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I was out for lunch the other day at Clarke Quay, and wondering where to grab a quick lunch. I was literally a little kid in a candy store with so many tempting $15 set lunch available at the restaurants there.

Finally decided to choose Frementle Seafood Market, as it is a sunny day, and it will be great for alfresco lunches, get to soak up a bit of the sun while enjoying some nice breeze along the riverside, hoping to do a restaurant reviews on the $15 set lunches that Frementle Seafood Market get to offer.

Frementle Seafood Market Menu Cover

Frementle Seafood Market Entrance

Frementle Seafood Market is located along all the restaurants and pubs & bars, it is just right next to the bungee jump so it is quite easy to spot.

Frementel Seafood Market Ambience

It has both inside seatings & alfresco seatings as well. I recommend to sit outside when there is a nice breeze because you get to see the tour boats pass by, or some people kayaking along the river.

Frementle Seafood Market Scenery

They serve a $15 set lunch which comes in 2 courses. 1 appetizer and 1 main course both at $15 Nett. You can also add $2 Nett to enjoy a drink which can either be a soda, coffee/tea or frementle cooler which is a mixture of juice and sprite.

Frementle Seafood Market Drinks

We ordered 2 thirst quencher Frementle Cooler, one pineapple and one lime, the pineapple was refreshing and suit the theme of my lunch. Other flavor available include cranberry and apple as well. You might want to try out the cranberry cooler as it is supposed to be one of the most popular drink among diners.

Frementle Seafood Market Inside Menu

Flipping through the menu, you will get to see different seafood combos that suit party from 2 to 6 pax, which include sashimi, oysters and an assortment of seafood.  They also have oysters shooters and seafood done in various forms.

As for our $15 Nett lunch, we have opted a soup & an appetizer as our first course. You can get to choose from 2 choices from the first course, which is either soup or a savory appetizer. So we decided to get one each, which is Clam Chowder &  Shellfish with Thai Guava Salad. Frementle Seafood Market Table Setting

The Clam Chowder was thick and flavorful, althou the look of it has nothing to shout about, do not judge this soup by its cover. You can taste the distinguish capsicum taste in it, which is rather unusual for clam chowder, actually it does taste more like a seafood chowder as a matter of fact.

However, the soup is full of vegetables cubes and also clam meat. The clam meat was rather small after the cooking, so you can’t really taste it, however nevertheless, it was still nice compare to many other restaurants.

Frementle Seafood Market Clam Chowder

Next come the Shellfish with Thai Guava Salad, this comes in 2 mussels with a tangy spicy guava salad. Ribbons of carrots and guava marinated with sweet thai chilli dressing that leave a lingering hint of heat on the lips. A sprinkle of almonds & cranberries gave it a balanced sweetness and crunch to give it more bite.

Frementle Seafood Market Chilled Shellfish with Thai Guava Salad

The salad is well marinated and whet your appetite for the main course, the mussels however was a let down, because they just simply boiled & chilled it, so it taste rather fishy, I wonder how it will turn out if they would have used the same dressing to marinate the mussels a little while more, that way, you can rid that shellfish smell from it.

As for the main course, there were 4 choices to choose from.

  • Spaghetti Vongole
  • BLT Wagyu Sliced Beef with Turkish Bread, Guava Salad & Chips
  • Wood Fired Grilled Grouper, Oyster Fritter with Mascarpone & Horseradish Cream
  • Green Curry of Mussels with Eggplant, Kura & Jasmine Rice

As Spaghetti Vongole was not available and we didn’t feel like having green curry on a sunny afternoon. We decided on Wagyu beef BLT with Fries and Thai Guava Salad and Wood Fired Grilled Grouper with Oyster Fritter instead.

Frementle Seafood Market Set Lunch

Frementle Seafood Market Tabasco

The Wagyu beef BLT come in freshly toasted Turkish Bread, with tomato & lettuce, serve with a side of again Thai Guava Salad, a rather strange combination, although the color contrast make the dish look so appetizing.

Frementle Seafood Market Wagyu Beef BLT with Fries & Guava Salad

Perhaps some rockett salad can do more justice to the dish thou. The golden chips also round up the meal pretty well thou.

Frementle Seafood Market Wagyu BLT

The wood fired grilled grouper was a tad dry, while the deep fried oyster fritter was great, puffy crispy batter, deep fried to perfection, with a hint of freshness of the oyster in every bite – too bad it only comes in one piece thou.

Frementle Seafood Market Fish & Oyster

There weren’t many diners on that day, but I do see a constant flow of office workers walking around looking for lunch. And in the next table, I see diners having some luxurious lunch which consist of oyster & seafood platters and also some delectable looking main course.

Frementle Seafood Market Beverages

Frementle Seafood Market Inside BLT

Services were prompt and staff were nice, since there were not many diners around. Great place to hang out for business lunches or gathering with friends to kick back with a beer or two as well.

Frementle Seafood Market $15 Set Lunch

At Clarke Quay, they also have free lunch time parking and also a wide selection of $15 Nett Set Lunch to choose from. From Japanese, to Western to Fushion & Mexican, it will really takes you ages to try them all out.

Some neighbouring restaurants also seemed to have brisk business, like Hooters, if you see the other post that I talked about Hooters, you will know that they have both $10 & $15 lunch sets. That day when we passed by, the place was bumping, with lots of diners having their afternoon beer.

Restaurant Reviews : Frementle Seafood Market $15 Set Lunch Review

Locations : Block 3E, River Valley Road, #01-05/06, Singapore 179024

Tel: 6337 1838

Operating Hours : Sun – Thurs
Lunch: 12.00pm-3.00pm
Drinks only: 3.00pm-5.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm-12.30am

Fri and Sat
Lunch: 12.00pm-3.00pm
Drinks only: 3.00pm-5.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm-1.30am

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