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I was at Loco Spanish Tapas Bar at Boat Quay over the weekend, armed with again new found voucher that I got online few days back. My husband and I are Tapas fan, but we seldom go to have Tapas as it can get really pricey, and the portion can be quite small, especially if you go with drinks.

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar at Boat Quay - The Feast

And especially for Tapas, they usually in ala carte order (which easily set you back $40 – $80 per pax with drinks), so it is pretty hard to find a place which serve buffet style too. So I was really all hyped up and pretty much estatic when I spotted this voucher offer online on Loco Tapas 🙂

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar at Boat Quay

And even my husband who is the quiet one whenever I bring him out for voucher meal, was all excited about this promotion. Because it came with free flow of ice tea and sodas. 🙂

Loco in Spanish means Crazy, haha.. so Crazy Spanish Tapas Bar, let’s just see how crazy it can get.

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar at Boat Quay Reviews - Garlic Prawns

Okay, back to Loco Tapas, it features a 40 seat first floor area with both indoors & outdoors patio, a river front bar that serve up tantalising spanish cuisine.

The voucher said it is a pre opening grand offer so I am pretty excited to see what they can offer, of course, I am also as usual can be a little skeptical on the service and food quality because it is coupon deal.

Loco Spanish Tapas Poster

Oh well, nothing much to loose, I am paying $15 for $35 value.

The service staff was so nice, and really service with a smile and eager to serve. I was initially unsure how to order because we were only given a piece of ordering sheet, and wonder how I could order my second round, and he was happy to explain to me how it works, and each order comes with a new order sheet.

Loco Tapas - Ala Carte Buffet Menu

Serving was really quick and once we were seated, we were already being asked what drinks we like, Ice Tea / Sprite / Coke. Comes in a small glass, so you might have to refill it quite often, however every time we ask for refill, the staff was more than willing to do so, guess they just make me a convert that voucher meal can be of an excellent experiece. 🙂

List on the menu include :

Loco Tapas - Seafood Soup

Seafood soup – excellent seafood fragrant, with bits of seafood in it, tangy and flavouful with a hint of smoky flavour to it, love that they did not plan to stuff you with soup, so the soup comes in half serving, so you still try out many dishes. 🙂

Loco Spanish Tapas - Basket of Bread

Basket of Bread – soft loaf which goes well with the soup, pillowy, my son likes it a lot


House Salad

Loco Tapas - Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad – mini slices of salmon, salad greens was fresh, salmon was a little bit fishy thou, it will be great if they drizzle some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Loco Tapas - Ceasar Salad

Ceasar Salad – Ceasar salad dressing is delicious with chicken bits, good to down some after many meat dishes.

Ceasar Salad + Chicken / Ceasar Salad + Salmon

<Cold Cuts>

Loco Tapas - Marinated Mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms – juicy mushrooms, really flavourful with generous olive oil and herbs drizzle over it, the aromatic olive oil bring out the earthiness of the mushrooms, great appetizer 🙂

Loco Tapas - Marinated Salmon

Marinated salmon – Goes very well with the Olives, and great to pair up with the capers.

Loco Tapas - Marinated Olives

Marinated Olives – one of my favourite! generous portion, and I just snack along the way with other dishes. Whet my appetite for so many more dishes to come. 🙂 Great to have a glass of white wine with it.

Loco Tapas - Tables

All the tables are designed in a unique way, definitely spice up your Spanish Tapas experience.


Loco Tapas - Garlic Prawns

Garlic Shrimps – Fragrant shrimps with garlic flavour and quite addictive, if they have deshelled the prawns, I can probably able to polish many plates in one seating.

Loco Tapas - Bacon Shrimp

Bacon Shrimps – Smoky flavoured bacon wrapped around shrimps is most people favourite. Only thing I can be picky of is the prawn tail shell which hinders us to gobble up the whole thing. 🙂

Loco Tapas - Fried Calamari Rings

Calamares Fritos (Fried Calamari Rings) – succulent tender squid coated with crispy bread crumbs coating, tasty but it serve with regular mayo, if tartar sauce, then it will be perfecto.

