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So who says you can’t play with food? I am proving you wrong this time 🙂

One way or another, you will probably have played with your cooking set before, and you might also sometimes flip the TV channels and came across this sushi roll maker ads which is from this Japanese toy maker Bandai. I have been so obsessed with it since I saw it on a kids channel and decided to hunt around to see if I can get one, and lucky me found it at Robinson. 🙂

Bandai Sushi Maker

Just the look at it is captivating, there are so many cute pictures of sushi ideas all over the box and also this sushi roll maker toy make different sizes of sushi roll, range from 1 cm / 3cm & 5cm, and using it is a breeze if you can figure out how to use the first time. 🙂 But as they have both English and Chinese pamphlet, and pictures to illustrate how to use it, you should get the hang of it in no time. 🙂

As a matter of fact, I have already purchased this for almost a year and has been using it when we make a mini sushi party at home, or weekend sushi dinner.

sushi made from sushi maker

I like to make various kinds of toppings for sushi, in the past before we have the sushi roll maker, we use to make handroll with seaweed and scoop any kinds of ingredients and toppings we prepared.

sushi made from sushi maker

But after this new toy, it became so much more fun to make. Now that my son is at the age to explore, he loves to try this, and be part of the sushi making team too. 🙂

Ingredients needed :

  • Japanese rice (you can check out how to cook japanese sushi rice here )
  • Crab Meat
  • Cucumber
  • Salmon & Tuna Sashimi
  • Fish roe
  • Seaweed (You can get the nicely cut up ones in Daiso, they have seaweeds that is specificially for handroll sushi)
  • Eggs Omelette (you can check out how to cook japanese rolled eggs omelette here )
  • Tin can tuna with mayo and lemon (with a pinch of black pepper)

sushi made from sushi maker

You probably wonder why I didn’t state the amount needed, the reason is you can really play around with the amount you want, so add in some other ingredients if you prefer but try to make everything in strips so it is easier for you to place in the sushi roll maker. 🙂

Okay, now is the fun part, the sushi roll maker comes with many sushi recipes and cute pictures in it to illustrate the different kinds of sushi you can make, for your kids lunch box or bento or just to unleash your creativity and brighten up your meal.

Besides the rollers, plastic sheets and the frame of the sushi maker, it also comes with other small moulds for you to press the sushi to make your desired shape too. 🙂

sushi made from sushi maker

Steps are fairly simple, basically what you do is to place the rice and ingredients along the plastic sheets which is attached to the rollers.

  1. Place rice
  2. Place ingredients
  3. Place rice again
  4. Roll the rollers
  5. Slip in the seaweed
  6. Roll the rollers again

And Viola~! your sushi roll is ready. 🙂 Not too bad for a piece of toy that is designed for your kids huh? 🙂

sushi made from sushi maker

My son also got into action as well, and helped me to make a few sushi roll, he loves the rolling and also pressing of the sushi.  🙂

If I have to be picky, the only thing I find is that the sushi is not as tight, it stays well in a roll but if only the sushi is tight, you will have better texture, but I guess you can also make use of the mould that is provided.

sushi handroll recipes

If you are thinking of other toppings you can use, try out different combinations.

salmon avocado toppings for handroll sushi

That night, I also made some salmon avocado toppings.

salmon avocado toppings for handroll sushi

Basically just some cut up avocadoes with lemon juice drizzle all over it to avoid discoloration, cut up some salmon sashimi, and mix it together, drizzle mayo over it and mix well, I like to add a little sesame oil and also sesame to give it more omph. 🙂

salmon avocado toppings for handroll sushi

Other toppings I tried before include :

  • Carrots slices cooked in butter
  • Kimchi with pork slices
  • Bulgogi beef with lettuce
  • Vegetarian too

sushi temaki

You do not necessary have to use raw ingredients, cooked ones work just as well too. 🙂

handroll recipes

Bandai also have Gyoza which is dumpling maker, and also cute animal sandwich maker too. I have my gyoza kitchen gadget from Daiso so I am all good, but if you like to spend some time cooking with your kids, you can try it out too. 🙂

Happy Cooking!


Price : $39.95 at leading toy stores

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