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Happy New Year to all readers 🙂

First posting in 2012, I believe many readers probably had a great New Year feasting and partying last night. I also did my fair share of feasting, before Chinese New Year comes by, there is always a Japanese New Year feasting at our household, we usually do it small, but this year, I thought we wanted something special – I will not cook. (er.. may be just a little 🙂 )

Japanese New Year which is 1 January is just like Chinese Lunar New Year in Singapore, they eat gorgeous food like crabs, sushi, sweet beans & chestnuts, and many others, and one of the must have is Japanese soba which signifies longevity and good health. You know something like eating mee sua or the longevity noodles during your birthdays? 🙂

Japanese New Year Sushi

So, to give my husband a treat to kick start the Japanese New Year, I have went to Hokkaido Fair which you probably know from my posting yesterday. Right after the Hokkaido Fair, my husband suggested that we should have some nice sushi for the celebration, so we headed to Isetan Scotts Japanese supermarket to get some sushi.

Isetan japanese supermarket is one of the few which I highly recommend for take home sushi, the other one is Meidiya japanese supermarket at liang court. Their sushi are really fresh and at the price I am paying, it is even better than the ones I order from restaurants.

japanese new year side dishes

Over at Isetan supermarket, its really bumping with lots of shoppers, especially japanese shoppers going for last minute shopping, and collecting their New Year bentos. There were also many booths set up selling japanese New Year goodies as well.

As I am a big fan of side dishes, I also bought a few, mostly fish roe made appetizers, one of my favorite is fish roe salad, which is cubes of fish roes with salad cream and also this tangy herring fish roe salad, which has a marinate of vinegar in it, truly appetizing.

Japanese New Year side dishes

Placed them in a nice dish, just added more festive spirits during the New Year 🙂

japanese new year sticky rice

As we also got sticky rice at Yonehachi, we were happily looking forward to our New Year celebration. The sticky rice from Yonehachi cost $8.80 for 5 flavors, which is salmon, scallop, red bean, chestnut and vegetarian. Looking so cute in a box packed with 5 pieces.

japanese new year sushi from isetan

Next is the highlight of the feasting, Sushi! there were many New Year bentos and also sushi platter, so we also chosed one which we absolutely crave for, Cost around $30 for one large plater, and we added some ootoro and also negitoro sushi as well.

japanese new year sushi

Sushi selection comes in crab meat, ikuro fish roe, sword fish, salmon, high grade tuna. Every piece melt in the mouth, especially the tuna, a great dish in the New Year feasting!

Japanese New Year Soba

And of course, soba is a must have, got my hands on some air flown New Year hand made fresh soba as they set up an individual counter just selling it. It comes with sachets of soba sauce, cost $14.50 for 3, enough to serve 3 people, I actually thought it was a little expensive, but still cheaper than having it at a restaurant.   

My son loved it when I cook it in hot soba soup, the noodles was really chewy and springy, which is something you can’t find in instant soba. The soba sauce was great too, full bodied flavor of dashi goodness! Great way to celebrate and toast to good health. 🙂

Japanese New Year Feast

So here it is, table full of happiness 🙂 Cheers!

Japanese New Year Feast

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