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If you have read my posting about Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012 at Isetan, by now you will probably be excited to know what’s in store for you at this fair.

So to let you have a glimpse of the goodies at Winter Hokkaido Fair at Isetan, you can check out what I have got and also what will be your target this food fair. 🙂

Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan

Of course when it comes to Hokkaido, you will have never ending delicacies, and one of them is the dried fish, which you only need to grill it on pan or oven, and it goes so well with just plain rice or porridge. They also sell marinated salmon, great for grilling. You will love the smoky flavor for sure.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan dried fish

At the fair, there are also various types of vegetables from Hokkaido, one of them is the Nagaimo which is Yam, you can grate this yam and then mix with tuna sashimi or even just drizzle on plain hot rice.

 Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan nagaimo yam

There is also corn powder which you can make into instant corn soup, tasted the sample and it taste so good! $16 per pack, and you can get 1 free if you buy 5 pack. Combine orders from your colleagues perhaps?

It comes with various flavor, Hokkaido Vegetable Flakes like potato flakes / pumpkin flakes / corn flakes.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan corn powder

Besides edible products, they also have many counters that sell the non edibles, like peppermint oil and also skin care products.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan cosmetics

Walking through, there are more seafood to come! There were many chilled raw seafood appetizers that will whet your appetite for more. The items are weighed and priced mostly at $7.80/100g, and you can sample your most favourite one before you buy.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan appetizer

The chilled dish was something new, which was different from the one I bought at Takashimaya Winter Hokkaido Fair 2012, but as I was looking more on hot food, so I didn’t get any this time round.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan appetizers

If you are keen in getting snacks rather than cooked food, check out the bean snacks, crunchy and savory, really addictive indeed. Price at $6.80/80g or $18 for 240g.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan bean snack

I see many people clearing off the sashimi bento, which includes salmon, crab meat, ikura, price between $24 up to $40 per pack.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan sashimi bento

Scallops is abundance in the Winter Hokkaido Fair, and you will not be disappointed with the variety and quality of it. 🙂

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan scallops

There is also packed squid rice, which is stewed squid enclosed with rice, price at $7.90 each pack which comes in two pieces.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan squid rice

Although there is a ramen booth at the fair, you can also get your fill and bring home to cook, they even have boiled eggs and also boiled cha siew, so you can cook your noodles at the convenience of your sweet home. Oh, by the way, they also have cha siew bento as well, price at $6, although it look small but from the look at it, it pack a punch too! 🙂

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan stewed pork and ramen

Crab legs are available, and you can definitely get your fills here.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan crab leg

Of course Hokkaido potato croquette is always a main stay in Hokkaido fair, you can get Hokkaido Scallop ($4) and many other flavours like crab meat, creamy potato, price from $2.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan croquette

You can see, even though it is the first day of Winter Hokkaido Fair, the place is already bumping with people who want to check out and savor the delicacies from Hokkaido 🙂

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan fried items

From seaweed at the entrance, every step forward is slowed down by all the yummy food and sampling around!

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan seaweed

Price start from $7.80 for the seaweed, and of course it will taste so great with hot steam rice or just sprinkle onto to some soup.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan shabu crab legs

Oh, there is also shabu shabu crab legs too, frozen and so you are ensure to be able to keep it in the freezer for some time, and take out for the special occasions, they also have the crab and meat ball, $15 for 10 pcs, generous portions for sampling available, I liked that a lot, because it is really flavorful

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan shiroikoebito

And how can it be a Hokkaido Fair without any desserts! Shiroikoebito is always the favourite for most shoppers, either for gifts or for own little sinful consumption at home, price from $18 plus (12pcs) up to $90 over for different qty.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan chocolate and cheese cake

Cheese cake, chocolates and cakes – all checked, so many variety you will feel you are in a little wonderland. 🙂

I even found the chocobi, which is a chocolated coated corn kernels, my neighbours bought 1 pack for my son during her Hokkaido trip, and my son loved it so much! fun for the kids to eat and taste mighty tasty, over here it is price at $6 each pack.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan Desserts

Freshly made swiss roll in really cute boxes, will definitely cheer anybody up as a gift!

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan grilled items

Outside Isetan, there are piping hot grilled items like scallops, potatoes, to commemorate Isetan 40th anniversay, they are selling $5 per pack of 3 colors potatoes.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan beer

I could not resist the aroma and also got a pack home, tasted great, savory and powdery each bite, you can taste the potato sweetness in it, really great if you can get the Japanese beer from the fair too to go with it. 🙂

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan tin can food

There are also many tin can food like tuna for sale there too, good time to stock up and have a change from the usual Ayam brand 🙂

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan fresh ramen

There is also a ramen booth where you can get your piping hot ramen, while I was there, the queue is already starting to form, I guess this is one of the highlight in this fair.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan potato chips and cookie

Okay, for me personally in every fair, I will scout some new flavour potato chips, it is kind of a tradition for me. This time round, there is no difference, hee hee.. I managed to find a kombu shoyu (sea kelp with soya sauce) flavoured chips, ($2.80 / buy 4 get 1 free for different flavours) and also grilled pork rice bowl flavour potato chips! ($2.50)

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan potato chips and cookie

Now you know why I am always checking out for new flavours, how Japanese can come up with so many new flavours and concoction is really beyond my imagination, and the best part is, 9 out of 10 flavours hit the right note too, of course the limited edition printed on the packet always lure me for more 🙂

So for me that’s my goodies from this fair.

Hokkaido Fair 2012 Isetan potato chips

How about you? 🙂

Happy Sampling & Shopping!


Date : 17 February 2012 – 27 February 2012

Locations : 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Singapore 238868

Tel : 6733 1111 Fax: 6734 7083

Business Hours : Open Daily 10am – 930pm

How to get there : Nearest Orchard MRT
Orchard MRT Station
Buses : 7, 36, 105, 111, 123, 132, 174, 174E, 502, 521
36, 124, 143, 162, 162X, 174, 174E, 518, 512, C1
54, 124, 143, 162M, 162X, 162, 181M
43, 105, 124, 132, 143, 162, 162X, 518

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