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I guess many people know there is a Little Vietnam at Joo Chiat by now. 🙂 And when there is a Little Vietnam, you are bound to find a few gems there. 🙂

My colleagues have long been asking me to go with them to Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat, as it is good, cheap and authentic – what’s not to love right? 🙂

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Reaching there at 630pm was a good choice, the crowd has yet to set in as I heard this place is bumping with locals and vietnamese working along that area.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

This place just look like any other coffee shop or small restaurant, a little run down but I am there for the food, so no biggie for me. 🙂

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Brown wall laminating various pictures of the good food we can’t wait to try out.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Long Phung’s menu is fairly simple with pictures and the occasional funny spelling that you will find yourself giggling after reading it. Prices ranges from $5 – $12 for the dishes. For full listing of the menu, check out at the bottom of this post. 🙂

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

As a starter, you can never go wrong with Vietnamese spring roll ($6) . At Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant, they serve these freshly rice paper roll with a potent dipping sauce that is filled with chillis, crushed peanuts and pickles.

The rolls are fresh and tightly packed with rice noodles, lettuce and prawns, so you do not end up with a messy plate, and the sauce mixed with the pickles compliment to the plain yet fresh rolls.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Next is the mango salad ($6) , it is different from the Thai version that I use to eat, which is usually come with plain mangoes. Here you get sliced boiled pork with prawns, and generous amounts of fresh herbs. The tangy & sweetness tantalize every taste buds among us. I was even dipping the fresh spring roll into the balance sauce, so appetizing!Love this.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Next partner up with the fresh spring rolls ($6) , will be the deep fried version, which is filled with yams, mushrooms, the deep fried vietnamese skin is not the same kind they use for the fresh roll, it is the netted kind, where you can sometimes find at Zi Char place for prawn rolls.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Dipped into the tangy chilli sauce, the sweet & sour combination instantly rid off any greasy after flavor of it.

As for the sides, we also ordered the popular Fried chicken wings with fish sauce ($8). Golden chicken wings with freshly fried crispy skin. I personally find this dish just okay as I could not taste the fish sauce, but it was perfectly fried with a slight hint of savoriness, and serve piping hot, I have no complains. Great pairing with beer for sure.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

And then comes the Star of the Vietnamese celebration. The long waited Rare beef rice noodles, at just $5.50, it comes in a very good portion, just nice for one, so that you can enjoy other dishes.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Generous amount of herbs and tender beef slices. Slight rare, when it simmered further in the hot soup, the tenderness just get even better.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

It is truly like a rustic authentic Vietnamese beef noodles, the soup has this hint of sweetness which is more distinct than other places I have tried, but if you add dashes of fresh lime which is available on the table with some chopped chillis. The sweetness will dissipate and you end up with a very wholesome flavorful broth, perfect harmony in every mouthful.

The silky soft rice noodles, with crunchy bean sprouts, paired with the freshness of the herb and the tender beef slices all at $5.50, I would say is a rare find. One thing though, we did experience thirst after we went home and did down a lot of water, so I guess that is probably one of the reason why it tasted so good.

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Over here you cannot find any dessert menu but end it with a sweet aromatic ice vietnamese coffee ($2.50), is probably all it takes to round up the meal. 🙂

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

This is the after math of our wonderful Vietnamese meal at Long Phung, I am sure your turn will just look exactly like ours. 🙂

Long Phung Vietnamese Food at Joo Chiat

Oh, while walking along the street to 112 katong after my dinner, I saw so many bakery stalls, it can be good time to check that out when you there too. 🙂


  • Rare beef steak noodle soup $5.50
  • Well done beef’s brisket noodle soup $5.50
  • Chicken noodle soup $5.50
  • Special noodle soup $6.50
  • PhnomPenh Noodle Soup $5.50
  • Noodle & a Small Bowl Soup $6.50
  • Chicken Noodle Soup $5.50
  • Shrimp Noodle Soup $6
  • Spicy Beef stew noodle soup $5.50
  • Beef & pork leg rice noodle soup $6
  • Noodle soup hotpot $5.50
  • Salted fish rice noodle soup $5.50
  • Vermicelli & sour crab soup $6
  • Duck bamboo shoot rice noodle soup $6
  • Chicken Bamboo shoot rice noodle soup $5.50
  • Grilled pork with rice noodle $6
  • Seafood Vermicelli soup $5.50
  • Chicken Bamboo shoot vemicelli soup $5.50
  • Duck bamboo shoot vermicelli soup $6
  • Offal vermicelli soup $5.50
  • Shrimp Vermicelli soup $5.50
  • Chicken Vermicelli soup $5.50


  • Steamed thin rice pancake $6
  • Rice with stewed pork & egg $5
  • Rice with cutlet & omelet $6
  • Rice with chicken & omelete $5.50
  • Rice with cutlet $6
  • Rice with braise fish $6
  • Fried rice with seafood $5.50
  • Steamed rice $1
  • Spicy beef stew steamed rice $5.50
  • Beef fried steamed rice $6
  • Seafood fried steamed rice $7


  • Stir fried water spinach with garlic $6
  • Green Mango $5
  • French Fries $5
  • Vietnamese spring rolls (small / big) $6 / $9
  • Prawn roll (small / big) $6 / $9
  • Minced duck salad $10 – $17
  • Minced chicken salad $8 – $15
  • Papaya salad $5 – $10
  • Green mango salad $6 – $10


  • Stir fry zuzu with coconut $6
  • Stir fry zuzu with satay $6
  • Stir fry cockles with garlic $6
  • Stir fry cockles with tamarid $6
  • Stir fry cockles with satay $6
  • Gon gon $6 / $10
  • Shellfish steamed with ciltronella herb $6


  • Chicken Leg $6
  • Quails (3 pcs) $12
  • Stir fried chicken wings in fish sauce $8
  • Member fried chicken $8
  • Sweet & sour fried squid $10
  • Beef underdone with lemon juice $10
  • Stir fry squid with satay $10
  • Steamed shrimp cocnut milk $12
  • Sweet & sour shrimp $15 – $25
  • Sour shrimp soup $10 – $15
  • Sour Shrimp soup $8 – $13
  • Tilapia steam boat  $18 – $30
  • Thai steam boat $15 – $25


  • Black coffee $2.50
  • Black coffee with ice $2.5
  • Hot Milk Coffee $3
  • Milk Coffee with ice $3
  • Coca Cola $1.70
  • Sprite $1.70
  • Red Bull $2
  • Lemon juice with soda $3
  • Soda with milk & egg $4
  • Spring water $1.20
  • Mixed mango juice $4
  • Mixed strawberry juice $4
  • Mixed Durain Juice $3.5
  • Mixed Papya Juice $3
  • Mixed Coconut Juice $5
  • Mixed Avocado Juice $3
  • Mixed Jackfruit Juice $3
  • Mixed tomato fruit juice $3
  • Orange juice with ice $2
  • Orange juice with milk $2.50
  • cocunut in Thailand $3.50
  • Tamarind Juice $2
  • Grass Jelly $2
  • Chindese with sweetened mixed cocktail $2
  • Ice tea $0.80
  • Tiger Beer (Bottle) $5.80
  • Tiger Beer (Can) $3.50
  • Heineken (Bottle) $7
  • Heineken (Can) $3.80
  • Guinness Beer (Bottle) $8.80
  • Guinness Beer (Can) $4.80


Locations : 159 Joo Chiat Road

Opening Hours : 1pm – 2am

Tel : 91058519

Happy Dining!

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