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After Chin Lee Teochew Restaurant, I have not tried any other Teochew restaurant, so it was a good opportunity to try out another restaurant. This time round, we decided to go to Teochew City Seafood Restaurant, which I have never been but would love to try it out.

teochew city seafood restaurant

And as they are having a special promotion at $29.80++ per pax for a set meal, we decided to give it a try. 🙂

Our set include the following :

  • Pig’s stomach with salted vegetable soup
  • Pan fried sliced Pomfret
  • Teochew deep fried prawn ball
  • Homemade Mee Sua with Soup
  • Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

Base on the price alone, I would think it is a little steep, but perhaps let’s see the quality of it.:)

Once seated, they serve us kungfu tea and also pickles which are braised peanuts and salted vegetables. I must say I love the salted vegetable pickles!! It remind me of my paternal grandma who used to make her own pickles when we were still in Macau, that sweet yet a little tanginess to it simply awesome, how I wish they can serve more. 😛

Teochew City Seafood Restaurant


We were first served with individual portions of pig organ’s soup with salted vegetables. Boy, this must be the most peppery pig’s organ soup I have ever tried.

And you know what, I was having the sniffles that day, it was just the perfect soup to take, I personally feel the peppery is quite strong, but not necessary a bad thing, as it gives all of us a very good kick. Request them for some dark soy sauce with cut chilli which goes perfectly well with the pig’s organ. After taking just half a bowl, I can already feel my throat and also tummy getting all warmed up.

 Teochew City Seafood Restaurant - Teochew deep fried prawn ball

Next is Teochew deep fried prawn ball, don’t underestimate these plain looking prawn ball, these literally packs a punch! I must say these are some of the best I have ever tried, they have that bouncy texture and a very flavourful prawn fillings. I even find myself paused for a short while between each bite to take in the sweetness of the prawn fillings.

Drizzle in the syrupy sweet sauce, two thumbs up for this. 🙂


Teochew City Seafood Restaurant - deep fried pomfret

Our prawn balls is followed by the deep fried promfet fish fillet. Okay, I must say I think I would prefer steamed promfret fish teo chew style rather than fried. But these isn’t bad either, however it reminds me of japanese teriyaki fish fillet  more than Teochew style fish dish. haha..

Teochew City Seafood Restaurant mee sua

The mee sua that came with it is filled with lots of ingredients like sliced pork fillet, bean sprouts, mushrooms and carrot juillene. I like it with a few drops of black vinegar, as it cuts down the starchiness of the soup and add more depth to the flavour.

I personally wasn’t very impressed by this dish because it is a tad bland for me even after the black vinegar and green chillis added to it and the noodles was a little soggy too, I think this might taste better with fried Ee mee, but I think that won’t be very Teochew isn’t it 😛

Teochew City Seafood Restaurant mee sua

And to round it off,Ohh Yess!! is Oh Nee!! I always treat Oh nee or yam paste as one of those special indulgent kind of desserts because of the oil and fats it contains, so I do am picky when I eat this, and so far there has been hits & miss along my yam paste “culinary trail”.


Teochew City Seafood Restaurant yam paste with gingko nuts

But this is definitely one of the better ones I like, it is not artifically sweet which is a BIG NO NO, and it does not contain some nonsense toppings which just ruin the original earthy essence of the yam. This my friend, can taste the natural sweetness of the yam, and with that really slight bittersweet of the gingko nuts. Perfect combination. I can forgo my calories for this. haha…

Teochew City Seafood Restaurant yam paste with gingko nuts

After passing by many times, finally I get to try this place out, I must say there are some hits & miss, but overall it was still a pleasant place to dine in, I am also quite interested in their dim sum lunch menu too, quite extensive and I do see groups visiting them just to order dim sum and some ala carte dishes. There is even a group who ordered the cold crabs which looks really good too. 🙂

Try it out if you want to splurge a little or want to bring someone special for me it was a farewell to a colleague but I think your parents in law will also be happy to dine here. Just to impress them – just a little bit. 😀

Happy Dining!


Location : 176 Orchard Road #05-16 The Centrepoint Singapore 238843

Tel: 6733 3338

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