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I was at Millenia Walk with my family the other day, heard quite a bit about twelve cupcakes which is opened by celebrity couple Daniel Ong & his wife Jamie Teo. If I am not wrong, their first outlet was at United Square, then they started to branch out to Millenia Walk and now to Market Street.

My husband was eyeing it for a while and told me this will be something good to post, so we head over there and bought 3 cup cakes to try it out.

twelve cupcakes logo

All the cup cakes sit nicely in a cup cake box specially make for cup cakes, there is a cupboard inside the beautiful bright pink box, which makes the cup cakes sitting nicely individually apart, ensuring that your cup cakes will not be smashed up inside the box.

twelve cupcakes packaging

It was a quiet afternoon, so it was quiet at the shop, I was quite suprise that given a quiet afternoon, there were 3 staff there, however they were busy chatting, and throughout the purchase, it kind of bother us a bit, because even when we ask them if single purchase meant 3 pieces, they were so distracted that they messed up the answer, which is a bit strange. Well let’s hope things will change. 🙂

twelve cupcakes packaging

There ia an instruction of how to store and reheat the cup cakes as well, how thoughtful 🙂

twelve cupcakes instructions

We decided to try out Red Velvet, Strawberry Chocolate and Chocolate Chocolate, total cost $9 for 3.

twelve cupcakes $3 each

Red Velvet is a red velvet cake with cream cheese toppings. While Strawberry Chocolate is a chocolate cake topped with strawberry infused buttercream. And last but not the list, Chocolate Chocolate is chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese toppings.

twelve cupcakes leaflet

They have quite a wide variety of cup cakes to choose from, and all of them I must say looks really appetizing, but as our family have just recovered from cold, we decided to just try 3 instead of more.

twelve cupcakes 3 singles

Each cup cake cost $3 each, which I thought was rather steep given the size, however, I changed my mind when I took a bite, it was really one of the best ones I have tried for a very long time. I am not a cup cake person, because I usually think cup cakes are a bit over rated, it tends to be quite hard and the frosting always deter me from getting one since it is usually overly sweet.

twelve cupcakes menu

However the cupcakes from twelve cupcakes was really really moist, it is like eating cakes rather than cup cakes, each mouthful was a delightful of sweetness and buttery flavour. The frosting was really good too, not a hint of sugar overdose, it was light yet full of flavors. I like the Strawberry chocolate, the strawberry infused butter cream was not heavy and gave it a light scent of strawberry sweetness which compliments the chocolate cake oh so well.

The Red Velvet was nice too, it was my second try of Red Velvet cake and surely didn’t regret for getting one.  🙂 Love the little red heart shape topping which can come in rather useful this coming Valentine’s Day. 🙂

My husband’s favourite was the Chocolate Chocolate, even though he is not a cup cake person as well, he was also convinced that it was good.

twelve cupcakes velvet and choco

Overall, the quality of these cupcakes are much better than most places, but $3 a pop, surely people will feel a bit apprehensive about it, but while I was writing this post, I start to get a cravings for these morsels of buttery goodness, so I guess even at $3, I would rather to pay for these than some cupcakes wannabes which charge about the same price. 🙂

Sure enough handmade with love written all over their packaging is really what makes the difference.

Cupcakes Reviews : Twelve Cupcakes at Millenia Walk

Locations : 101 Thomson Road B1-60 United Sq S(307591)
Tel : 6256 8130
Opening Hrs : 11am – 9pm

Locations : 9 Raffles Boulevard 01-52 Millenia Walk S(039596)
Tel : 6337 7680
Opening Hrs : 1030am – 9pm daily

Locations : 50 Market Street 01-28B Golden Shoe Carpark S(048940)
Tel : 6532 6012
Opening Hrs : 11am – 8pm (Closed on weekends and PH)

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