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Hi there,

I was at Northpoint the other day meeting up with friends to have dinner at Menichi.

Menichi takes pride of its tonkotsu soup which is boiled for 14 hours, to get that pure essence from pork bones, chicken bones and vegetables.

menichi ramen table setting

For their wafu soup, which is make of Japanese ingredients, like bonito, mackerel and kelp to give it a very savoury and sweet soup base. As it is low in oil and calories, it is a very healthy take of ramen.
They have

menichi ramen

My friends have been raving about the gyoza that they have tried there, being very juicy and pan fried to perfection. So it is a must have that evening.

As for ramen, I have opted for Cha Siew ramen which comes with several juicy tender pork slices that is brimming with flavours. The soup was not overly salty nor was it oily.

Each tables come with pickles which is really mightly tasty, every bite of these pickles cleared my palate for another mouthful of ramen.

menichi ramen Cha Siew Ramen & Gyoza

My friend ordered the cheesy curry ramen, I really have no idea how it taste like, as I am not a big fan of curry sauce on ramen noodles, nor cheese in it. In Japan, they have many famous ramen shops where their specialities is cheesy ramen, which are mountains of cheese powder or cheese slices on a hot bowl of ramen. I find the combination rather unique (strange), so I still have yet to try it. But it must be good, as it is famous for a reason, that’s why they are so famous in Japan.

So back to here, you might want to try it out yourself if it is one of your favourite too, be a little adventurous?

menichi ramen cheese curry ramen & shishamo

menichi ramen cheese curry ramen

However, the highlight of our meal is really the gyoza, we tried a pork fillings at first, but it wasn’t quite juicy so my friends decided to go with the chicken fillings instead, and it totally redeem itself with this version.

The chicken meat is so juicy with vegetables in every gyoza. The skin is delicate yet have sufficient crisp to make it a very savory and addictive dish.

menichi ramen Chicken Gyoza

You can have a option of crispy which is deep fried or pan fried for the gyoza, I only tried the pan fried one, but my friends told me that the crispy one also taste good, but some may find a tad greasy.

The wafu soup base is less savoury than the tonkotsu soup base. It taste like a much healthier version, nevetheless it is still very tasty.

menichi ramen Kyoto Wafu Ramen

The noodles are the skinny springy ones, which goes well with light soup base, and does not taste starchy at all.

We also ordered the breaded shishamo, which serve with tonkatsu sauce & mayo. I thought the deep fried was over done, and the texture was quite hard & dry, the side dish didn’t fare well this time.

Fried Shishamo

Will I be back for other dishes on the menu? Yes. Because my friends also told me that their fried rice is really good too. So next time I will try out other ramen concoction with a side fried rice.

Right now, they also have gyoza promotions, great time to try them out. From $4.80++ for 6 pcs, you can try out the various flavor, like pork, chicken, vegetable and shrimp.

menichi ramen gyoza promotions

Happy Dining!

Promotions : Menichi gyoza promotions

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Locations :  Jurong Point #B1-54, 1 Jurong West Central 2

Tel: 6794 5125

Daily: 11.30am -10.00pm / (Last Order: 9.30pm)

Locations : #B1-79 nex, 23 Serangoon Central

Tel: 6634 4638

Daily: 11:00am -10:00pm

Locations : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-22/23 Northpoint, Singapore769098

Tel: 6755 5719

Daily: 11.30am -10.00pm / (Last Order: 9.30pm)

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