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If you are tired of eating the thick crust pizzas, and wanted something for a change, you might want to check out Flam’s at Orchard Central. They serve sole Flammekueche or Tarte Flambée, which is a kind of French pizza.

French + Pizza, sound a little weird huh? That’s what I thought when I first come across this place, so I didn’t get to try it out. But after I found out they have this express lunch deal, I thought why not, good time to try it out and see how the French compete with the Italians 🙂

Flam's at Orchard Central

Tucked at the corner at Orchard Central, it is just right next to the escalator, so you will get to spot it quite easily. It was still pretty quiet when we reached there, so we still have some skepticism in us. haha…


Flam's at Orchard Central

Their specialty pizza is made of a thin crust, spread with home made creamy base of yogurt & spices and with delicious creme fraiche, with chopped ingredients and baked in the oven for less than 3 mins is basically what you can get here. Serve piping crusty hot. 🙂

Flam's at Orchard Central

Service crew there is not very attentive though, we have a difficult time trying to get their attention, given the fact that there were only 2 tables occupied.

We ordered the Express Lunch set ($11.90++), which include :

  • 1 Traditional Flam of our choice
  • 1 side salad
  • 1 soft drink

Flam's at Orchard Central

We tried out The Authentic Traditional which consist of smal bacon strips smoked over beech wood with onions and aldo The Fresh Mushroom Grantinee which consist of fresh mushroom slices, french emmental cheese, small bacon strips and onions.

Flam's at Orchard Central

Salad was served first. Like their salad as it was very fresh, with just the right amount of dressing over it.

Flam's at Orchard Central

Once the pizza arrived, I find the really thin crust, tasted like baked tortilla, very light very crispy. Size is about A4, or slightly larger. We were wondering if this is going to be  a full meal. 🙂

Flam's at Orchard Central

I personally prefer the Mushroom Gratinee over the Authentic Traditional, as it is much more flavourful. If the ingredients taste just plain on a thin pizza base, I feel it does no justice to it at all, so this version is quite a good mix.

Flam's at Orchard Central

Sprinkle a few drops of Tabasco will be what it takes to have a very appetizing meal.

Flam's at Orchard Central

I recommend you to only eat half of the salad, and keep the balance half to eat with the pizza, throw a few greens in and wrapped it up with the pizza, it taste mighty good.

By the time, we were half way to finishing the pizza, the crowd starts to set in and you can see groups of people ordering different flavours so they can share among themselves. Too bad their express lunch set only restrict to the Traditional Flams.

Flam's at Orchard Central

And before the end of the meal, we were really stuffed, do not estimate the power of thin pizzas, it can get quite filling too. 🙂

I will definitely go there for more, and at this express set lunch price, $11.90++ for a french meal, its quite value for money actually. Now I just wonder, why French women are always svelte, looking at these pizzas and the diet, I might know why it is. 🙂

By the way, they have kid’s meal too. 😀 A good healthier alternative to the traditional grease laden pizzas.

Flam’s Singapore Menu


  • Farmer’s roasted pumpkin soup $8.80
  • The traditional french onion soup $10.00
  • Mushroom Cream soup $8.80


  • Salade Normade – warm potates, camembert, greeen salad, walnuts, chives $12.00
  • Salad with roasted goat cheese – roasted mild goat cheese on toastes, green salad, tomatoes, walnuts $12.00
  • Salade Riviera – tomates, cucmber, feta cheese, green salad & black olives $11.00
  • Farmer’s Salad – roasted bacon, poached egg, green salad, tomatoes, croutons $11.00
  • Salade Bressane – roasted chicken, fresh mushroom, sweet corn, green salad, tomates, hives $12.00
  • Plateau de Fromages – authentic french cheese platter (camembert, bleu & mild goat cheese), cornichons $14.00
  • Plateau de Rillettes de Canard – authentic french duck rillette, cornichons $14.00
  • Alsatian style Roasted Sausage – roasted chicken sausage, slice of cheese, bacon $11.00


  • The authentic Traditional – small bacon strips smoked over beech wood with onions $12.90
  • The Fresh Mushroom – fresh mushroom slices, small bacon stripes smoked over beech wood with onions $14.00
  • The Gratinee – french emmental cheese, small bacon strips smoked over beech wood with onions $14.00
  • The Fresh Mushroom grantinee – fresh mushroom slices, french emmental cheese, small bacon strips smoked over beech wood with onions $16.00


  • The Famous Goat Cheese Honey – mild goat chees,e drizzel of honey,smal bacon strips, smoked over beech wood with onions $18.00
  • The Parmentiere – minced beef, grilled potatoes, french emmental cheese and onions $19.00
  • The French – Authentic french camembert, walnuts, chives, small bacon strips smoked over beech wood with onions $18.00
  • The 100% Vegetable – grilled potatoes, peppers, fresh mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, whole grain mustrd & onion $16.00
  • The Prvencale – tuna, peppers, black olives, onion and basil $17.00
  • Theh Chicken Tarragon – roasted chicken breast, fresh mushroom slices, whole grain mustard, onions and tarragon $17.00
  • The Charolaise – minced beef, whole grain mustard, onion & green salad $18.00


  • Saetzle with cream sauce with bacon & french emmental cheese $16.00
  • Spaetzle with mushroom cream sauce $16.00
  • Spaetzle with tomato sauce $15.00


  • The chococlate $6.00
  • The carame chocolate $6.50
  • The banana chocolate $6.50
  • The apple Cinnamon $6.50
  • The pear almond chocolte $7.00
  • The Flambee calvados $9.00


  • Creme Brulee $8.00
  • Chocolate Lava Cake $8.00
  • Frozen Souffle $10.90
  • Vacherin style ice spaetzle – unique vanilla ice cream receip with strawberry coulis, meringue cookie & whipped cream $10.00
  • Dame Blanche – vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream $8.90
  • Poire Belle – Helene – Vanilla ice cream, pear, chocolate sauce, whipped cream $8.90
  • Coupe Colonel – Lemon sherbet, vodka shot $9.60
  • Coup Cafe Baileys – cafe espress, baileys’ shot $9.60
  • Premium ice cream 1/2/3 scoops $4/$6/$8 (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cafe espresso, walnut butterscotch, mango, lemon & lime
  • French macaron trip (chocolate / pistachio / raspberry) $7.90
  • Coffee gourmand – espresso, 1 sccop of vanilla ice cream, 1 french raspberry macaron, 1 mini brownie, 1 mini canele $12.00
  • Tea Gourmand – organic tea, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 french raspberry macaron, 1 mini brownie, 1 mini canele $12.00


  • Any Mini Traditional Flam’s
  • 1 soft drink
  • Any mini sweet Flam’s or 1 scoop of ice cream


Price : $11.90++

Date : Monday to Friday

Time : 1145 – 2pm

Locations : 181 Orchard road, #02-30, Orchard Central Singapore 238896

Tel : 68844202

Happy Dining!

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