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Hi there,

Are you tired of the usual boiled hot dogs with buns and ketchup mustard and onions?

Want to try some fancy hot dogs with a twist? I have the restaurant reviews on O My Dog at Great World City here.

Over the weekend, my husband and I were all hyped up and decided to drop by Great World City after hearing so much about the new fast food joint O My Dog. It is situated just next to Skinny Pizza and infront of GV cinemas on the third floor. I think they are under the same owner which is most probably by Spa Esprit Group as the are just right next to each other and the waiters & waitresses were working on both places.

Oh My Dog Van

What they pride themselves is their creativity in the concoction of some fancy hotdogs, just like how they come up with so many different kinds of pizza flavors at Skinny Pizza, concept is similar, only the products are different.

Oh My Dog with Skinny Pizza

Here’s the drill when you order :

  1. Choose your preference on the hot dog buns, either plain or multigrain.
  2. Choose type of sausages (Pork, Chicken or Beef)
  3. Choose the flavors from the menu.

Oh My Dog Menu

The flavors they have include :

  • Hokey Pork – Jerk Pork, Mango, Roasted Peppers & Onions
  • Magic Mushroom – Truffle Mushroom & melted Swiss Cheese
  • Speedy Spicy Gonzales – Sauteed Chopped Chorizo, Garlic Mayo & Chili Flakes
  • Ace for Apple – Apple Sauce, Brie Cheese & Fried Sage
  • Cheesy O – Caramelized Onions & Cream Cheese
  • Hunky Pumpkin – Chunks of Roasted Pumpkin, Chopped Egs & Vinigrette
  • Cabbage Patch Kids – Braised Cabbage & Mustard
  • Wow-Sabi – Wasabi Mayo, Finely Shredded White Cabbage & Sesame
  • Ang Mo Classic – BBQ Sauce, Cheddar Cheese & Diced Gherkin
  • Ottoman – Green Tomatillo, Carrot Ketchup, Diced Tomato & Sesame

You can also add on any sides, with $1 for drinks & $12 with drinks & Truffle Fries.

Oh My Dog Hot Dog In Progress

One of the selling point, and I believe by now you might be aware is this hot dog van, this is the van where all the magic beings. They grill their hot dogs and throw in all their creative concocted sauces and ingredients to make that wonderful tasting hot dogs.

Oh My Dog Decor

Alright, here’s the low down as to how they score on the taste test.

We ordered 4 flavors and here is how they fare :

  • Hokey Porky – we opted for pork and I like the sweetness of the mango , which compliment the pork well, however the roasted capsicum was heavy on the palate and gave it a bitter aftertaste.
  • Speedy Spicy Gonzales – this one actually is my favourite of all because I like the spiciness and the savoriness of the chorizo sausages, I pair this with beef sausages, but the chorizo sausages might taste even better if it has been roasted longer
  • Magic Mushroom – for cheese lovers indeed, generous portion of melted cheese mix with the earthiness of the mushroom, however can’t really taste any truffle oil thou.
  • Ang Moh Classic – the BBQ sauce turn out very much like salsa, perhaps due to the gherkins, the cheddar cheese was not melted so it became rather heavy on the palate.

The buns were specially shaped so that the sausages can sit nicely in the buns.I personally prefer the multi grain over the plain buns as it gives a toasty nutty flavor.

For the sausages, I think they probably will need to spend more time on the grilling. To me, good sausages got to have that savory crunch from the casing, the meat should have a right balance of meat & fats. However for their hotdogs, this is notably missing. The sausages were rather chewy and dry. As I take away these hotdogs, I wonder if this is the reason why it does not turn out as good I thought it will be. The ideas were great, but the execution was just a little bit off.

Oh My Dog 4 kind hot dogs

Oh My Dog Hot Dogs

  • Top : Magic Mushroom
  • Left : Speedy Spicy Gonzales
  • Right : Hokey Porky
  • Bottom : Ang Moh Classic Oh My Dog Bite Size

Service was prompt but because you are waiting in front of the van, you end up hearing a lot of gossips and talks among staff, I recommend to just walk around and check out many cool stores around the vicinity rather than wait there. 

Oh by the way, they also do not have seatings, I saw a couple standing at the bar table munching away. The pricing on the board is not nett, so you still need to add in GST, but as they have no seatings, you do not need to pay service charge. I saw some diners enjoying the hot dogs at skinny pizza, probably you will just need to top up the service charge to do that.

Overall, I think they are fantastic to come up with great ideas to vamp up the good old hot dogs, but is it worth saying OMG, this is really some good hot dogs?! not so for me this time, some hits some miss, but I might still go back there to try it again and have it there rather than take away, hope it will turn out better. I guess I will let you be the judge of that. 🙂

Oh My Dog Logo

Restaurant Review : O My Dog at Great World City

Locations : #03-31/32 Great World City.
Tel: 6235-0644

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