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Hi there

I have a thing with cookware, yup, I like to buy, test, use, “admire” them, haha.. as I love cooking, I am always interested in kitchen gadgets and anything that can enhance the whole cooking experience.

My first encounter with Happy Call Korean frying pan, was when I saw the TV shopping channels on a sunday morning, so amazed by how simple this piece of funny looking non stick pan can cook so many dishes in such short time! But the price tag did hit me hard, so I refrained myself from buying any.

Happycall non stick pan

Happy call korean frying pan

Second encounter was on a newspaper when they have a Food and Electronic Fair, and they advertise that there were running promotions on the first 100 customers per day to buy it at half price! but then at the fair, it will be close to impossible to queue to get one, then again, refrained myself from buying any.

BUT! third time lucky indeed! I have no idea how, but somehow browsing G-market and found the Happy Call frying pan advertising on there, and what’s more, at near half of the price, YEAH!

Happycall non stick pan

So there I was, quickly placed my order and anxiously waiting for my pan. Once it arrive, I already planned what to cook with it. 🙂

True to what they say, it is really simple to use, and also great for many kinds of food, so far, I have tried grilled fish, vegetables, meat and all came out nicely done and very quick too.

Happy call non stick pan

I will leave you read through what other good stuff they come with. 🙂

What’s so special about Happy Call

  • Having Ceratinum Special Coating layer.
  • Faster heat and the heat evenly, because it has a very high heat stress
  • With just one touch of the magnetic lock on the handle is very strong.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Cook without the smoke
  • Equipped with oil drain which enable steam to exert from the pan which create more healthy food.


  • With Silicon Foils, Launched By U.S. FDA Permits
  • Licensed Original, difficult to imitate Other Products
  • Cooking fish smokeless & odourless
  • Protection of rubber seals, no oil spill
  • Can cook with small fire, thus save gas
  • Size Bigger 2cm, diameter 24 cm
  • Hologram on Front Handle
  • Non stick & Easily Washed
  • Weight less than 2Kgs, Portable and can be easily hold by anybody
  • No oil spattered
  • Super Strong Magnet Lock, More Secure
  • More Thick, Heat Storing Better
  • Three Layer Ceramics, More Thick
  • Can cook even a whole chicken perfectly
  • Easy, Fast & Non stick

 But here I will just demo a very simple dish like grilled steak.

Happy call non stick pan

  1. Place happy call pan on medium heat, without using any oil, just place the steak (or fish with skin side down) on the pan
  2. Close the cover and you will hear a click sound which is the magnetic lock doing it’s job
  3. Let it cook for one to two mins and slightly open the lid to check the meat. If it looks brown on one side, you can either turn it over or
  4. Use a small piece of paper towel and dab the oil drain until dry, flip the pan over while it is still tightly closed.
  5. Let it cook for a further few mins and ready to serve! 🙂

Happy call Korean non stick pan

For steak, to ensure tenderness, just leave it in the pan and let the meat juice flow through then cut into bite size and tuck in! 🙂

I think the biggest attraction for me about Happy pan is that it will contain the smoke, so I won’t end up with a greasy kitchen and sticky floors when I cook my favourite grill dish.

Happy call Korean non stick pan

So far, the pan works the best when it cook grilled fish like salmon or saba, perfection with crispy skin and soft flaky fish meat.

Happy call korean frying pan

They are so popular that they comes in various size from really thin pan that is used for cooking crepe to really big chunky one that is for stew or roast.

Happy call korean frying pan

My next target seafood paella and Korean hot stone rice, I wonder how it will turn out to be 🙂

Happy cooking!

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  1. Janet says:

    Hi Dawn,

    There are so many vendors on Gmarket, may I know which vendor you got your happy call from?

    Thanks & regards,

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Janet
      I didn’t go for the one with the longest reviews, which I kind of regreted, because I went for the supplier that bundled the gifts which interest me the most. Even thou I went for the supplier that claimed to have stock in SIN, it still took them more than a week to deliver the pan, so I would say the supplier was not as efficient as I thought it will be, I recommend you to go to the supplier with the most reviews. Honestly, price wise, most of them still price at $62.90, so there isn’t much difference.
      But to me, I think for the free gift bundles, do find one with the additional seal, that will be the most useful accessories you will need. 🙂
      Hope this help

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Wow, thanks a lot for your reply, indeed very helpful. Now I know which one to go for if I wana order it.