Loco Tapas - Fried Fish Fritters

Deep Fred Fish Fritters – My son likes it, so did we, no fishy taste at all, and flaky on the side, while the bread crumb coating was crispy and light.

Loco Tapas - Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings – I am not so much of a fan for these chicken wings thou, perhaps a min or two more on the grill will be better, not as flavourful as it look.

Chicken Croquettes (Dinner)

Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Loco Tapas - Paprika Chicken

Paprika Chicken – Like this dish a lot, although simple, but the capsicum and paprika flavour goes so well with the tender chicken pieces, the gravy goes so well with the bread too!

Loco Tapas - The Feast 2

Rack of Lamb – it comes iwth one piece of lamb, but you can cut it into a few pieces, grilled perfectly with a peppery sauce, love the sauce, and there is no gamey taste nor smell on the lamb.

Loco Tapas - Sauteed Beef Cubes

Salpicado – Beef Cubes – One of my husband favourite, tender beef cubes with really fragrant garlic pieces, cooked perfectly, we ordered twice for this that is how good it is.

Meatballs (Dinner)

Loco Tapas - Skewer Beef & Pork

  • Skewer Pork – not very tender nor flavourful, nothing much to shout about
  • Skewer Beef – tasty and tender, less the garlic flavour from above
  • Skewer Chicken
  • Skewer Lamb

Grilled Esparagus in Ham (Dinner)

Loco Tapas - Sauteed Mushroom

Sauteed Mushrooms – mushrooms and garlic always goes well together, and this is nothing less. 🙂

Loco Tapas - Stuffed Mushroom

Stuffed Mushrooms – mushrooms stuffed with bits of vegetables like capsicum and onions. Tangy and morsels of goodness, just pop into the mouth and filled with both earthiness from the mushroom and tomato tanginess.

Loco Tapas - Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas (Potatoes with tangy tomato sauce & mayo) – it taste like taco sauce over fried potato chips actually, with generous serving of mayo, this can be a bit heavy but great with beer definitely.

Loco Tapas - Patatas Probes

Patatas Pobres (Poor Men Potatoes cubes with capsicum) – I personally like this a lot, although it is very filling, the potatoes are so fragrant with the garlic onions and capsicum gravy. Although it is fried, but it is light at the same time.

Loco Tapas - Egg Omelette

Tortilla – spanish omelette, layers of potatoes slices enveloped with eggs omelette, it taste like a savory omelette but with very filling. If only there is tabasco,ah…

Chorizo (Dinner)

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar Menu


Loco Tapas - Fidua Valenciana

Fidua Valenciana (Seafood Pasta) – This dish is probably one of the best we have, my husband who is not a fan of seafood pasta, was woofing down this once he has a taste of it. It tasted something like mee goreng actually, haha.. tantalising treat to round off the meal, andwith generous serving of seafood too! How I wish it is paella, I think this will be great too. 🙂

Loco Tapas - Fidua Negra

Fidua Negra (Squid Ink Pasta) – ah.. none of us was fan of this really. Even thou I will occasionally eat Squid Ink Pasta, this just taste like.. squid ink, I couldn’t taste any fragrant seafood flavour to it. A bit disappointed on this.

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar River Scenery

I like how it is along Boat Quay, my son can just see the boat pass by and entertain himself, and because we were there after rain, it was so breezy, the ceiling fan also helps. 🙂

<Postres – Desserts>

Loco Tapas - Churros

Churros – End of a sweet note with churros is a must have, this one comes with warm chocolate sauce, I find the churros was a little soggy to my likings, but the cinamon powder still goes well with it, and dip into chocolate sauce, of course this instantly became my son’s favourite. 🙂

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar at Boat Quay

Overall, I am really satisfied with the food, at $15 coupon deal, this is way over my expectation, even my husband and mum were very happy with the meal.

