square by now. 🙂

Maison Kayer is one of the many new bakery sprouting everywhere in Singapore. When I first hear about Kayser Maison, I already know I have to go and try out their breads.

Maison Kayser Bread

Their breads, pastries and brioches are made with the help of a special machine designed by Eric Kayser, so top quality is ensured. On the day I went there, there were many Caucasians, especially French, so I know I am in good hands. 🙂

Maison Kayser Bread

Right at the Scott Square basement, just next to the escalator, where you can sit about 20 over pax. There are a constant stream of foreigners dropping by to get their bag worth of artisan breads.

Maison Kayser Bread at Scotts Square

You can have your cup of freshly brewed coffee and tea and watch the world goes by. 🙂

Maison Kayser Bread at Scotts Square

Now back to the bread, they have a huge variety to choose from, but what I like about them is that many of the flavors I have never tried before.

Maison Kayser Bread

Besides breads, they also sell pastries and cakes too.

Maison Kayser Bread

And of course where can you get the best baguette besides french bakery 🙂

Maison Kayser Bread

Other items inclue eclair, salads, quiche, muffins, best to share among with your families and friends and just chill out there.

Maison Kayser Bread
Cookies and madeleines is also something you won’t miss, just right in front of you while you make your payment, oh so tempting.

Maison Kayser Bread

Their drinks menu include :


  • Cafe $4.80
  • Express $4.80
  • Double Express $6.70
  • Cafe au Lait $6.70
  • Cappuccino $6.70
  • Cafe Glace $6.70


  • Dimbula Ceylon Tea $6.40
  • Darjeeling $6.40
  • Masala Chai $6.40
  • Earl Grey $6.40
  • The Glace $6.40

The de herbe

  • Lemongrass & Verbena Blend $6.40
  • Mint & Rose Blend $6.40
  • Rose & Lavender Blend  $6.40
  • Chamomile & Cinnamon Blend  $6.40
  • Rosehip & Rose Blend  $6.40
  • Ginger Lemon Blend  $6.40

Boisson non alcoolisee

  • Coca-Cola $3.00
  • Sprite $3.30
  • Jus d’ogange $3.30
  • Jus de pomme $3.30
  • Natural Mineral Water $2.80
  • Sparkling Mineral Water $3.00
  • Blueberry Tea $3.30
  • Tropical Juice $3.30

Maison Kayser Bread

Okay, now is the taste test, after spending over $30 on bread, which is a new record for me on breads, I have with me

  • Pain Aux Raisins Noix $3.18
  • The Orange $3.46
  • Ananas Coco $3.50
  • Croissant $2.43
  • Pain Aux Raisins $3.18
  • Petit Cannelle $1.59
  • Bichon Aux Citron $3.46
  • Eclair Chocolat $3.45

+ GST $1.97 ; total $30.05

Maison Kayser Bread

The first thought that went through my mind when I was holding the bag was how heavy it was! I was so surprise just how heavy breads can be, and I always remember my mother said good bread should be heavy, I don’t know if this applies to this thou.

Maison Kayser Bread
 The Pain Aux Raisins (Raisins Danish) was very good! flaky and flavourful, just the right amount of sweetness with the sweet bits of raisins in between bites.
Maison Kayser Bread
 The Ananas Coco which is flavoured with pineapple and coconut its, is like a hybrid between coconut scones and baguette (I know it sounds weird right?) but it is very unique in itself and tasted really good with just a little bit of butter smeared on it.

Maison Kayser Bread

The Orange which you can find little citrusy bits in the bread, tasted a little tangy and lightly sweet, by now, I was already pretty stuffed because the bread was really filling, although the texture are a little chewy and can be hard at times, having it rebake in the oven is a much better choice, as it can showcase just how rustics these bread are, you will get to enjoy the tasty soft loaf with a thin crisp exterior.

One whiff and you will go all crazy over them. I suppose this taste like real artisan breads should be, like finding the perfections throught the imperfections. 🙂

The Pain Aux Raisins Noix which is the walnut bread is very dense and great with butter, rustic bread lovers will love it.

Maison Kayser Bread

My favourite however is the crossant which is so divine, buttery and flaky and light, and also  the Croissant Aux Amande, which is made with almond paste, I came across my first almond crossant when I bought it from the now defunct Mirabelle french bakery near Little India, and it surprised me how good almond taste was when you baked it with crossant, sinfully good indeed.

Here the almond paste only carries a little sweetness and rather on the actual croissant, it is enclosed in this piece of soft bread, slightly soggy because of the infused sweetness, but wonderful on the palate,

Chocolate Eclair comes in a decent size and at $3.45 I have no qualsm about it, it tasted just what an eclair should be, lovely custard cream enclosed in a soft casing of pastry. They actually have many other flavours of eclairs, some even come with lime green colors, I think I am still a little old school when it comes to eclair and will stick to chocolate instead. 🙂

Maison Kayser Bread

There also have small cards at the counter teaching you how to keep the bread fresh. For example :

How to Store Bread?

  • You can wrap the bread with saran wrap and put it in a zipper bag
  • For storage, keep the wrapped bread in the freezer. Temperature of the freezer should be set between -16degrees to 18degrees. If the freezer temperature is higher than -5degrees, the bread shelf life will be reduced. Bread should not be kept in the freezer for more than one week.

Maison Kayser Bread

Consuming Bread?

  • To eat the frozen bread, take it out of the freezer and let the bread thaw while heating the oven to 220degrees, then put in the thawed bread and heat for 2 – 3mins.
  • For Croissant – Set the oven to 180 degrees and put in the croissant for 1 or 2 mins, the croissant will become crisp again
  • For Baguette – Set the oven to 240degrees and and put the baguette in for 1 or 2 mins

I think I will try out their sandwich next round, because I spotted a few diners munching on it and it looks so nice with tuna and fresh greens in between two thick slices of toasted rustic toast. Yum.

Happy Snacking!


Locations : 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-09, Singapore 228209

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