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Visited Claypotfun at East Coast Big Splash couple weeks back, as one of us was raving about how good the claypot rice is. Claypotfun is actually under the Jumbo Seafood group, and one of their biggest selling point is that their dishes is made from scratch, so they only cook the claypot rice  upon order, and usually takes around 20 mins for a piping hot claypot rice.

Claypotfun at East Coast

Their menu boast a series of South China or Cantonese style dishes and over there, you might find a little different from the singapore style claypot rice. They do not use dark sauce for flavouring, but rather they let the ingredients to do the talking, enhancing flavours using salted fish, marinated meats and seafood to obtain the natural flavours with the smoky grains that goes into each order.

If you prefer, they also have their in house secret recipe home made light soy sauce to stir in to up that claypot flavour.

Claypotfun at East Coast

As mentioned, they are situated at East Coast, Big Splash area, so to be it is kind of not that accessable if you do not have your own transport, luckily we were driving that day, and a few of us were armed with an empty belly so we were really looking forward to this.

claypotfun at east coast

This restaurant can sit around 70 diners, and has a oriental traditional decor, sort of bringing you back to the olden times, with dark wooden sleek decor.

Claypotfun at East Coast

Serving staff was prompt, however, it is also kind of strange how the manager are not there to take orders as well, I tried to add on some orders, and when I waved at the manager, he seemed to be reluctant to response, and ordered others to do the work, so it was kind of strange. Other than that, service was prompt and staff was courteous, even when we were fidgeting about other additional orders, they still have a smile on their face. 🙂

claypotfun interior decor

claypotfun entrance

Okay, let’s shift the limelight back on the food. Their menu include the good old claypot rice, claypot dishes with vegetables, seafood and meats, cheong fun (steamed rice dough), congee and other side dishes. You can view the full menu and also pricing below on this post.

claypotfun claypot rice feast

As we have a few of us, we decided to tackle various flavour of claypot rice, side main dishes like pork liver, lettuce with fermented beancurd, cheong fun, pan fried carrot cake and also a century egg congee.

claypotfun claypot rice feast

The salted and preserved egg with pork congee ($5.50) was okay, nothing to shout about, but it was velvety and tasted like the rice grains was pre blended, texture wise, the execution was done quite well.

Moving on to main dishes, one of my favourite is definitely the lettuce with fermented beancurd ($7.00), it can be quite salty, but I feel this dish ought to be salty anyway to stand out the flavour of the lettuce, the lettuce cooked perfectly, married with the savoury of the fermented beancurd sauce, added a whole new dimension to it. No longer is the boring oyster sauce drenched rendition, this is really something that I like the most!

claypotfun lettuce fried with fermented beancurd

The pork liver ($9.00) came piping hot, and it tasted really good too, goes oh so well with the rice, pork liver was cooked just right with tenders slices of pork liver together with the fresh spring onions, every mouthful was a delight.

While the Eggplant with Salted Fish ($8.50) comes in this delicious sauce that is both appetizing and savory, both the pork liver and eggplant definitely goes perfectly well with white rice, but it also taste really good with the claypot rice, no complaints at all.

claypotfun pork liver

Now to the main stars – Claypot rice, every order can serve about 2 pax, we ordered the Claypot Rice with Kampong Chicken and Sausages ($13.80), Claypot Rice with Mixed Chinese Sausages ($17.80) and also Claypot rice with Pork Patty and Salted Fish ($12.80). All three tasted fabulous, rice grains was fluffy and so addictive after drizzle of the secret recipe soy sauce. The crispy bits at the bottom of the claypot rice is always the highlight, and it didn’t fail either.

claypotfun steampork with salted fish claypot rice

I especially like the Pork Patty with Salted Fish version, because the patty was not the normal patty you find in other restaurants, theirs seemed to be very springy, is like a hybrid between meat balls and patty, it does not taste greasy at all, and goes very well, with the smoky flavoured rice.

claypotfun chicken and preserved sausage claypot rice

The Kampong Chicken with Preserved Sausages was great too, the chicken was succulent and the saltiness of the preserved sausages was just right. So far, the restaurant that I visited, the preserved sausages that they use is either too oily or too dry with no fatty bits in them, however, this one was neither and is just what I like.

The Claypot Rice with Mixed Chinese Sausages was very colorful with the different sausages in it, I didn’t try the liver sausages, and also I could not take a clear photo as the claypot rice was served piping hot, so my photo was so blurry from the steam, that tells you how piping hot the order was.

claypotfun shrimp cheong fun

But not all the dishes are good here thou, we also attempt to order beyong their best sellers, which is cheong fun and pan fried carrot cake ($3.50) , although we visited them at lunch, we thought we will give it a try and see how it is. The steamed rice dough was not silky and actually tasted a little like those you purchased from the supermarket, every mouthful is rather doughy and tasted too much of the rice flour. Every order does comes with the soy sauce to drizzle over.

We ordered one Fried Fritters in Cheong Fun ($4.00) and also one Fresh Shrimp with Leek Cheong Fun ($4.50) which is supposed to be their best seller. The Fresh Shrimp cake with pieces of shrimp wrapped tightly around by the steamed rice dough, but there is no sight of any leek, if you call the toppings as leeks, then it might be a little pathetic, I think they probably have forgotten to add some in it. 🙁

claypotfun pan fried carrot cake

Home made carrot cakes comes with 2 pieces of pan fried carrot cakes, I will give A for the effort as they really fried the carrot cakes with nice crispy outer layers but too bad, the taste was rather blend, not even the chilli paste on the side can save this. It just tasted a bit too floury with not much radish and sausages bits in it.

