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I was introduced to Lai Lai Causual Dining by one of my friends who is very keen in Taiwanese cuisine, and he recommended me the beef noodles here as he find this is one of the better ones he can find in Singapore and the pricing is very affordable too.

So far I have tried their beef noodles, braised pork rice, mee sua and bubble tea. I personally didn’t like the beef noodles as I prefer clear soup, however, I love their braised pork rice and mee sua.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

Their set menu is very affordable, think 1 Main + 1 Side + 1 Drink just only set you back between $12.50 – $13.50 with ample portion to share, so on and off, I will frequent them if I want to have some golden deep fried eggplant with pork floss or Taiwanese crispy chicken.

During one of my weekend marketing at Fairprice Xtra at Nex, I was planning to bring my son to have some blueberry pancakes at KFC before shopping however my mum and me wanted something a little more oriental.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

Adn to our delight, Lai Lai Casual Dining has came up with a Weekend Morning Menu! And what’s even better, they have both western and Taiwanese menu. Awesome 🙂

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

Their breakfast is priced at pretty affordable pricing too, hovering around $6++ for 1 set, and they even have kids menu which is a great start to an energizing weekend. 🙂

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

Their regular breakfast menu include :

  • A) Omelette Set – Egg Omelette with Chicken Sausage & Hashbrown & Baked Beans or Coleslaw $6.90++
  • B) Pancake Set – Pancake with Chicken Sausage & Hasbrown & Baked Beans or Coleslaw $6.50++
  • C) Sunny Side-Up Eggs Set – Suny side-up Eggs with Chicken Sauage & Hashbrown & Baked Beans or Coleslaw $6.50++
  • D) Claypot Porridge Set – Claypot Porridge with Chinese Donut (choice of Chicken / Pork / Century Egg & Top up $0.50 for additional egg) $5.90++
  • E) Cong Jua Bing Set – Cong Jua Bing with Egg & Coleslaw (Choice of 1 Topping Ham / Cheese / Pork Floss or Pineapple & Top up $1 for additional 1 topping)  $5.50++
  • F) Claypot Vermicelli Set – Clayport vermicelli served piping hot with Chinese donut (Choice of 1 Toppings Pig Intestine / Pork Meatball or Shredded Chicken & Top up $1 for additional 1 topping) $5.50++

* Served with Beverage-In-A-Bottle (Milk/Fruit Juice/Iced Coffee/Bubble Tea) or Hot Coffee / Tea with 2nd refill

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

As for Kids Menu :

  • A) Little Pancake with Scramble Eggs and French Toast $4.90++
  • B) Kids Toast with Scramble Eggs (Choice of fillings Banana with chocolate / Pork Floss with Mayonnaise / Blueberry / Ham & Cheese with Lettuce (Mayonnaise & Tomato Sauce) $4.50++
  • C) Chicken Sausage with Hashbrown and Scramble Eggs $4.50++
  • D) Little Pancake with Hashbrown and Sunny Side-up Eggs $4.90++

* Breakfast set comes with Beverage-In-A-Bottle. Choice of beverages of Plain Milk / Strawberry Milk / Fruit Juice or Blackcurrant (Hot/Cold)

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

As you probably would have guessed, my son will definitely go for the adorable pancakes. 😉

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

And not the kiddo size one, he want the regular adult portion one! haha..

Anyway, we settled for 1 Claypot Vermicelli Set & 1 Cong Jua Bing Set & 1 Kids Pancake Set. 🙂

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

My son was promptly served with kids cutlery and this oh so adorable Blackcurrant in a small bottle too. What I like about this place is that it gave me an option to choose either cold or hot drink, and as I seldom give my son cold drinks, this hot blackcurrant is just what I was looking for.

I chosed Bubble Tea for my set, while the other one was just plain coffee. The bubble tea comes in a large bottle and so different from the other tea bag hot tea that I usually have. Yum.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

Now to the Claypot Vermicelli Set, it didn’t disappoint me at all, so nice to find something piping hot and savory for the weekend breakfast, if you want something filling, this might not be able to fill up your tummy, however it will satisfy your belly and kick start the weekend just fine.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

The claypot comes with 2 pieces Chinese Donut, which is just practically fried dough. I was quite suprised by how good the combination is. The silky and savory mee sua married perfectly with the fresh fried dough. I was happy with it. Even the fried dough tasted like freshly fried, crispy on the outside & pillowy inside. It is definitely a far cry from those overnight ones you sometimes get from hawker center or shops that sell tua suan dessert.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

And TA-TA, comes my son’s pancake set! Okay, I know what you are thinking, how come the pancakes look so different from the picture!? Yup that’s exactly what we were thinking too, even my 3 year old son said “mama no mouth” . 😛

Oh well, I guess they might just need to improve a little on it. But nevertheless, for $4.90++, you get 2 french toast, 2 pancakes and scramble eggs with drinks, it is still a good deal.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

I also like how they have all the sauces and condiments ready at the table, so my son can unleash the little artist in him and squeezing condiments bottle after bottle. You know how kids will tend to finish their meal when they have worked for it. That’s how it is. 🙂

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

There are honey, chocolate, tomato and chilli sauce available on all tables, and so much more convenient as it is all bottled up, so you won’t have pour out way too much of ketchup with the slip of hand.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

My son loves the pancakes, and the eggs, pancakes comes in rather thin layer, although I like mine to be in a thicker stack, this is suitable for kids, as they can even hold and much on it. French toast is a little off, I find it a little soggy, and absence of the egg flavour. Scramble eggs are good, and is well done, which is suitable for kids.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

See the above pic, and you will know how much fun my son have. 🙂

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

And now for the Cong Jua Bing, which is Taiwanese crepe with fillings. Or for me I would think it is eggs fillings wrapped in roti prata. It is served with a side of coleslaw and also some sauce which taste kind of like a hybrid of teriyaki and sweet sauce.

I like their coleslaw a lot, I have not eaten such tasty coleslaw in a long time. I like coleslaw that does not have a very edgy cabbage taste, this version is a little bit more runny, but the cabbage and carrots are already infused with the mayo and every bite has this sweet crunch to it. Love it.

Lai Lai dining breakfast menu

For the crepe, it is well executed which is crispy and perfectly flaky, however the fillings is a little blend even though I ordered cheese fillings, I guess that’s why they have a side sauce for it. I still find it taste better with the coleslaw on it and you chomp down both at the same time. 🙂

All in all, satisfying meal and I know I will be back for more mee sua action. So perhaps you can try it out this weekend and kick start a good weekend to. 🙂

Happy Dining!


Date : Weekends Only

Locations : 23 Serangoon Central Nex B1-30/31 Sigapore 556083
Tel : 66344808
Operating Hours : 1030am – 1030pm daily / Breakfast start at 9am

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