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Was at JCube the other day to check out some shops and saw this chic looking “coffee joint” that called Nana’s Green Tea.

Nana's Green Tea takeaway

Took a closer look and actually this is a green tea joint 🙂 The place exudes a very zen like ambience and create this little space where you can just sit and enjoy the original Matcha green tea which they import from Japan.

What attracted us was actually how new the place is and 90% of the crew are Japanese! That’s quite impressive, given it is a cafe and most of the crew are Japanese, that’s just show how serious they are in this business.

nana's green tea at J Cube

If you want to check out their menu and price list, you can also check it out from this post. 🙂

Anyway as we were running out of time that day, we decided to get it on the go instead. 🙂

While we were making our purchases, the staff were still trying their hands on the system so we were chatting with them along the way.

Apparently Nana’s green tea is quite popular in japan, they have 50 outlets japan & 3 in shanghai and Singapore J cube is their first venture in Singapore and.

Crepe Menu at Nana's Green Tea

They recommended us to try their Galette which originates from Bretagne Region in France. Basically it is make of buckwheat flour, milk, eggs and salt and is kind of a fusion food in Japan as they concoct different creations.

Galette is made by baking thinly sliced dough in a round shape and with added toppings, it can be a very filling meal itself. As it is very healthy and nutritious, it is very popular in Japan. The staff also told us not to be deceived by the portion because it is really filling for one serving. Guess I will find out next time. 🙂

Galette Menu at Nana’s Green Tea

  • Eggs & Mushroom – $11
  • Chicken & Mushroom – $12
  • Sausages & Potatoes – $12
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese – $14
  • Stewed Beef – $12
  • Scallop & Ratatouille – $13
  • Swordfish & Baked Onions – $14
  • Prawn & Broccoli – $13

Soup & Salad

  • Hot Soup with Onion Cheese – $3.80
  • Cold Soup with Soybean Milk & Potatoes – $3.80
  • Green Salad – $4
  • Prawn & Broccoli Salad – $4.5
  • Smoked Salmon Salad – $5

* If you order Cold Uji Green Tea / Uji Cha Premium Green Tea / Hoji Cha Roasted green tea / Gemmai Cha Brown Rice Tea / Blended Coffee / Cafe Latte, you will only need to top up $2.80 for this set. If you order Matcha Latte Cold, then it will set you back an additional of $4.20 for the set.

As for drinks, they separate into few kinds of beverages.

Uji Matcha Green Tea

  • Matcha (Cold / Hot)$7.4
  • Matcha Latte (Cold / Hot) $6.4
  • Matcha Cream Latte (Cold / Hot) $6.9
  • Matcha Latte with Brown Sugar Syrup (Cold / Hot) $7.4
  • Matcha Chocolate Latte (Cold / Hot) $7.4
  • Matcha & White Pearl Azuki Drink (Cold / Hot) $8.5
  • Matcha Float (cold) $7.9
  • Matcha with White Pearl Float (cold) $8.5
  • Matcha with soft cream Latte (cold) $7.4
  • Thin Matcha green Tea (Cold / Hot) $5.80
  • Green Tea Soda (cold) $5.8
  • Green Tea Float (cold) $7.3
  • Green Tea Soda with Soft Cream (cold ) $6.8
  • Cold Uji Green Tea (cold) $5.4
  • Uji Cha Premium Green Tea (hot) $5.4
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea (hot) $5.4
  • Gemmai Cha Brown Rice Tea (hot) $5.4

Drink Menu at Nana's Green Tea

Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea Latte

  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea Latte (cold) $6.4
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea Green Latte (cold) $6.90
  • Hoji Cha Roasted green tea with brown sugar syrup latte (cold) $7.4
  • Hoji cha Roasted Green Tea chocolate Latte (cold) $7.4
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green tea with White Pearl Float (cold) $8.50
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea with Soft Cream Latte (cold) $7.40

Azuki Red Beans

  • Azuki Red Beans Latte (cold) $6.40
  • Azuki Red beans cream latte (cold) $6.9
  • Azuki Red beans latte with brown sugar syrup (cold) $7.4
  • Azuki Red beans with white pearl float (cold) $8.5
  • Sweet red bean soup (hot) $5
  • Sweet red bean soup with white pearl (hot) $6

Coffee & Juice

  • Blended Coffee (hot / cold) $4.5
  • Blended coffee with soft cream (Cold / Hot) $5.5
  • Cafe Latte (Cold / Hot) $5.5
  • Cafe Mocha (Cold / Hot) $6.5
  • Caramel Latte (Cold / Hot) $6.5
  • Orange Juice (cold) $5

I got the thin matcha green tea which comes with some syrup while the others got the matcha latte. They liked their green tea latte a lot as their drink is beautifully infused with green tea essence. You know how sometimes you get a green tea latte, it can be either overly sweet or bitter, not a very smooth concoction, here probably the Japanese do it the best. It was of a right balance.

Thin Matcha Green Tea

For mine, as it does not have any milky flavor, it really boils down to the actual matcha flavor, it does not have any bitter green tea powdery aftertaste but tasted a little blend, then I suddenly remember I forgot to add in the syrup!

After adding half of it, my drink turned out to be one of the best green tea beverage I have ever tried, very close to those I get in Japan indeed! Yuppie, now there is a proper joint for me if I have cravings for green tea 🙂

They also have a sweets menu and if you are a green tea dessert fans, you will not want to miss it. 🙂


  • Matcha & White Pearl Parfait $11.80
  • Matcha Gateaux Chocolat Parfait $13.80
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Green Tea with White Pearl Parfait $11.8
  • Hoji Cha Roasted Gren Tea Gateaux Chocolate Parfait $13.8
  • Banana Chocolate Parfait $12.8
  • Berry Parfait $12.8
  • Matcha Ice Cream & Azuki Red Beans Paste with Syrup $8.4
  • Soft Cream & Azuki Red Veans Paste with Syrup $8.4


  • Butter Crepe with Brown Sugar Syrup $8.50
  • Strawberry Crepe $9
  • Banana Chocolate Crepe $9.4
  • Berry Chocolate Crepe $9.4

Shaved Ice

  • Shaved Ice with Matcha $8
  • Shaved Ice with Strawberry $8

Soft Cream

  • Soft Cream $5.8
  • Matcha Soft Cream $6.6
  • Strawberry Soft Cream $6.6

If you want additional topping, for $0.7, you can either choose Brown sugar Syrup / Chocolate SAuce / Whipped Cream / Azuki Red Beans paste / White Pearl & for $1 for soft cream and $1.50 for matcha ice cream or Vanilla ice cream.

Do try it out if you want to get some authentic green tea concoction, you might not go back for any fake tasting green tea beverage from there onwards. Oh by the way, they have no GST & Service Charge too 🙂


Locations : J-Cube 2 Jurong East Central 1 #02-19 Singapore 609731

Happy Chilling!

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