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Hi there,

Found this new Pizza joint called Slice at Pomo Mall couple weeks back, and heard the place is always packed during lunch time, so decided to give it a try.

It is a small store that can sit about 50 people, concept is simple, pizza that is on the go or dine in, what makes them different is apparently they use flash-bake ovens which cost $20,000 so that the pizzas can be baked in a hush hush 2 mins.

Slice Entrance

They have about 30 varieties of pizza flavor in their menu, ranging from Meat, Asian, Vegetables, Seafood, menu looks tasty enough, and they have 20 kinds of milk shakes available too to go along with your pizza. As for combo wise, they also have pizza combo which cost $48 for 6 different slices of different flavours.

Slice Decor US

I have tried 3 flavours this time, Tom Yum (Asian Flavor), Caramelized Onions (Vegetarian), Mediteranean (Meat). We were there early but they seemed to be running out quite a number of ingredients, our first choice was chicken & avocado, but they ran out of chicken, then when we changed to Big Bait which consist of scallops, was told again they do not have stock for it, so end up Caramelized Onions, that was a bit disappointing, but that didn’t stop there, when we ordered our milk shakes like Banana crunch, again they told us banana is out 🙁

Slice Decor

If I were the manager, I might just go to cold storage, or fair price express next to the restaurant to stock up what they do not have. But having to say that, they were nice enough to offer us to change our milkshakes to another flavour of higher price without the additional charge, I think they also felt bad that they seemed to be running out of so many ingredients.

Slice Counter

Ok, back to the pizzas. Same drill applies, just order at the counter, go to your seat and wait for your pizza to be sent over or collect from the counter. What is different is that, rather the pizza are served on a plate or dish, they are being served in aluminum paper bags.

My first thinking was probably to save the washing, but only after we finished half, they we found out why serve it with aluminum bags, the pizzas can be quite filling and this will be useful if you want to take it away.

Slice Menu

The counter is similar to Subway concept, they make the pizzas right in front of you, sprinkling all the ingredients on the pizza base and chucking into the oven all in front of your eyes.

Open Wrapping

Pizzas are served in rectangles which consist of two triangular slices, first look at it, you might think portion can be a bit small, judging base on the price you pay, vegetarian pizzas cost from $5, and can go up to $8 – $10 for seafood or meat or the popular flavours, at first I kind of thought if we will get shortchanged, haha..

The caramelized was disappointing, at $5, I think it is slightly overpriced, I think we should have ordered the viscious vegan which looks more colorful and appetizing. The caramelized just looked dull and all you can taste was the cheese, quite surprised that it is one of the chef recommended flavor thou.

Caramelized Onion Pizza

It seemed like Tom Yum flavor $8 was quite popular, as I see practically every table was ordering, some ordered salmon with rockett, which to me didn’t look appetizing. Tom yum consist of some tom yum flavor with no fiery kick although you can find bits of chilli flakes in it. Prawns & mussels are the main ingredients, but it tasted a little fishy, or may be the frozen seafood taste.

Tom Yum Pizza

My lunch companion ordered Meditteranean $8, and it was good, flavourful, probably because of the chicken salami, which goes well with the capsicum & with a little drizzle of pesto, perfecto.

Meditterranean Pizza

To rate the pizza,  I would say :

  • Crust : 5 out of 10 / the base of all the pizzas were not crispy, texture tasted like toast rather than doughy crust
  • Cheese : 6 out of 10 / although toppings was very generous, I find the cheese was not thoroughly cooked and not melty enough
  • Ingredients : 6 out of 10 / the ingredients itself is not bad, but nothing to shout about too

Oreo Party & Rich Hazel

Coincidentally my friends had told me that they also went there but found the pizza was not piping hot, even thou it is made on the spot. I found mine was hot enough at the initial stage when I opened up the wrapper, but cool down pretty quickly and that’s where the taste start to fall apart.

As with the generous toppings of cheese, I feel they should bake a little longer, perhaps another 30secs to 1 min will do the trick. but since they pride themselves in the speed, I guess there is a trade off then.

Pizza Combination

I personally like pizza that has a crispy cheese toppings which I think is a must-have for all pizzas, but at this pizza joint, they didn’t redeem themselves on this with their flash bake oven, and I found myself picking out bits and pieces of uncooked cheese from the pizzas.

Mini Tabasco

By the way, tabasco is chargeable at this joint, what you need to do is to buy miniature bottles which cost $1.80 per bottle. Rather costly althou the bottles look so adorable.  Given a small bottle from supermarket cost $3.60 each, I just couldn’t get myself to get one.  Although they have free chilli powder for you to add on your pizza, Tabasco still the best, too bad it is not available there.

Drinks wise, if they have not run out of ingredients, then it could have been better. The milk shake seemed to be very thick too, as my lunch buddies have difficulty finishing the pizza because the milk shake was so filling.

Another thing that I was greatly disappointed about was that I didn’t try out the soup as all soup are gone too, or perhaps they have phased off from their menu. Although they have special combo that include soup, all of them were labelled as sold out. While for drinks combo, just top up $1.5 for one.

As this pizza joint captures the lunch crowd, it can get really squeezy & crowded in there, the concept is great, but they might need to iron out the few hiccups here & there, I hope next time if I do want to try out this place again or have major cravings for pizza, they would  have already improved on the melty cheese issue & of course no more running out of ingredients will be a great start. 🙂

Restaurant : Slice Pizza

Locations : #01-05 Pomo, 1 Selegie Road

Tel : 62975875

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