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I was watching Club Magic the other day with my son, and there were kids doing some artwork, they introduced this product called the yummy dough which is technically a kind of edible play dough and I google a bit to check where I can get it. I eventually got it from Spring at nex, where you can get baby stuff and maternity wear. It coest $25 a box, rather steep for a box of cookie dough mix, but the ingredients and the concept does seemed to be quite interesting, I decided to give it a try.

This “cookie mix” originated from Germany, the ingredients that goes into this yummy dough is vegetable essence, like beets, spinach, etc, which give them very distinctive colors.

There are 4 packets of cookie powder in it. A syringe to add exact 15ml of water into each packets of dough powder, and a small plastic knife. The powder comes in 4 colors, yellow, blue, green and red.

With these 4 colors, you can mix it up with water, and then by combining the dough, you can therefore, create even more color, and the list of colors goes on & on & on…

Tips :I do recommend you planning out what kind of shapes you want to make before you mix the dough powder in water, because the dough does get hard quite easily.

I figure out this will be a great activity with my son, as he loves to get his hands dirty, so I have prepared the worst and lay everything nicely on the table and invited him to sit with me with my mother watching over him in case he decide to use the dough like play dough and place it on the floor to roll his little soccer balls…..

I must admit, there are times where I nearly scream like him mixing up all the color dough together, but it actually was a lot of fun playing with him with this dough, because I know after I baked them, he will love it even more, since he has tried his hands on it.

We made quite a few shapes, and here is the fruits of our hardwork! Wahla!

yummy dough cookies

Taste wise, I would say it taste “healthy”, it does not taste sweet, just a tiny little bit of sweetness to eat, as an adult I prefer something with more kick but I think for kids, it is good, since it does not taste so artificially sweet. The texture is a bit hard thou, I guess is because of the lack of butter in it.

The color is cool thou, and kids will love it, I shared some with my neighbours, and their feedback was the same, the kids love it, but not very much for the adult. Oh well, I guess this is good enough, as this mainly target kids.

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Happy Cooking!



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