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If you have read my other post about Watami set lunch menu , you should know by now that Watami Japanese Restaurant at their The Central Clarke Quay branch has this set menu promotions that run daily unlike other branches, which only serve during weekdays.

watami singapore

So over the weekend, while on my way to check out Hokkaido Fair 2011 at Meidiya Japanese supermarket, I have decided to visit Watami for lunch, as you know many restaurants have set menus but usually are only for weekdays, so for Watami, which has their set lunches run over the the weekends as well, is really convenient for my family.

watami logo

I believe many people also think so, because even thou we are the first one that patronize the restaurants, the crowd starting to develop, and soon, the whole restaurant was already full.

watami central entrance

As I mentioned, my family & I was the first group there, and we arrived just right before 12 noon, so service was very prompt.

The menu has changed a bit, and there are a few menu in it, so decided to try it out. Whereas the set menu still look very good & have so many choices to choose from.

watami decor

I ordered a Hire Katsu Tamago Topji Teishoku Set ($10.80++) which are deep fried pork cutlets on hot plate with eggs. The set menu comes with 1 drink + 1 salad + main + rice + miso soup, so is quite filling.

Variety of drinks were quite good, it includes soda, and also one of my favourite is hot yuzu tea which you don’t usually see in other restaurants, you know you usually get the green tea or soda. So that is something different.

watami yuzu tea

The pork cutlets are tender & succulent, and as it comes with the mini hot stove, the food will keep piping hot until the very last bite. The staff were also nice enough to beat the fresh egg for the customers, which I didn’t see in other branches, kudos to them :), because the last time I had it at another branch, I have to do it myself, and got a bit messy as the table was quite small too.

watami drinks & dessert

Rice come in very large bowl, and I end up giving it to my husband nearly half of it, which is just nice. Soup was just regular miso soup with deep fried tofu skin.

The only thing I didn’t like was the side salad that come with the set, the salad greens were a little brown and bruised, which is something that I found was a disappointment, the salad comes with salad green, with sliced onions and a few corn kernels, nothing much to scream about, if they added a little more color like carrots or tomato, it will probably taste & look nicer.

But the set at $10.80++, which comes with so many things, I probably shouldn’t complain too much about it. 🙂

watami hire katsu with eggs montage

Next my husband ordered a cheesy hamburger steak ($13.80++), that comes in a big piece of hamburger meat enclosed with cheddar cheese, cooked just nicely with some tasty sauce drizzle over it, plus further sprinkle of parmesan cheese powder, an immediate boast to the cheesy flavor. It comes with a fried mash potato ball, corn kernels, some tomatoes & a brocoli.

All served piping hot on a hot plate. I like the sauce that goes with the hamburger steak, the mince meat was well marinated as well, but although I am a cheese lover, the overloading of the cheese can be a little heavy, especially it is to goes with rice, but my husband seemed to like it.

watami cheesy hamburger steak

Next my husband also ordered french fries which he never do, to my surprise, the french fries come in quite a fancy set up. They are placed in a small metal bucket, kind of remind me of the chips in fish & chips dishes in NZ, with ketchup and a sweet thai chili sauce.

All of us enjoy every bit of it, even it is just a very simple dish. The french fries were cooked to perfection. Very crispy on the outside & powdery inside. With a few sprinkle of seaweed, the sweet thai chili sauce was very addictive, the tanginess cut the greasiness of the fries and give an instant kick to this simple dishes. ($5.80++)

watami french fries

I was hoping to actually have some spicy fish roe (mentaiko) on that day, so while fipping the menu, I came across this potato mentaiko salad, which sound rather interesting. You are supposed to DIY this salad ($6.80++) which comes with boiled potatoes, mentaiko spicy fish roe paste, onions, carrots, bacon bits, parmesan cheese & cesaer dressings.

watami potato mentaiko salad montage

The ceasar dressings goes very well with the mashed potatoes, the carrots however was a bit under cooked, so I have difficulty mashing it up. The bacons gave it extra bites, and with the burnt bits, make every mouthful sinfully delicious.

The toppings of mentaiko spicy fish roe was generous, and taste very good on its own, however with the ceasar dressing, the flavor of the dressing somehow over powered the fish roe just a little bit. Nevetheless, I still enjoy this dish. I think my son did too, as he was busy trying to figure out how to mash all the ingredients up in the bowl. It was all fun to him. 🙂

One thing to note is that, the restaurant air condition is pretty strong, I think one of the reason I can think of is that many of their sets come with mini hot stove, so you won’t feel the heat. You might want to bring a jacket for the little ones if you do go there for their lunch set. 🙂

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Locations : 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #03-82/83/85/102/108/109, Singapore 059817
Tel: (65) 6323 3398 / 1130am – 11pm / reservations available

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