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After making the Singapore National Flag inspired cheesecake, I was itching to cook up something savory too, so brainstorming among all the famous dishes, there are this quinessential dish which all tourist must try, and it is Chilli Crab. 🙂

 quick & simple chilli crab pasta recipes

You know how we are guilty to indulge in these tangy spicy sauce with deep fried mantou, it just literally means we can’t get enough of these really tasty sauce. So I decided to cook up this Chilli Crab spaghetti and in a quickest painless way as I have to dedicate more time to play with my little one at home, so this dish can only take me at most 20mins. 🙂

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

I was comtemplating if I should cook it from scratch, hmm.. I know there is this really simple recipe which just call for half bottle ketchup and half bottle of sweet chilli sauce, some flour and eggs and its done, but I got quite a few bottles in the fridge so I do not want to add in more bottles to leave some room for other sauces. 🙂

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

So browsing in the supermarket, I found this Hai’s Chilli Crab sauce which looks quite promising, $3 (actually on promotion right now, so only $2.65)  for a pack and you only need spring onions, and one egg. Easy Peasy. You wouldn’t want to slave yourself on National Day right? 😀

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes frozen crab meat


quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

Next come the crab, as I am cooking pasta, I need not use fresh crabs, I have been eyeing this frozen crab meat from Fairprice for ages, planning to make crab cakes with it as it cost only $3.50 for a pack, cheaper than the tin can versions which can set you back like near $10 to $40 for the same portion. So frozen crab as it is, save all the trouble 😀

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

I was planning to use my Happycall pan to cook this, but I used it to cook my scrambled eggs for breakfast so I have not washed it, and I choosed a new non stick pan instead, this dish actually is good to use Happycall because you will need to fry the packet sauce in some oil, so closing it will be better. 🙂

Ingredients :

  • Hai’s Chilli Crab paste x 1 pack
  • Okeanoss frozen crab meat x 1 pack defrost in the fridge
  • Garlic x 1 clove finely chopped (optional)
  • Vermercilli or Spaghetti x 3 pax portions (penne is good too)
  • Spring Onions x 1 stalk, chopped
  • Corriander x 1 stalk (optional), chopped
  • Tomatoes x 6 if mini tomatoes, if large one, just 1 will be fine, cut halved
  • Chillis (optional, if you want it to be fiery, but to me the taste is just fine so I opt it out :))
  • Water x 200ml, as the tomatoes will give out quite a bit of juices, I reduced the water used
  • Egg x 1 beaten

* please take note I didn’t follow the cooking instructions from the packet sauce, by now you should know I am horrendous in following exactly from the recipes haha… so just a little here and a little there revision. 🙂

how to cook chilli crab pasta

Directions :

  1. Pour pasta and sieve out the crab meat from the packet, after pasta is boiled, use the same water to dunk the crab meat in it for 2 secs, and sieve it. I dunked the whole small sieve in it, hassle free. 🙂
  2. Heat pan with 2 tablespoon of oil and fry the Hans Chilli sauce with garlic  till fragrant, you can see it will darkened and the smell is quite pungent
  3. Pour in 100ml of water, and all the tomatoes, covered and let it simmered under low fire until bubbles
  4. Scoop in the crab meat and mix it.
  5. Pour in the egg mixture, and with a pair of chopsticks, loosen the egg mixture in the chilli crab sauce, sort of slowly twirling it round and round, so that you can get a soft consistency egg mixture.
  6. Sprinkle all the chopped spring onions, mixed it with some hot pasta.

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

I squeeze in a splash of lemon juice before serving, to give it a refreshing twist too. 🙂

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

And now for the taste test! Wheeee! 🙂

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the Hai’s packet sauce as my mum has tried another product under this brand in the past, but boy was my perception changed after trying it, this is really as close & simple as it gets, the only additional ingredients I added was just 1 clove of garlic, but this sauce has this well balance of robust chilli flavour and tangy ketchup sweetness.

