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I was at a company gathering at Tonkichi Suntec the other night, and decided to do a restaurant reviews on it. Saw some in house restaurant promotions as well, so hope you can try it out next time when you visit them. 

Tonkichi is pretty much one of the several places you will go to if you want some good quality tonkatsu, or deep fried pork chop/cutlets/seafood. They serve good portions & always maintain consistent high quality dishes.


Of course there are also several big players around like Saboten, Tampopo, Tontei, even MaMaison Japanese Western where they do serve good quality tonkatsu. But Tonkichi is really one of the original stores that has been around for quite some time and over the years, we still go back to them when we have cravings for some deep fried oysters or pork chop.

Usually when I go there with my family, we will stick to the deep fried items, especially the deep fried oysters where you pair it with their homemade tartar sauce, my all time favourite.

And for this visit, I was able to try out their sushi, which my husband told me before was good. So it was a great opportunity for me to try out something different besides the tonkatsu.

We started off with some appetizer like fugu mirin boshi. Yup, you hear me right, fugu, which is the puffer fish, the imfamous poisonous fish that can be so cute looking yet so lethal in nature.  I have heard a lot about it and I always have no luck in trying it even when I was in Japan. So I guess this is my lucky night! ^^

My first experience with fugu, and I must say, I LOVE IT! This is dried puffer fish slices which are being BBQ, you then dip it into the Japanese mayo and tap some of the fish roe on it. Honestly, it does not have any tingling sensation what other people said, most likely because after the drying and cooking process, all those elements were gone, it tasted very much like bak kwa (sweetened BBQ pork), and it just go so well with an icy glass of beer!  After this trying the fugu mirin, now i am game for some real fugu sashimi.

Fugu Mirin

Next was the Iwashi Tatami, which is Baby Sardine being dried in a large mat like sheet and cut up into bite size to go along with alcoholic drinks, as it resemble the tatami which is traditional Japanese flooring material, that’s how it gets its name.

Pretty much the same drill here, you get to dip into the Japanese mayo with the fish roe, the crunchiness of the fish roe, goes very well with the saltiness of the iwashi tatami. Another delicious appetizer.

Sardine Tatami

After whetting our appetize with the 2 delicious appetizer, comes Kaarange chicken with ponzu dressing. The deep fried golden chicken pieces, dipped into the citrusy soya sauce was great too, crispy on the outside & succulent inside.

Kaarage Chicken

The Salmon salad looked promising too, salmon sashimi on a bed of salad greens, topped with seaweed & ikura salmon fish roe.

Salmon Salad

Next is the Salmon Aburi maki, it is salmon maki sushi, but rather using salmon sashimi, the salmon slices are being torched or flamed cooked, so you will get cooked salmon on a maki. As cooked salmon goes very well with Japanese mayo, I like this dish a lot, as it is something different compared to the conventional salmon sushi.

Salmon Aburi Maki

Salmon Aburi Maki Bite

After the salmon aburi maki, we are being served with Spider roll & California roll, compared the two, I would prefer california roll, as I feel the spider roll tasted a little blend, even after you dip into the soya sauce & wasabi. Usually when I ordered spider roll, or soft shell crab maki, it tasted a little more meaty and also more savory, may be other restaurants marinated it?

Spider & California Roll

By the time this dish came, we were really pretty full, but as it is sliced seaweed in vinegar, the vinegar which goes very well with the seaweed, totally whet our appetize for the main dish to come.

Seaweed Sidedish

And here it is! The highlight! There are deep fried shrimp & also deep fried pork loin. As usual, Tonkichi shine in their deep fried dishes. Golden breaded coating covering scrumptious seafood & meat. Cooked just right, the shrimp was fresh and with the homemade tartar sauce – a heavenly match.

Deep Fried Hire & Shrimp

We drizzled the tonkatsu sauce over the grinded sesame seeds, and dipped the deep fried pork loin into it, the aromatics of the sesame seeds with the savoriness of the tonkatsu sauce, take away any greasiness of the deep fried pork loin. The sliced cabbage salad which are refillable for free, is addictive when you use the seaweed dressing that is provided at each table.

Deep Fried Shrimp

Overall, as always, my meal at Tonkichi is always enjoyable. We are never disappointed with their menu and they always uphold their quality which is why customers always goes back to them. As it is a packaged set meal, so it cost about $50++ per pax which include several jugs of beer & soft drink to share around.

Right now they are having a Sapporo Draft Beer Promotion, each Jug now is $22, from UP of $28 and also they have 15% off for regular customers & 25% for pokka card members when you dine in on every 1st / 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Sapporo Draft Promo

Tonkichi promotion

So check out their menu, try out something other than their tonkatsu, you might be suprised by what they offer.

Promotions : Sapporo Draft Beer & Wednesday discount at Tonkichi Suntec

Locations : Tonkichi – Suntec City, 3, Temasek Boulevard,#B1-009, Suntec City Mall,Singapore 038985

Operating Hours :

Weekdays / Eve PH
11.30 am ~ 3.00 pm (Last order: 2.40 pm)
6.00 pm ~ 10.30 pm (Last order 9.40 pm)

12.00 noon ~ 3.00 pm (Last order: 2.40 pm)
5.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm (Last order 9.40 pm)

12.00 noon ~ 9.30 pm (Last order 9.00 pm)

Public Holiday
12.00 noon ~ 3.00 pm (Last order: 2.40 pm)
5.00 pm ~ 10.00 pm (Last order 9.40 pm)

Tel: 63394231

Date : as at 6 Oct 2011, while promotion lasts!

Happy Dining!

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