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Hi there,

I have always been wanting to go to Medzs at Orchard Central as I personally love Mediterranean food. Mediterranean food in Singapore sometimes is rather pricey besides the usual kebabs stores. So it is really cool to find a place that is both authentic & affordable to curb my cravings for kebabs & satisfy my curiosity of Mediterranean food.


Medzs basically is like Marche style – cashless card casual dining concept,  you just need to carry along the card which was given to you at the entrance and pick your own seatings and proceed to order those mediterranean delicacies from each individual stores that replicates a food bazzar.

Order Alarm 1

Store 1

Each store represent different parts like Italy, moroccan, Greece etc.. & you will get to try out Spanish ham paella, traditional Moroccan Tajines, Turkish kebabs and even Greek-style charcoal-grilled seafood topped with a variety of homemade sauces.

Store 2

They also boost an impressive range of international & craft beers, with a wide variety of wines, cocktails, and for those who are not keen on alcohol, you will not be left out too, they also have a detox power juice bar which gives you 100% fresh fruits & vegetables blends.

Decor 2

If you wasn’t sure what the dishes name stands for, fret not, they have samples of the food right at the store, so you will know what you get.

One of the good thing about them is the waiting time, yes, you will still need to wait for your food, but they gave us a disc which is an alarm system, whereby once the food is ready, it will vibrates telling you that your food is ready. That gives you so much more time to chat with your friends, rather than queuing in front of the store waiting for food.

Order Alarm 2

This round our plan was to check out the lunch menu they have. For $7.50++, you will get a very decent main course, you can also top up $2++ for lunch set coffee or $1++ for soda.
The ambience is fantastic, you can rest assure there is no waitress rushing to clear your plates once finished, pressurizing you to go. There are plenty of seatings and the decor, lightings & ambience create a very Moroccan Mediterranean kind of feel to it, really great for a leisure lunch indeed!

My lunch buddies & I tried :

  • Kebab with pita bread (as I was torn between beef or mutton, the staff offer me mixed to try both, a nice touch)

Freshly sliced grilled meat dizzle with sourish tomato base sauce, with a taste of mint & yogurt, appetizing indeed! Pita bread was doughy & get to soak up the sauce nicely.

    Beef & Lamb Kebab 2Beef & Lam Kebab


  • Fish Stew, two thumbs up, be it the taste or the setting of the dish, you can tell they put in a lot of effort, honestly it look nothing like a $7.5++ deal! Very impressed by it.
  • The mashed potato was buttery and go so well with the savory fish stew, pieces of salmon, cod fish, mussels & topped with fresh watercress, it is both a  feast for the eyes & taste buds.

      Fish Stew


  • A kind of Beef stew with rice (can’t remember how it spelt, but something like Beef Araguia), my lunch buddy said it tasted really good too, it was flavorful, I think it should taste great with pita bread or couscous too
  • Beef Stew

    Overall, it was a really nice lunch :

    • Good lunch buddies – checked!
    • Good food – checked!
    • Good ambience – checked!
    • Affordable Price – CHECKED!!!

    I really love my lunch hour now 🙂


    MEDZS is a slice of the Mediterranean brought to life & you will instantly feel like you are being transported to the Mediterranean region, infuse your sensory palate with the exotic food culture, sights & senses of the Mediterranean.

    Decor 1


    Medzs also have other promotions like 1 for 1 Beer all day long, (T&C applies)

    As for those that are driving, Orchard Central has Complimentary weekday parking available :

    • Redeem 1st hour of parking from 11am to 6pm with a minimum spend of $20 in a single receipt.
    • Redeem 2 hours of parking from 6pm to 11pm with a minimum spend of $30 in a single receipt.

    Promotions : Simply Mediterranean Value Lunch Promotion @ $7.50
    Locations : Medzs, Orchard Central, #B2-01
    Tel : 62389028
    Date : Mon to Fri  (11am – 3pm), as at 16 Sept 2011,  while menu lasts!

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