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Taste Restaurant at Ibis Hotel is quite different from other restaurants you dine in other hotels. Their recipe success is simple, offering good food at affordable prices. Seetoh, the Makan guru who developed and endorsed their menu surely did not disappoint.

I was there the first time when my colleague bought some vouchers, so we decided to try it out, and since then I kept returning back there, because it was really good! 🙂

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

Ordering here is simple, what you will need to do is decide how many items you will like. There are 3 options :

taste restaurant at Ibis - feast

  • Any 3 items for $15
  • Any 4 items for $18
  • Any 5 items for $22

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

There are 20 choices to choose from, which can be a little mind boggling the first time 🙂 But I am very sure you will know which dish is your favourite or opt to choose after reading this post. 🙂

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

My advise for you is to share with your friends on many different dishes (that is order 1 dish once) and then choose your most favourite next round.

The options include :

  1. Char Kway Teow (tried)
  2. Chilli Crab (tried)
  3. Pepper Crab
  4. Fish Curry with Roti Prata (tried)
  5. Chicken Rice (tried)
  6. Popiah (tried)
  7. Rojak (tried)
  8. Carrot Cake
  9. Bak Kut Teh (tried)
  10. Beef Hor Fun (tried)Taste Restaurant at Ibis
  11. Laksa
  12. Fried Hokkien Mee (tried)
  13. Sweet & Soup Prawns (tried)
  14. Assorted Satay (tried)
  15. Nasi Lemak (tried)
  16. Mee Siam
  17. Barbecue Stingray (tried)
  18. Roasted Duck (tried)
  19. Coffee Pork Ribs (tried)
  20. Work-fried vegetables (tried)

Those that I have written tried, you know what it means 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed!

Okay, back to the food, for fish curry and roti prata, hands down on the roti prata, ample amount of crispyness goes very well with the curry fish which comes in a small portion, so you will still have space for the rest of the goodies.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

Bak Kut Teh comes in a herbal broth, with 2 pieces of pork ribs, and a piece of fried dough. I like how tender the ribs are, but the soup is a bit too herbal and not peppery enough but my friends loved it, I also find the fried dough a little tough and dry.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

Their Chili crab is a must have, although it just comes in one crab claw, the shell were already taken out, and the sweet spicy chili sauce is very savory, and taste extremely nice with the fried bun.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

They also have dessert menu and ala carte menu, but so far, because their set is so good, I have not ventured out yet. Just $4++, you can try out chedol and many other kinds of desserts. 🙂

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

Next is the coffee pork ribs, I love their coffee pork ribs, the meat is so tender on the inside yet the coating is so crispy with a really nice coffee flavoured to it. Mouthwatering dish!

Taste Restaurant at Ibis coffee ribs

Chicken rice comes with a small portion, chicken was succulent and the rice is fragrant, but nothing to shout about thou. I find their rice dish is okay just like the Nasi Lemak which comes with 1 piece of fried chicken wings, peanuts, anchovies, and sambal chili.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis chicken rice

However their noodles dishes is a must try, especially char kway teow, it has so much “wok hei” the fragrant wok taste and there is this really nice sweetness with the dark soya sauce they use, it does not have a lot of noodle mee in it, which I like it a lot.

taste restaurant at Ibis

The Sambal Stingray, comes with 2 generous pieces of sting ray on a banana leaf with loads of sambal chilis on it. This dish can be inconsistent thou, 3 times I have tried, twice were good, but once I tasted a rather strong smell from the fish.

taste restaurant at Ibis - sambal stingray

Sweet and sour prawns is a must try, hands down, very nicely coated fried prawns and a very well done tangy sauce. Anyone who tried it, loved it.

taste restaurant at Ibis - sweet and sour prawns

Hokkein Mee comes with generous toppings of seafood but the sambal chili was not spicy enough. It is still good but if there is some bean sprouts, it will be much better. 🙂

taste restaurant at Ibis - hokkien mee

Next is the beef hor fun, I didn’t try it but the others liked it and said there is a lot of “wok hei” also too, and there are generous toppings of beef in it. The hor fun are fried before the gravy is poured over it, that is probably why the wok hei lingers in every bite.

Taste restaurant at Ibis hotel - beef hor fun

The roast duck comes with quite a good potion too, good as a side 🙂

Taste restaurant at Ibis hotel - roast duck

Rojak is like a fruit rojak, with good chunks of fruits in it, the sauce is nice and spicy. Very appetizing.

Taste restaurant at Ibis hotel - rojak

Satay come in 3 sticks, I like the chicken satay the most, very tender and have this sweet smoky flavor to it. The satay sauce has a drizzle of pineapple sauce on it, which gives it a fruity balance. I wish they could give more cucumbers thou so that I can clear off the rest of the satay sauce 🙂

Taste restaurant at Ibis hotel - satay

There is a bar counter there too, and I see a few guests over there sipping their in house famous drink, lychee cranberry juice.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

For me, 3 options is already very filling, but if you like chilli crab and less on the carbo, then I think 4 will be great 🙂

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

If you hold a UOB credit card, you will defnitely be very happy to know that they are running a promotion of 1 for 1, Ordering the 3 choices only cost $17 nett for 2 people, I really do not know where you can get this kind of good food at a hotel for this affordable price.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis

The promotions is available during lunch on weekdays only, and is great for a business lunch definitely.

Taste Restaurant at Ibis


Locations : 170 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189657

Happy Dining!

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