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I got some vouchers from groupon a few months back, so decided to go to Madam Saigon for lunch before the vouchers expire.

When they were at Liang Seah street, I ate there once with my husband before and thought they do serve decent beef noodles but the price however was a little steep so we never really went back there.

Since now we are armed with $60 bucks worth of free vouchers, we decided to give it a try again. 🙂

madam saigon lunch feast

Now Madam Saigon is located at Millennia Walk which is much quieter, and they also have an additional alfresco area so it is great for families with little ones. It is not warm at all too because many ceiling fans have been set up for diners and you can enjoy the breeze while dining there.

madam saigon alfresco lunch

The alfresco area are more spacious but is along the access way of the mall, so if you do not mind the occasional gawking, I will say outside is way more comfortable, judging by how the seatings inside looks rather cramp.

madam saigon entrace

So while we were comfortably settle in their comfy sofa, just gazing while my son was sound asleep. I quickly scan through the menu to see if there are any dishes that will catch my eyes and sure there is a few of them. 🙂

madam saigon logo

Ok now back to the food, the menu definitely have added many new dishes, but how can we have vietnamese food without Vietnamese beef noodles, spring rolls, and salad 🙂

madam saigon alfresco seating

And so that is exactly what we have ordered. We got a sampler platter, salad trio, beef noodles. If you want to check out their pricing and also menu, you can scroll further down for more details too.

madam saigon condiments

Condiments comes in fish sauce, chilli sauce, birdeye chilli with soya sauce and also a sweet sauce.

madam saigon  drinks menu

Madam Saigon Menu includes :


Madam Saigon Delight Sampler (Regular for 2 – 3 pax) / (Large for 5 to 6 pax) – $26.90 / $33.90

Saigon Spring Roll

  • Mixed Roll with prawn summer roll – $20.50
  • Mixed Roll with Chicken Summer Roll – $18.50
  • Net Prawn Rol – $10.50
  • Prawn Summer Roll – $8.90
  • Chicken Summer Roll – $6.90
  • Vegetarian Summer Roll – $6.90
  • Fried Spring Roll -$6.90

Saigon Salad

  • Salad Trio – $11.50
  • Papaya Prawn Salad – $7.50
  • Mango Salad – $6.50
  • Special Chicken Salad – $9.90

Sugar Cane Praw – $9.90

Spice Chicken Wing – $5.50


  • Vietnamese Beef Stew – $14.90
  • Sweet Potato Chicken Curry – $11.90
  • Stir Fried Lemongrass Beef – $12.90
  • Stir Fried Lemongrass Chicken – $11.90
  • Tamarind Prwn – $14.50
  • Stewed Lemongrass Chicken – $11.90
  • Saigon Special Steamed Egg & Chicken Chop – $11.90
  • Vietnamese Style Fried Rice – $10.50

madam saigon menu

Soup Noodle (Pho – Flat Rice Noodle) or Bun  (Vermicelli)

  • Special Beef Noodle Soup – $9.90
  • Spicy Beef Vermicelli Soup Hue Style – $9.90
  • Sliced Beef, Brisket Noodle Soup – $8.90
  • Sliced Beef, Beef Ball Noodle Soup – $8.90
  • Sliced Beef Noodle Soup – $8.90
  • Sliced Beef, Beef Tendon Noodle Soup – $8.90
  • Beef Ball Noodle Soup – $8.90
  • Stewed Beef Noodle Soup – $11.90
  • Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup –  $9.90
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – $8.90


  • Stir Fried Beef Vermicelli – $12.90
  • Prawn Vermicelli – $14.50
  • Sugar Cane Prawn Vermicelli – $11.90
  • Grilled Chicken + Spring Roll Vermicelli – $12.50
  • Grilled Chicken Vermicelli – $9.90
  • Spring Roll Vermicelli – $9.90

Stir Fried Kway Teow

  • Seafood Fried Kway Teow – $13.50
  • Beef Fried Kway Teow – $12.90
  • Chai (Vegetarian) Fried Kway Teow – $10.90)

madam saigon menu and condiments

Madam Saigon Specials

Vietnamese Barbecued Skewers

  • Mixed Meat (4 skewers) – $12.50
  • Chicken (4 skewers) – $11.90
  • BBQ Betel Leaves Beef $11.90
  • Skewers Combo (3 Skewers) – $12.50


