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I used to visit tampopo at liang court quite often but somehow the quality dipped a little and I didn’t go back anymore so when my family and me were at Takashimaya the other day, we decided to give it another try, boy was that a great decision or what?? Pleasantly surprise that the quality is back! 🙂

Tampopo at Takashimaya entrance

We went around noon so the crowd has yet to set in but there was still a good bunch of diners in there. Service was excellent, the staff will come up to you to explain the dishes and also will check on you to see if everything is ok.

We decided to order a spicy ramen and there was this shabi black pig ramen poster that is blasting everywhere on the wall, decided to give it a try since there is so much hard selling around 🙂

The shabu black pig ramen comes with a milky broth with slices of boiled pork belly. You have an option of adding more pork belly meat when you make the order too.

Tampopo at Takashimaya black pig shabu spicy ramen

Black pig shabu ramen $14.30++

The broth was flavorful as expected but too bad the spicy part actually meant they added heavy doses of chilli powderin it to make it spicy rather than a chilli miso base soup. Nevertheless it is still yummy and even my toddler son can take the heat as it is quite mild. Only when you are just about to finish the last few slurps then the heat starts to kick in.

Noodles was the skinny version and springy at the same time. So you don’t get that post ramen heaviness. 🙂

Next came one of my most favourite order of the day!

Tampopo at Takashimaya mini cha siew don

Mini Cha Siew Don : $4

Nothing surprise me more than this mini bowl of cha siew don. I ordered this because I thought my son might not have anything to munch on during our meal, and if there is eggs or seaweed, he will be around. So this is a good choice to order.

There are thick slices of pork belly stewed in soya sauce on hot steaming Japanese rice, with toppings of freshly chopped spring onions and half a hard boil egg. Sprinkle with some roasted sesame seeds and seaweed flakes, perfect carbo dishes.

Tampopo at Takashimaya mini cha siew rice bowl

If there is really one thing that I want to be really bossy about, I will say if the egg was cooked with a soft boiled yolk, it will be better than perfect.

Tampopo at Takashimaya Ume Rice Ball

Ume Onigiri : $2.5

My husband also ordered ume onigiri, which is Japanese plum rice ball. Nothing much to shout about, but is always what we order when we order ramen. Rice is soft & chewy at the same time, which is how we like it, but the seaweed goes soggy very quickly because of the heat from the rice ball, eat it soon enough and it will a good side dish.

Tampopo at Takashimaya tonkatsu set with daikon oroshi

As black pig deep fried dishes was going at 50% off, my husband also ordered the tonkatsu with daikon oroshi, which is deep fried pork chop with grated radish & citrus soya sauce ( ponzu). I always love this condiments, not only on deep fried dishes, but also tempura, steak or hamburger steak.

The citrus soya sauce and the freshness of the grated radish downplay any greasiness the dish might have, and making it so palatable. The coating of the pork chop is crispy and not over fried, so you won’t get any after bitter taste. The black pig was very succulent and tender and nothing really beats a slap of juicy pork deep fried to perfection.

Tampopo at Takashimaya tonkatsu with grated radish

And anything this good going at 50% off is always a must in your order list. 🙂

Try Tampopo at Takashimaya if you were like me that felt their quality had dropped in the past, you will be refreshingly surprised just how you have renewed your tast buds from your visit.

Restaurants : Tampopo Japanese Restaurant at Takashimaya

Locations : 391 Orchard Road, #B2-33, Takashimaya Shopping Center

Tel : 62352318

Happy Dining!

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