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The other day my colleague was inviting a few of us to have pancakes for lunch, she was raving about how good the savory pancakes were especially the garlic buttered prawns w pancakes, my first thought was :
1) pancakes!? Is it going to be filling for lunch?
2) savory pancakes!? I luvvv garlic n somemore is on pancakes – I got to get my hands on it!

So we went to Prinsep street to look for the restaurant called Strictly pancakes, it was just one of the small restaurant along the Prinsep street. It has a upper level which I have yet to check out but judging by the crowd of mostly students from probably lasalle arts school and nafa, I would say they are definitely drawing the right crowd.

strictly pancakes

Ok back to the pancakes, once we were seated, we were being guided to the menu which teaches us how to order their delicious pancakes.

Step one
Choose your stack, basically the pieces you want which is small($5.5 for 2 pcs), medium($7 for 3 pcs) and large ($8.5 for 4 pcs)
Step Two
Choose your butter to go with the maple syrup, options of salted, unsalted, garlic & herbs and rum & raisin
Step Three
Order any add ons to make your combination or rely the good old standard menu

The garlic buttered prawns served with 3 piping hot pancakes, with a side of rocket salad, not bad of a start indeed! The buttery garlic sauce and the overload of the crushed garlic compliments very well with the thick fluffy pancakes, my colleagues ordered the other flavours, like chicken a la king and apple with cinnamon, which are delicious too.

garlic butter strictly pancakes
$14 – succulent prawns sauteed with loads of garlic and butter, served with piping hot pancakes! The rocket salad was a nice touch, sort of clearing my palate for other flavours.
garlic butter strictly pancakes 2

garlic butter strictly pancakes 3

apple cinnamon strictly pancakes
$10 – Apple with Cinnamon
salmon run strictly pancakes
$13 Salmon run – smoked salmon served with dill sauce on pancakes
chicken a la king strictly pancakes
$13 chicken thigh with cream sauce serve with asparagus on top of pancakes

My recommendation is to polish off the first couple of pieces of pancakes with the garlic butter sauce and leave the last one to go with the maple syrup and butter. I personally love the rum and raisin because it instantly turns the savory dish into a dessert and the butter with a tiny hint of rum goes oh so well with the pancakes. A hands down winner.

maple syrup & rum & raisin strictly pancakes

Please don’t be fooled by the portion, just like me,  because it is actually very filling, I am not a small eater and when I hit my second piece, I am already calling for backup from my colleague. I recommend 2 orders if you have 3 pax or 3 orders for 4 pax, different varieties, so you glad to try on both on the savory and sweet pancakes.

I love pancakes in whatever form, especially when I make it for my son for breakfast but in the past I was just into the good old maple syrup and butter, who knows savory can go so well with pancakes! I was all pumped up to go to the supermarket and get myself some instant Japanese pancake powder so I can make some creative savory pancakes for my family, who knows another twist to the butter? Orange peel butter sounds good to me too^^

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