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Dear All Readers

<Remember to like us on facebook plus post a comment here so I can take down your email and contact you when you have won in our anniversary draw. :D>

Its been one year since I have started, its always been my passion to share topics about food, sharing recipes & family bonding ideas through food, and of course meeting like minded people like you all.

Without all your support, I would not have enjoyed my journey, and to celebrate this occasion, I have prepared some gifts to show my appreciation to you all. 🙂

singaporesupermarketrecipes 1st year anniversary

If you have read my website, you know that I love cooking with some interesting kitchen gadgets, especially Japanese kitchen gadgets, and so I think this will be a great opportunity to let some of readers to have these new gadgets to brighten up your cooking days! 🙂

To participate in this draw, all you need to do is to :

  1. Leave  a comment on my post so that I can have your email address (email address will not be disclosed)  to contact you after our draw has completed.
  2. Like this Happy 1st Anniversary posting / our website / or any posting on our Facebook

Draw Date : 13 August 2012

1st Prize : Chef’N Mini Magnetic One Hand Salt & Pepper Grinder

Chef'N Mini Magnetic One Hand Salt & Pepper Grinder

2nd Prize : Franc Franc Silicone Steamer

Franc Franc Silicone Steamer

3rd Prize : Reina Rabbitong

Reina Rabbitong


Reina My Cutlery Set

Yamajitsu Pink Butterfly Trivet

Yamajitsu Pink Butterfly Trivet

Franc Franc Bag Clips

You can click on the above link to know more about these gifts. 🙂

Winners will be annouced on and be contacted via email.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary & Thank you for all your support! 🙂




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  1. Grace says:

    I love your website! Thank you for the recipes which make me want to cook more often! I love the updates on the supermarket specials too! I am using HappyCall black diamond pan but your use of the HappyCall double sided pan is great! Your food reviews are also very good because they involve you bringing your kids along. I have kids, so it’s very useful for me to read about such reviews. Thank you for a great job with the website!

  2. Hazel says:

    So all the goodies in the big bag contains all these cute stuffs…

  3. Juana says:

    Your website is awesome! I check it out every week.

  4. Junnie says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I love your website… Very detailed on all the recipes including the outcome. As well as resturants reviews.
    Great Job! Will continue to support you….:)
    Last but not least…. ofcos love your “Happy 1st Anniversary posting”

  5. Josephine says:

    Thank you for sharing, just love your website 🙂

  6. Serynn says:

    Your blog is very fun and interesting to read! 🙂 Can’t wait to get all these cute kitchen gadgets for my house next year! 😀

  7. jessica says:

    Pass your blog this morning. So usefull for me since I like to buy “cute” staff for my kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Jessica
      Thank you! yes, it does make a difference using better cuter kitchen gadgets when cooking huh? 🙂
      Good luck in the draw

  8. Jessy says:

    Thanks for the wonderful website, I love it so much! Especially recipe for Happy Call Pan, I am so happy when I notice your website also got the recipe, yeah!

    Happy 1st anniversary! Cheers!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Jessy
      Thanks! yes Happy Call Pan is good! Glad you like the website, good luck for the draw. 😀

  9. rachel says:

    liked your facebook page 🙂 and love your reviews!

  10. Nikki Ho says:

    Love reading your website 😉

  11. Becky says:

    I love your website! I look forward to reading your reviews on local restaurants as well as your compilations of food fairs and weekly supermarket chains discounts. Your entries are easy to read and accompanied by lots of photos which is great, they give me a preview of what to expect and also make me even more excited to try out these new places, especially bakeries and Jap/Korean food related items! Good job and keep writing!!!!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Becky
      Thank you for the support 🙂 I am glad readers do enjoy what I love too. Good Luck for the draw. 😀

  12. Sharon says:

    I luv ur website it help me to be updated about food promotion and recipe 🙂
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy 1st anniversary:)

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Sharon
      Thanks for the compliments 😀 happy to be able to share out recipes, good luck for the draw!

  13. Carol says:

    Chance upon your site today and immediately “bookmarked” it! You have got some good recipes that is suitable for my family. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Carol
      Thanks! It sure is a lot of fun to cook up a storm with the kids 🙂
      Now we have this campaign just leave a comment plus like us on facebook, and you can be in the draw for the anniversary kitchen goodies. 😀
      Good luck! 🙂

  14. eileen says:

    hey dawn!

    happy first blog-iversary!

    keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more posts from you!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Eileen
      Thanks! this month theme – more Singapore National Day recipes posting on the way! haha..
      All the best to the draw 😀

  15. Laypeng says:

    Happy 1st anniversary! Thanks for the time n effort taken to create n maintain the blog.. Enjoy reading yr posts as it acts as my “reference guide” for SAHM like me especially when I like grocery shopping – my way of retail therapy as I suppose it makes me happy to “justify” my spending.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Laypeng
      Thanks! I know! haha… grocery shopping is like retail therapy right? That is really my little happy place, and I love how there are a variety of supermarkets to choose from in Singapore, which cater to different needs and budget. 😀
      Mummies like us want to spend more time with the family, so if we can save time and can cook some exciting creative dishes, I am sure your family will be just as excited to try it too. “Doesn’t hurt to train them from young” haha… to me all these like cooking with my boy makes it even extra special. 🙂
      Good luck for the draw 🙂

  16. Dot chan says:

    What a great website! Happy birthday!,

  17. samantha tan says:

    hi:) just got to know about this wonderful website when i was googling for recipes. the updates on supermarket discounts are useful! joined your facebook and hope to see more great stuffs and recipes in your website.

    cheers to your first and many more anniversaries to come:)

  18. Maureen says:

    I love your website and really give me the joy to try your recipes,especially the Happycall.Please give us more recipes how to cook in Happycall.Thank you so much.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Maureen
      Thank you for your support of
      I actually do have many more recipes of using HappyCall because it is so versatile, don’t you love it!? 🙂
      Stay tune, I will share more recipes with readers.

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