  • Saigon Hot Pot – $19.50 for Fish / $14.50 for Vegetarian
  • Vietnamese Mango Fish – $17.50
  • Vietnamese Pancake – $12.90
  • Vietnamese Fried Calamari – $11.50
  • Grilled Eggplant served with Black Glutinous Rice – $9.90
  • Crispy Chicken – $9.90
  • Lemongrass Tofu – $6.90

madam saigon sampler platter

The sampler platter comes with various goodies like spring rolls, meat ball skewers, summer rolls, chicken wings on a bed of salads. A combo of fresh and fried items.

madam saigon sampler platter

The meat balls was too chewy to my likings but my son love it. I prefer the deep fried rolls, the vegetarian stuffings inside gave it a very good bite, dipped into the sweet and sour fish sauce, instantly perk up a sleepy afternoon. Chicken wings was okay, but fried to crispy, too bad it didn’t taste like it was being marinaded at all.  

madam saigon sampler platter and trio salad

Next come to Trio Salad, which is the Papaya Prawn Salad / Special Chicken Salad / Mango Salad, you see, I am really a sucker to sampler set, because the pig out side of me always wanted to try out a variety of food at the restaurant, so what’s better than ordering their sampler set and savor each of them at the same time.

However this proved me wrong, although I was expecting 3 different salads, basically 3 of them tasted the same. The only difference was the ingredients, perhaps it is the dressing, and also the generous amount of peanuts and shallots, the orignal taste of the fresh ingredients was drowned behind the backdrop of heavy peanut taste. I could not taste much difference, but the ingredients were still very fresh which is good. Oh and tThe plating looks great too. 🙂

madam saigon special beef noodle

And finally, the main star has arrived! Special beef noodles, served with the usual mint leaves, fresh bean sprouts, and lime.

madam saigon lime and bean sprouts

The beef broth was very clear with zero impurites of greasiness, trust me, I actually checked it, because I was feeding my son so got to see if the broth was too greasy. So it was a nice surprise. Flavorwise, it was okay, not as good as the one I had at Suntec, but still for $9.90, there were generous toppings of sliced beef, beef balls, tendons, and other parts which I can’t really recognize 🙂

As I mentioned before, I am quite perculiar about the green garnish on dishes, the freshness test passed with flying colors. The ingredients which they used was really fresh, even the mint leaves which usually served with some black spot in other restaurants, still looks green and fresh here.

madam saigon special beef noodles

Overall, my meal for the above cost $72 bucks, I think things didn’t really change afterall, the food still is quite good, but the price is still quite steep to me. With my discount vouchers, I actually paid $42 Nett in total, so for lunch, it can be a bit extravagant.

madam saigon special beef soup noodles

By the way, again, my family was really stuffed after these, so we didn’t get to try the Three Color Ice which is something like the ice kachang.

Their drink and dessert menu also comes with some authentic Vietnamese coffee and sweet drinks.

  • Icy Cold Beer – Heineken $8.90 / Tiger $7.90
  • Soft Drinks – $3 – $3.50
  • Soda – $4.50 (Strawberry Surprise / Lime Soda / Peach Soda / Mixed Fruits Soda / Saigon Plum Soda / Passion Mango Soda)
  • Fruit Juices – $4.50 – $4.90 (Pink Guava / Sour Sop / Passion Mango / Lime / Mixed Fruits)
  • Frizz – $5.50 (Lime & Mint / Yammy Colada / Chiku / Peach / Strawberry)
  • Sweet Ending – $5 – $5.50 (Three Color Ice / Red Bean Ice / Mung Bean Ice)
  • Vietnamese Coffe – $5.90 for Ice Blended / $4.50 – $5 for Coffee
  • Lemongrass Cooler Artisan Tea – $3.90
  • Iced Fruit Tea (with Fruit Bits) – $4.50

Happy Dining!

Restaurant Reviews : Madam Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant at Millenia Walk

Locations : #01-26 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596

Tel : 6338 3831

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