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I know when many people go to Mandarin Gallery for meals, they will opt for Ippudo Ramen, Jones the Grocer or Wild Honey, but do you know there is this really good Japanese place that is frequent by Japanese salarymen?

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

This place is none other than Suju which is just located next to Ippudo Ramen.

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

This is one of the place if you want to try out some really good Japanese rice as they pride themselves in cooking up some fluffy yet al dente Japanese rice.

This time round, we went there for lunch and got to experience how good it is.

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

Arriving there before the lunch crowd sets in and you will be greeted by the Japanese crowd, office workers talking business, Japanese mummies & tai tais with their babies. If locals frequent there, this is a good start to a meal. 🙂

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

There are various options when it comes to lunch sets and we opted for the special suju lunch set which comes with 6 assorted dishes and rice set plus a nice dessert to end the meal. 🙂

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

It was our first time to try out this place, so we decided to try out their their New Suju Rice & Plate Set which comes with 6 kinds of assorted dish with rice set & mini dessert.

The 6 special dishes that come with our special set include deep fried oyster with home made tartar sauce. Oyster was fresh & plumb, come in a very good size, what not to like of crispy coating and a taste of the ocean in every bite?

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

Sashimi very fresh, Grilled fish full of smoky flavour with a dash of lemon juice and grated radish, superb.

Sweetened stewed gobo, bean curd with red bean sauce, Japanese egg omelette, with pickles and mentaiko which is spicy fish roe, all items goes so very well with Japanese rice. I can eat this all day long , haha… This place although pricy, you can kind of taste this authentic japanese flavour to it.

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

Each set comes with generous amount of really flavourful miso soup with again generous portions of goodies in there. Serve with some really good al dente pearly white Japanese rice, match made in heaven. I could not have ask anything more.

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

In case you want another serving of these delicious Japanese rice, it is free flow, same goes with the soup, hence ensuring you have a satisfying meal. 🙂

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

Dessert is a creamy custard served with some fresh fruits. Love how creamy it is, what a great dessert to end the whole wonderful meal with a sweet note. 🙂

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

If you go to Mandarin Gallery, do try this place out, after office hours, this place is really bumping with Japanese workers after work. 🙂

Suju Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery

Other set lunch menu include :


  • Suju Hayashi Rice – Rice & hashed beef with miso soup
  • Sabamiso – stewed mackerel with original miso
  • Torimomo Kurozu Itame – sauteed chicken & vegetables with original black vinegar
  • Gindara Misozuke Yaki – marinated charcoal grilled cod with miso flavor
  • Tamagotoji – stir fried chicken & eggs in iron pot
  • Torimomo Shichimi Yaki – charcoal grilled chicken with sea salt served with japanese pepper
  • Shogayaki – stir fried chef’s choice pork with ginger & soy sauce flavour
  • Hokke Hiraki – grilled dried atka mackarel
  • Shake Shio Yaki Ikura zoe – grilled salmon served with salmon roe
  • Tonkatsu – deep fried chef’s choice pork lion cutlet and vegetables
  • Wagyu Cube Cut Steak – australian kobe wagyu beef cube-cut steak
  • Torimomo Teriyaki – Teriyaki chicken
  • Chicken Nanban – deep fried juicy chicken with suju original tartar sauce


  • Kaisen Chirashi Don – sushi rice with assorted sashimi toppings
  • Katsu Don – japanese rice with deep fried (chef’s choice) pork cutlet & vegetables toppings
  • Koebi Tem Don – japanese rice with shrimp tempura toppings
  • Salmon Don – sushi rice with salmon sashimi toppings
  • Wagyu Miso Yaki Don (Australian) – japanese ric ewith stir fried miso beef with (Onsen tamago)
  • Unagi Don – japanese rice with grilled eel toppings

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

And after tasting these delicious rice, I have been longing to be back for more, so I decided to go with my husband and let the japanese rice “connoisseur” to try it out, haha..

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

Their dinner menu price is steeper than lunch for sure, and although their menu is not one of the extensive ones, it sure make up for it with its authentic yet creative flair.

We ordered the above Wagyu Beef Tataki ($17) with Suju special dressing, I thought it will come in very thin slices, but it turn out to be chunkier than that, nevertheless the lightly grilled aromatic from the wagyu beef stood out even more with the dressing, I know it is strange, it is like eating the juicy chunky Cha Siew when you eat Japanese ramen, that bite of the Cha Siew is always the best and satisfying, just like this but in every mouthful. 🙂

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

My husband decided to go for the Kaisen Don (Sashimi rice bowl) $38

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

A bowl full of fresh sashimi on gorgeous japanese rice, what’s not to like?

By the way, I come across quite a few people who has difficulties trying to smoulder the wasabi on to the sashimi and drizzle with soya sauce or either slice by slice dip it in wasabi soya sauce instead. Just a little tip to impress others, use the small saucer they have, mix the wasabi and soya sauce in it then drizzle over the seafood sashimi rice bowl, gone are the messy bits, and of course no hazardous moments of tearing up with that wrong glurp of wasabi in it. 😀

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

As for myself, I was famished when we reached there, so all I wanted was juicy meat, so I ended up with a Tonkatsu $34, a la carte, so I added on a rice set to make it a set for myself.

The tonkatsu was really succulent and juicy, you can find lots of black pepper coating inside the breadcrumb coating probably for marinating the meat. There are also fatty bits in it, just the right amount of guilt 🙂 we wouldn’t want to go overboard, don’t we 🙂 To my surprise there are also a few breadcrumb coated fried vegetables like pumpkin, asparagus, eggplant too. Very large portion and enough to serve two.

Suju Mandarin Gallery Dinner

And how can I not end my meal with the rice set ($9), comes with miso soup, really really really good (note, is really good!) pickles and Japanese pearly white rice.

Oh they also have free rice refill and you can choose either sushi rice or regular rice too, my husband polished off 2 bowls in no time. 🙂

Happy Dining!


Locations : 333A Orchard Road #04-05 Mandarin Gallery S 238897

Tel : 67377764

Email :

Lunch hour : 1130am – 17:00pm

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