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Hi there

For some pure cooking enjoyment, check out Silit Cooking pots. Base on the advantages of these pots, looks something promising. 🙂

Takashimaya Silit Pot SaleTakashimaya Silit Pot Sale

Silit states that they are 100% authentic taste because the pots are :

  • Non porous closed surface which means tougher than steel, ceramic and non porous, cut & wear resistant
  • Nickel free surface which is ideal for those with allergies, neutral to taste
  • Anti baterial which prevents growth and mutiplication of bateria on the surface of the cooking utensils

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Hi there

Today I went to Takashimaya and saw these little bright looking kitchen gadgets, aside functionality, gorgeous to add some spark in your kitchen or as what they say A Burst of Summer Colors. 🙂

takashimaya burst of colors promotions takashimaya burst of colors promotions

Pricing of these colorful gadgets 🙂

  1. Paper Design Paper Napkins $6
  2. Hario 240ml Coffee & Tea Plunger $25.90
  3. Konitz Mug $18.90
  4. A1 Big Soup Cup with Wooden Spoon $10.90
  5. Koziol Flipp Cutting Board $32.50 each
  6. Kai Kitchen Knives $49 – $53

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Hi there

Scanpan which is one of the leading producers of non stick cookware for more than 5 decades is currently running a trade in promotion island wide. 🙂

scanpan trade in promotions

Bring in any old cookware and trade up for a Scanpan Classic Fry Pan (from 20 – 28cm) at 35% less PLUS additional $30 off.

  • 20cm Fry Pan : UP$149 – Now $96.85 (save 35%) Less $30 (Trade In) = $66.85!
  • 24cm Fry Pan : UP$179 – Now $116.35 (save 35%) Less $30 (Trade In) = $86.35!

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Hi there

Lately I have been watching those TV shopping channels, and was got so excited by all the new Korean cookware products. And there I am, got my first Happycall Pan too. The pan is fabulous and I will be posting soon on my discovery 🙂

But I am also eyeing these ceramic Korean cookware too, so I am actually checking around and comparing prices too.

takashimaya household bonanza promotions

And there I saw Takashimaya is also selling ceramic cookware, it is supposed to be good for the environment, without any toxic elements in it.

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Hi there

Isetan / Takashimaya / Tangs have just the right tool for you this Festive seasons, check out all the kitchenware like pots, Casserole, die casted cookware, fry pan

Isetan Neoflam promotions

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Hi there,

Its end of the year soon, and what’s next after New Year? Yes, its Chinese New Year, its that time of the year again, changing new furniture, kitchen gadgets, doing your spring cleaning.

As Tangs / Takashimaya are starting to roll our kitchen gadgets promotions, I will load some of these so that it will help you with your next purchase decision 🙂

For Takashimay Zoujirushi brand, you can get 1L Handy Flask with every $200 purchase of Zojirushi brands, while stock lasts.

As for Tangs, branded kitchen electronics are going at $99, some slashing from $198 as well.

<Takashimya Modern Living with Zojirushi Promotions>

Takashimaya Zojirushi Modern Living Sale

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