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I got this muffin mix one day when I was browsing new products at cold storage, as I like to do artwork and do something like making cookies with my son to occupy his time instead of running around everywhere in the house.  I think this product of around $3 bucks can do the trick, just what I need, simple kids recipes plus pancakes or muffins in mins!

This Betty Crocker Tiple Berry Muffin Mix can make both muffins & pancakes. (About 6 muffins or 10 pcs of pancakes)

Betty Crocker Powder

Although the flavour is artificially made with imitation berries, at least for $3 bucks, it can be fun and if anything goes wrong, I don’t get heartache that bad compared to a pack of $8 bucks worth, panic free!

Ok, another good thing about this is it only require water to make so fuss free, no meed to worry about eggs, milk, how much raising flour to put etc.. Plus it only really takes less than 3 mins from pouch to oven!

My first attempt was making easy muffin, let my son poured water into the powder n mixed it. I don’t even have to worry about him dipping his fingers n taste the mixture, with all the raw eggs and stuff.

The muffin was baked for about 20 mins, and smelled heavenly, my son & husband loved it, but I felt there was a lack of buttery taste and the texture is not a fluffy like those you bought from a store, may be because we add water in it, next time I might try using milk instead, see if it will give a nicer texture to it,  but it is still a good snack.

I can’t really complain about this, because for $3 bucks I get 6 decent size muffins which my family likes.

Betty Crocker Muffin Pics 3

As my first round of muffin baking was a success & my son really liked it, I got myself a second pack. This time I plan to make some mixed berries pancake!

All you need is just 2/3 cup of water, 1 egg, 2 teaspoon of oil, 2 tablespoon of flour and the powder, easy peasy. I also steamed some pear and also cut up some kiwi fruits to go with the pancakes as well.

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes

Just mix all the ingredients into a bowl, always put the dry ingredients first, then subsequently the wet ones, so that the mixture can be mixed throughly to avoid any lumpy powder in it. (It is that easy!)

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Powder
Once you open the pack, you will find many bits of mixed berries in it.

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Mixture
Pour in the egg & also the cooking oil (or you can use olive oil or even melted butter)
Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Post Mixing
Mix it with a fork or whisk, I added a little more flour into the mixture as i feel the mixture was a bit runny if I follow exactly from the instructions on the packet.

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Cooking 1

Next just have your non stick pan ready, low to medium heat, scoop a tablespoon of the mixture on to the heated pan, and wait till there are bubbles forming on the pancakes and flip to the other side.

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes with Bubbles

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Cooked

Decorate the pancakes with your favourite or seasonal fruits, or even some maple syrup or chocolate sauce.

And there you go~ piping hot pancakes in mins, I think the pancakes will go very well with sliced banana & make it a dessert with ice cream & chocolate sauce & almond flakes all over it.  Yum~

Steam Pear Pancakes 2

Betty Crocker Mixed Berries Pancakes Kiwi Pancakes

Compare to both muffin & pancakes, I prefer the pancakes, as the cooking process produce a crispy sides which taste great with the berries mixture in it.  Next time thou, I will see if I can swap some of the ingredients, like oil for butter, or water for milk to make it better

Overall, I am happy with my Betty Crocker muffin mix, I feel at $3, it serve the purpose of quick muffin / pancakes on the go, plus I get to enjoy spending time with my son making this, and we also enjoy eating it, so hope you can also try this out.

I also did purchase a pizza base mix from the Betty Crocker brand as well, will try it out and upload the photos again for your viewing pleasure. ^^

Quick & Simple Recipe : Instant Muffin & Pancakes Recipe

Happy Cooking!

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