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

I like it a lot, I kept some of the sauce aside before I put in the pasta, so I will use it to either cook some prawns or squid in it, or even just get myself some mantou to dip & tuck in.

quick & simple chilli crab recipes

For the Okeanoss frozen crab meat, for $3.50 a pack, the meat comes in various chunks of flower crabs, for sure you won’t get the king crab or Sri lanka crabs, I made a comparison in the supermarket, if I were to use a tin can of king crabs, it will cost a whopping $39.90, compared to this $3.50 pack.

quick and simple chilli crab pasta recipes

wow, that’s a whole lot of damage done to my wallet if I stick to king crab, besides, this dish has such strong flavoured, it will be waste to use very good crab meat chunks with it, you kind of want the flavour not technically the texture of it. 🙂 All things all, I do find small pieces of crab shell in it, but who am I kidding, even if I were to eat fresh crab, I will still be jamming some crab shells in my teeth, so this is nothing to me. 🙂 Next time I will still get this to make my crab cakes.

This is one dish which is so easy to cook and require so little time so that you can truly enjoy your National Day parade with your plate of Chilli Crab pasta on the side. 🙂 All it takes is just 20 mins or less, isn’t this something you can try it out now. 🙂

Happy National Day Celebration!



Price : $3 per pack from Fairprice supermarket


Price : $3.50 per pack from Fairprice supermarket

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  1. Laypeng says:

    Is this sauce paste spicy? My kids love the gravy especially with mantou but I am worried that they will not be able to take the spiciness. I think I bought the prawn soup paste under this brand n my kids complained it was too peppery/hot for them

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Laypeng

      yes this sauce is actually quite spicy, not those tearing kind but it still gives you a fiery kick, even I didn’t add any extra chilli in it. If your kids love the gravy, then I think it is better to cook it from scratch unless they can take some spiciness. I got a fabulous recipe which I wanted to share with readers too. Is to use ketchup + oyster sauce, although this does not taste exactly like chilli crab gravy, but the gravy is really really tasty and definitely great with mantou. I will do up a post so you can check it out too. 🙂

      Back to chilli crab, I did try cooking it for my japanese flatmates who couldn’t take spicy food, we used ketchup 1/2 cup + sweet chilli sauce 1/4 cup (or regular chilli sauce + sugar) + 3 teaspoon of oyster sauce + onions + fresh tomato + crushed garlic, method pretty similar, but you will need to add corn starch mixed with water to boost up the consistency. Add beaten eggs and it will taste quite similar to chilli crab gravy, it turned out quite good actually but during that time we used prawns instead, may be you can try it out too?

      All else fail, there are also other methods if you really do want to try it out, try to add some sugar in it, the sugary taste can counter the spiciness, I also heard about putting potatoes in gravy or soup as the potato can absorb the spicness too, haven’t get to try it out though, but seemed to work when I watch the Japanese programs.

      Hope this help, Happy Cooking! 🙂

      • LayPeng says:

        Thanks for the tips..NTUC is having promo..prob can stock up a pack..will be a quick fix for potluck or gathering.
        I think my mum uses the same method as what you have mentioned (tomatoes sauce + sweet chillie sauce + oyster sauce + egg + garlic + corn starch water)..during her such thing as pre mix…but her ingredients proportion all based on her agaration…prob got to test and trial to get the right taste and consistency..

        • Dawn says:

          Hi Laypeng
          I also use agaration haha, that’s why you don’t see me putting how many ml of this & that here, mostly I will use teaspoon or tablespoon which is the common item you can use while you cook. Don’t worry, test & trial is part of the fun to cooking, practice makes perfect. 😀
          I will also try out other Hai’s packet to see if they are as good as this one. 🙂

  2. Junnie says:

    Oh Chili Crab….Pasta 🙂 I bet my family will love this….Thank you Dawn… Really so tempted try out…

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Junnie
      Is nice! I didn’t expect the flavour to turn out to be like this even it is from a packet. 🙂 but it is quite spicy.:)

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