  3. Amy says:

    Hi Dawn,
    May I know the size of your HappyCall Pan in cm ?


    • Dawn says:

      Hi Amy
      I measured mine and the exterior is 27cm x 22cm x 6cm, there should be another one which is even thinner than mine but I find it not as versatile as this. You can choose the much thicker one, but it can be quite bulky for you to flip especially after you have filled up the pan. I am happy with the size I got, as I could fry any fish without any problems. It fits nicely for salmon fish slices, pork chops. 🙂
      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Amy Chia says:

    Thanks for the info. How is the quality of the Happycall Pan ? Any peeling or leaking so far ? How to tell if it is the original pan and not a fake one ?

    Amy Chia

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Amy
      So far the pan is still working wonderfully. No peeling and the induction within the pan is still good plus the seal is still tight 🙂
      The only issues I can think of is it takes some time to get use to especially when comes to washing because it is actually quite awkward since there are two surface and also put a mental note that I have to be careful to put the back of the cover at the back of the stove in case my son come near and it topple down but honestly it sits quite steadily on the stove.
      As to know the authenticity, I base on two things. One is declaration by the seller and the other is the amount of reviews. I read through so many reviews before making my purchase and also the grading of the seller at g market 🙂
      Before I made my purchase, I thought it might be a fade but after long consideration (lets not kid ourselves it is expensive for a pan haha..) decided to buy it since its half the price off retail, it does make sense after the purchase, it lessen the load of cleaning up like cleaning all the greasiness on the floor especially after frying fish is already worth buying 🙂
      I have yet to try out other interesting food like mua chee or popcorn but I am pretty sure it will works 🙂
      Dawn 🙂

  5. Jason says:

    If I want to grill a well done beefsteak, how long should I cook it on each side? Can help?

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Jason
      It all depends on the thickness and also cut of the steak.
      If it is ribeye, it usually does not come out leathery or too dry, but if it is sirloin, then doing it well done may dry out the meat.
      I would recommend you to heat the pan under high heat, and place the steak on it to let it sizzle for a few secs and immediately turn to low fire, it will less likely to dry out the meat and you can monitor from there. You will know if it is still red inside, if you “lightly” press the meat and the meat juice is not clear.
      So basically :
      1) Grill it on low fire
      2) Let it sit for around 10 mins after cooking to let the meat juice circulate, do not slice or attempt to press the meat (v important)
      I assume you are using happycall pan? If you are using happycall pan, then the cooking time will be much faster than on an open grill or pan. I would say from my experience a 1cm thick steak will take me 5 mins on one side medium low heat and 3 on the other while having the lid closed, and another 10 mins after removing it away from the heat. During this time, you will be able to see if it is cook without cutting it, because the meat juice will start to appear and if it is clear, that means it is well done. 🙂
      Just a contingency plan, if the meat turned out a little undercook after you finished cooking and you only found out after you sliced it. Try slicing into strips and then just sauteed it a little before serving, you can always deglazed the pan and make a little gravy out of it. 🙂
      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Sharon Teo says:

    Is it difficult to wash? Could put the
    whole pan under running water to wash?

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Sharon
      You might find it awkward to wash initially as the pan is at a “L” shape when you open to wash n when you are not used to the weight of the pan. But as you get to use it more often, it is actually quite easy to wash, besides the food residue does not get stuck on the pan, so fairly simple just detergent n water, no scrubbing 🙂
      Hope this help 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Oh by the way, don’t wash the pan while it is still very hot, that goes to all pans actually, once it is cooled down, you can dunk it in water to wash too 🙂 (provided your sink is deep enough)

  7. estela zamora says:

    where can I get or buy the rubber seal of happy call pan. please em me at can I order it on line? thanks

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Estela
      Sorry I am not so sure on this, because mine come with one extra, perhaps you can order online or look for the seller / retailer who sold it to you. I am sure you are probably not the only customer asking about it too.

  8. win says:

    Hi dawn,

    do you get this online? is there anywhere in singapore that carries this brand?

    • Dawn says:

      Yes I got this online through Q0010 actually which was sooo long time back, these days you can get many in supermarkets although is not the same brand, so far I have not heard of any feedback of other brands, but i still trust my HappyCall Pan, it is really versatile and useful.
      Perhaps you can also purchase from TV media, I saw some TV media in the morning and they were selling all sorts of Korean pots & pan including happy call as well. 🙂

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