While the Fried Fritters in Cheong Fun has always been my favourite when I was still in Macau, I am quite particular to how it is done. claypotfun fried dough cheong fun

This dish didn’t impress me at all over here too. First thing off, the fried fritters they used tasted it has been over fried, and also most of us can taste the distinct refried oil taste which really deters me from eating it further.

claypotfun pan fried dough cheong fun

After enjoying our main dishes, we were down to the dessert section to go! 🙂

But on that day, they only have Steamed Milkcurd ($4.50) and also the Hasma with Red Dates ($8.00), which was rather disappointing, as I was hoping to try out their Red Bean and Lotus Seed Soup.

We ordered both hot and cold version, and neither of us liked it, being from Macau, I seriously know how good steamed milkcurd can be, so this tasted more like custard rather than milkcurd, and it is not silky at all too. I couldn’t get my mind finishing even 3 mouthful, so we ended up everyone stuffing ourselves with 1 spoon to finish it, as we find the milk taste was overpowering.

While the Hasma with Red Dates comes in a nice set up, but then the others said it is just like sugar water, nothing special at all too.

claypotfun steamed milkcurd (cold)

If you want to check out the rest of their menus, here it is. 🙂

claypotfun menu


  • Fried Friter $1.20
  • Hong Kong Bolo Bun $2.50
  • Crispy Bun with Butter and Kaya $2.50
  • Crispy Bun with Butter and Condensed Milk $2.50
  • Homemade Fried Carrot Cake $3.50
  • Homemade Fried Yam Cake $3.50


  • Plain Cheong Fun $3.00
  • Mushroom and Sliced Chicken Cheong Fun $4.00
  • Fried Fritters in Cheong Fun $4.00
  • Luohan Vegatarian Cheong Fun $4.00
  • Pork Liver with Celery Cheong Fun $4.50
  • Fresh Shrimp with Leek Cheong Fun $4.50
  • Sliced Fish with Salted Fish Cheong Fun $4.50
  • Beef with Celery Cheong Fun $5.00


  • Plain Conge $3.00
  • Sliced Fish Congee $4.50
  • Pork Liver Congee $5.50
  • Salted and Preserved Egg with Pork Congee  $5.50
  • Frog’s Legs Congee $7.50
  • Big Prawn Congee $7.50
  • Ginseng Chicken Congee $7.50


  • Claypot rice with Chicken Oil and Garlic $6.00
  • Claypot Rice with Pork Patty and Salted Fish$12.80
  • Claypot Rice with Pork Ribs and Fermented Bean $13.80
  • Claypot Rice with Black Pepper Beef and Egg $13.80
  • Claypot Rice with Kampong Chicken and Sausages $13.80
  • Claypot Rice with Assorted Seafood $15.80
  • Claypot Rice with Mixed Chinese Sausages $17.80
  • Add broth to the crispy rice base $2.00, you can also save $2.00 by upsizing to jumbo size


  • Watercress with Pork Ribs Soup $4.50
  • Sweet Corn and Carrot Soup $4.50
  • Herbal Chicken Soup $4.50
  • Melon and Lotus Root Soup $4.50
  • Pork Ribs with Kudzu Soup $4.50
  • Burdock with Pork Ribs Soup $4.50


  • Steamed Egg $5.50
  • Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken Wings $8.00
  • Pork Ribs with Garlic and Fermented Bean $8.90
  • Pork Liver $9.00
  • Pork Patty with Salted Fish $9.00
  • Fish Slices (Gong Bao or Ginger / Scallion) $9.50
  • Pork Belly with Salted Vegetables $12.00
  • Sweet and Sour Pork $12.00
  • Frog’s Legs Claypot (Gong Bao or Ginger / Scallion) $13.00
  • Homemade Tofu in Claypot $10.50


claypotfun menu


  • Hong Kong Style Steamed Vegetables with Sesame Sauce $7.00
  • Lettuce / Green Vegatables fried with Fermented Beancurd $7.00
  • Kangkong Fried with Shrimp Paste / Fermented Beancurd $8.00
  • Wawa vegetables with Salted Fish $8.00
  • Eggplant with Salted Fish $8.50


  • Homemade Soy Bean Drink $2.50
  • Honhg Kong Milk Tea $2.50
  • Coffee $3.50
  • Milo $$2.50
  • Chinese Pu-Er Tea $2.50
  • Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea $3.50
  • Green Oolong Tea $5.50
  • Honey Lemon Tea $3.50
  • Lemon Tea $3.50
  • Luohan Guo Drink $3.50
  • Barley $3.50
  • Pepsi $2.00
  • Diet Pepsi $2.50
  • Seven-up! $2.00
  • Tiger Beer (Draft) $4.80 (mug)
  • Tiger Beer (Draft) $18.90 (jug)
  • Water $0.30


  • Steamed Milkcurd $4.50
  • Hasma with Red Dates $8.00
  • Sweet Potato Soup $4.50
  • Red Bean and Lotus Seed Soup $4.50


Overall, I am really impress on the claypot rice, and the other claypot dishes, but I will most likely not going to order their cheong fun. Definitely going to explore more on other claypot rice flavours. I think the rest of the diners do agree with me judging by how we all cleared up the claypot dishes. 🙂

End to a wonderful claypot meal

Oh, they also serve breakfast too, so if you decide to go for your morning walks or exercise, you may want to pop by . 🙂


Locations : 902 East Coast Parkway Block B #01-11, Playground @ Big Splash, Singapore 449874

Tel: 6440 7975

Happy Dining!

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