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I was armed with this coupon from Straits Times a few weeks back, which is a 20% discount coupon for the opening to this new buffet restaurant – Fisherman’s Market Seafood Buffet Restaurant in Central Clarke Quay and make it a point to check it out.

Fisherman’s Market Seafood Buffet Restaurant pride themselves in serving a wide array of scrumptious seafood, seafood are prepared in Japanese, Western & Chinese style. Their lunch menu include include appetizers, sushi & sashimi, cold seafood entree like oysters, shrimps, mussels, mains, teppanyaki & desserts.

Fisherman Market Poster at Entrance

Whereas for dinner, they have pasta & pizza menus as well. I have yet to try out their dinner buffet yet, I might post it the next timeI visit them, but their lunch buffet does serve pretty decent fare with some really good dishes.

Fisherman’s Market is located at both 1st & 2nd floor of Central. It can accomodate about 360 pax. As I was early with my family that day, we got to check out both entrances. Ground floor is alfresco & with a bar so you can kick back and have a few drinks there, while 2nd floor is where the buffet action takes place.

They have an escalator that directly bring you up to the second floor, so it is rather convenient, not needing to go and find the Central escalator to get there.

Fisherman Market 2nd Floor Entrance

Fisherman Market Banner

I personally love the ambience of the restaurant, daylight shining through all the windows, simple decoration, great view to the Singapore River, a great place for family and friends to gather around and have a great time.

Fisherman Market Ambience

Moving on, we were being ushered to our seats, as we were one of the first few parties that were there, we got to walk around and check out the buffet varieties without too many diners hovering around wherever.

The appetizer consists of several cold dishes, like potato salad, jelly fish salad, salmon & tuna sashimi, edamame, salmon skin salad, scallop with creamy dressing and many more.

Fisherman Market Appetizer Spread

I like their appetizer a lot, all the Japanese dishes that they made are really good, sashimi are fresh and replenish quickly. The potato sald was creamy and flavourful, and the appetizer like the jelly fish with cucumbers were savory and appetizing.

Cold udon are being served as well rather in small individual dishes, you can get the amount you want from the main wooden dish, sprinkle some spring onions with dashi and wasabi and you are in to a good start.

Fisherman Market Appetizer Assorted

Just a few tables away, I also see quite a few Japanese, ordering bottles of champagne to go with the buffet, like a champagne brunch buffet. Seemed like everyone was really having a good time there.

Fisherman Market Assorted Appetizer

Seafood on ice include freshly opened oyster, shrimps, mussel with salsa. Oyster although is a little small, but are extremly fresh, squeeze a little lemon and tabasco, and it will whet your appetize for the rest to come.

Fisherman Market Oyster

Sushi include california maki, salmon avocado roll, variety of handrolls, nigiri sushi. I was not a big fan of their sushi thou, because the seaweed were already soggy when I take it, especially the hand roll, that they made on the spot went really soggy when I see other diners pick them up.

Fisherman Market Sashimi & Sushi

Fisherman Market Tuna Sashimi

Next come the main, it includes soup like miso soup & chowder, chawanmushi, fried chicken wings, cheese omelette, Japanese dishes, seafood like mussel Provence, sweet & sour fish, chilli crab, black pepper crab, chicken with mushroom in rice, spaghetti, chawanmushi, basically a mixture of international cuisine, but more emphasis to Japanese cuisine.

Fisherman Market Main Course Spread

The chilli crab tasted good but a little disappointed as they use flower crab instead of sri lanka crabs, although eating the flower crab is so much more easier, I do want the crab meat to be firmer and juicier, but the chilli crab sauce was good and they also serve it with fried mantou.

Fisherman Market Chili Crab

My mum tried both black pepper and chilli crab, seemed like her portion of chilli crab was sri lanka crab instead, which was a bit strange, as mine definitely tasted different. Anyway, she enjoyed both.

Fisherman Market Chilli Crab & Salad

They also placed some cold dish creations like marinated lady’s finger, tofu with bonito flakes, and side salad like hokkai salad, which is mini portion of seafood salad.

Fisherman Market Side Dish Spread

Fisherman Market Hokkai salad

Fisherman Market Tofu side dish

You can also get your hands with some freshly fried tempura, teppanyaki in beef or chicken, and also vegetables, I managed to try out a piece of the black pepper steak, again sauce was tasty and peppery but the meat was a bit over cooked and got a bit tough.