In fact, I think if I were to pay $35 to buy this meal, it is still really worth the money especially ifyou gather some friends and enjoy each other’s company with good food and drinks. Of course the service with a smile is a big draw too 🙂

If you are interested to see how their regular menu and pricing is, I have here for you too. 🙂

Sopa ( Soup )

  • Gazpacho 6.00 – Refreshing Vegetable Soup for a Sunny Day
  • Sopa De Pescado y Marisco 8.00 – Prawns, Squid, Fish, Mussel and Clams Cooked in our Chef’s Homemade Seafood Broth
  • Pan con Aioli 5.00 – A Basket of Bread with Homemade Aioli

Ensaladas ( Salad )

  • Ensalada de la Casa 10.00 – Mixed Greens with Kiwi, Orange and Walnut
  • Ensalada de Salmón 14.50 – Mixed Greens with Smoked Salmon
  • Ensalada del Cesar 10.50 – Poached Egg, Crispy Bacon, Croutons, Freshly Shaved Parmesan Cheese in our Chef’s Homemade Dressing
  • Add…Smoked Salmon 4.50 Roasted Chicken 3.00

Cortes Frios ( Cold Cuts )

  • Setas Escabechadas 8.50 – Marinated Mushrooms
  • Salmón Marinado 12.50 – Marinated Salmon
  • Aceitunas con Ajos 5.00 – Marinated Olives with Garlic
  • Jamon Serrano 18.00 – Dry-cured Spanish Ham
  • Tabla de Quezo 16.50 – Assorted Cheese Platter
  • Tabla Loco 21.00 – Jamon Serrano and Assorted Cheese Platter

Tapas Calientes ( Hot Tapas )

  • Gambas al Ajillo 14.00 – Shrimps Sauteed in Garlic and Olive Oil
  • Olla Gambas Frita Envuelta Con Tocino 13.00 – Pan Fried Prawns Wrapped With Bacon
  • Calamares Fritos 12.00 – Deep-Fried Battered Squid Rings with Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Calamares Rellenos 12.50 – Grilled Stuffed Squid
  • Buñuelos de Pescado Fritos 11.50 – Deep Fried Fish Fritters
  • Alas de Pollo Fritas 12.50 – Deep Fried Chicken Wings
  • Croquettas de Pollo 2.50 per piece – Chicken Croquettes
  • Pollo en Salsa de Setas 12.00 – Chicken Breast with Mushroom in Cream Sauce
  • Pimentón de Pollo 12.00 – Juicy Chicken in Paprika Sauce
  • Cordero al Ajo 7.50 (per piece) – Rack of Lamb Spiced with Garlic and Aromatic Herbs
  • Salpicado 15.00 – Beef Tenderloin Cubes Sauteed in Olive oil and Garlic
  • Albondigas ala Jardinera 12.00 – Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
  • Anticuchos (priced per piece) – Grilled Meat Skewers Marinated with Mediterranean Herbs
  • Choice of… Chicken 4.00 Beef 5.00 / Pork 4.00 Lamb 6.00
  • Espárragos a la Plancha con Jamón 14.00 – Grilled Asparagus wrapped with Ham
  • Champinon al Ajillo 9.50 – Sauteed Mushrooms and Garlic in Olive Oil
  • Champiñones Rellenos 9.50 – Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Patatas Bravas 8.00 – Fried Potatoes with Tomato Sauce
  • Patatas Pobres 8.50 – Slowly Fried Potatoes, Green Peppers and Onions
  • Tortilla Española 8.00 – Spanish Omelette
  • Chorizo Frito 9.00 – Pan Fried Chorizo in Olive Oil

Paella and Mains

  • Paella Valenciana 35.00 – A Signature Dish From Valencia with Chorizo, Chicken
  • Paella Negra 30.00 – Made with Squids & Squid Ink Sauce
  • Fideua Valenciana 35.00 – A Delicious and Typical Valencian Dish like the Paella, with Pasta instead of Rice
  • Fideua Negra 30.00 – Sauteed Pasta with Squid & Squid Ink Sauce

Postres ( Desserts )

  • PChurros con Chocolate 7.00 – repared the Traditional way served with a Home-Made Chocolate Sauce
  • Postres de la Casa – House Desserts


Location : 48 Boat Quay, Singapore 049837 (towards the middle of the Boat Quay stretch facing the Singapore river)

Tel : 65352841

Happy Dining!

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