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Hi there,

Got this Daiso hotcakes mix couple of weeks back at Rivervale Daiso. Colorful packaging and at 300g, it is much easier to store away,

I can use this for 2 separate breakfasts too. Just half a pack, can serve 4 thick pieces of hotcakes and was good enough for 2 adults & 1 kid to share. Just mix & cook, how simple is that?

Daiso Hotcakes

What I truly like about this hotcakes mix is that it is just soooo simple! I actually let my son try his hands on it. All you need is half a pack of the hotcake powder, 2 tablespoon of water or milk (I used water), 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of sugar & Voilah! that’s it 🙂

I was even too lazy to go downstairs to get some fresh milk so I opted for water, if the pancakes were purely for my son, I will just add a scoop of milk powder in it, that way you can substitute the water with your kid’s powdered milk.

Hotcakes Mixing Process

Always take note that you will need to pour the wet ingredients into the dry ones. So pour the powder into the bowl first, then follow by egg, sugar and water. Use a fork or whisk to mix it.

From above photos, you can already see how my son did it, super easy and he didn’t even make a mess, so much fun for him to make his own pancakes breakfast. He even immediately rushed to the sofa after this and wait patiently for me to cook it, this is really something that you can do with your kids on your spare time for some family bonding. 🙂

Daiso Hotcakes cooking procedures

So all I did, was drizzle a little oil on a non stick fry pan and then cook up the pancakes. About 1 min on each side. You will know when to flip the pancakes when you see small bubbles forming on the mixture. Flip it over and let it puff up.

To make the pancakes even more fun for your kids to eat, you can try to decorate it with some of their favourites cartoons. I used baby prune sauce to make a smiley face on it. You can use bento syringe but it was early morning and I didn’t bother to dig out the bento tools, so I used the disposable syringe that I got from the clinics when the dr gave us the medications.

Just tear off the packaging, fill up the syringe and start drawing, how easy is that? you can just dispose it after that and save you from washing. I belive most household with kids will have it, so you can use this add in some puree or bottle fruit puree and draw some pictures on it. Hmm.. chocolate sauce may be another alternative, I think great for tea time snack, isn’t it? 🙂 

Daiso Hotcakes Finished Products

Ok, now is the taste test – my kid and myself loved it! It is really puffed up, and is so fluffy, I think if I have used milk rather than water, it will taste even better, I will try it out on my 2nd batch, since I still left half a packet of the powder.

Serve it piping hot, with maple syrup and fruits or even tea time snack, with a scoop of ice cream, this time round for the adult version, I used blackberry jam and butter, and it taste heavenly too! I am tempted to try out some savory pancakes as well, if you see one of my restaurant reviews about simply pancakes, you will definitely get ideas out of it.

Daiso Hotcakes Stack

Here is the view of the pancakes when I cut it in halfs, you can see how fluffy the pancakes were. You can opt for the supermarket ones where they come in big pack, I think it cost around $6 or $8?

But if you are not too much of a pancake person, start small and try out this product from Daiso. You never know, you may just fall in love with pancakes or hotcakes all over again.

Daiso Hotcakes Stack Half

By the way, this Daiso hotcakes powder can also be used for making doughnut. Yet to try this out but will definitely consider it since it is so convenient to use.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. xiuhui says:

    Hi. Finally got the hotcake flour from daiso. But mine doesnt puff up like yours. I follow the instruction on the packet. N i notice ur recipe is slightly different from th e packet.

    How to make it puffy?

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Xiuhui
      Cool! You got the hotcake flour pack 🙂
      Usually how i make it puffy, is to use low heat on a non stick fry pan. Once the pan is slightly heated, I will pour a big spoon of batter on it, I also do not spread it thinly as well, and the pancakes will come out quite dense.
      I use to add oil to cook the pancakes, but I find that without oil (as long as you use a good non stick pan) do a better job, I am using my happycall to cook pancakes now.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

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