Basically for this section, you will need to bring the orange plastic paper clips to the teppayaki counter and drop into the basket of your choice which will indicate which dishes you want. They will serve accordingly, like for me 1 clip = 1 piece of steak. Save your time to queue for your food.

Fisherman Market Tempura

I find this place serve quite good Japanese cuisine, the western cuisine was a little let down, not because they weren’t good, but it tasted blend, but the Japanese dishes were served pretty authentic, which prompted my husband saying he saw a few japanese chef chatting up with some Japanese customers. I think may be he was right, as the Japanese dishes really fare much better than the rest.

Fisherman Market Main Assorted

Drinks counter is located right in the middle of the dining hall. You can get cold drinks like juices, soda, ice lemon tea, ice coffee, while hot drinks like hot coffee, earl grey tea, chamomile tea and green tea. Tea all comes in tea bags, while I was queuing I saw a few people asked for ice coffee, I guess that must be nice.

Fisherman Market Decor

As to the finale of the buffet, here comes the dessert spread, the spread includes variety of cakes and brownies, swiss roll, eclairs, creme brulee, mixed fruit punch, mushmallow/waffer & freshly cut fruits for your dipping pleasure at the chocolate fountain.

Japanese warabi mochi, (Japanese kueh which is coated with soya bean powder or matcha powder) drizzle with honey or brown sugar sauce & also a soft cone machine with toppings, too bad that day the machine wasn’t working, and the staff seemed to be having a difficult time with it. 

Fisherman Market Dessert Spread

Fisherman Market Chocolate Fountain

The cakes were all in bite size, so you will get to enjoy all variety without having to stuff yourself silly just to try it out. We all like the eclairs althou it doesn’t look as nice as it taste, somehow the chocolate looked like it started to melt but nevertheless it is still mighty tasty.

The swiss roll were light and the cream does not taste heavy with a little preserve or jam, it tasted just right. I thought the cakes was just okay, nothing exciting thou, light & fluffy, I was hoping for cakes, it can taste a little richer, so it will be perfect to end the buffet.

Fisherman Market Cakes & Pastry

But I must say the warabi mochi was great!! I love both the soya bean powder and matcha flavor, the soya bean powder gave it a hint of sweetness and goes well with the syrup, chewy & tasty, while the matcha flavour goes even better with the syrup, a little bitterness of the matcha powder give a surperb contrast to the sweetness of the syrup, my kind of dessert!

Fisherman Market Warabi & Mixed Fruit

The creme brulee was not my cup of tea thou, as i like it served a bit warm, the air condition in the room has already cooled it down, I think it will taste great if it is served warm. It just lack that wonderful custard egg flavor.

Overall the dessert was decent, pair it up with some Earl Grey tea, and kick back to relax through the afternoon while enjoying the company, great time.

Fisherman Market Western & Jap Dessert

Plates were cleared promptly and the waiters and waitresses are attentive. I was checking out the teppanyaki section figuring out how to order, when the waiter just run up to me and ask me if I needed any help, and helped me out with it.

Fisherman Market

Fisherman Market scenery

All in all, there are some hits & misses but overall I will go back there as my husband really liked the place.  The whole family do agree that the Japanese dishes outshine the rest, and I particularly like their range of appertizers which is something different from other buffet restaurants.

Price : Lunch $29.90++ (Mon-Fri)12pm-3pm(Last Order 2:30pm) / $39.90++(Sat,Sun & Holiday)12pm-3pm(Last Order 2:30pm)
Dinner $39.90++(Mon-Thu & Sun)6pm-11pm(Last Order 10:00pm) / $44.90++(Fri,Sat & Holiday Eve)  6pm-11pm(Last Order 10:00pm)

Promotions : (1) Sunday Seafood Buffet Lunch with Free Flow of Champagne till end of Oct for $39.90++ (12pm-3pm) / (2) I was chatting with the waiter and they said latest promotions they have is, child under 12 dines for free. Not sure if this will become a permanent thing, but it sure sounds like a great deal to me.

Locations : #01-15, & #02-17 The Central at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Tel : 62213177

Nearest MRT : Clarke Quay MRT Stn

Happy Dining!

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